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Versus Verses: A Titillation Creation

A collection of my poems from the Poet’s Corner “Versus Verses” Forum
What are Lush Men are made of?

Brains and ideas
Some solid stock

Big strong hands
Worth all the stakes

Tasting and teasing
Exciting my lips

Now shove
This is what
Lush men are made of.


Gentle, firm
Moist soft lips
Little gifts

Velvet rubbing
Across my cheek
Legs get wobbly
Knees are weak

Hard and wet
Unbridled Passion
Kisses mean nothing 
Without attraction

Kisses so sexy
As I have stated
I'll carry on kissing
Until I am sated


A wink
A grin
A little squeeze
Don't stop yet
I love the tease

Sexy whispers
And glances too
I can't keep
My hands off you

Loins are hurting
Also known as
The art of flirting

A Well Hung Man

Your cock his huge
This is plain to see
It hangs down far
Right to your knee

My god its huge
I bite my lip
When it starts
To swell and drip

It’s a monster
In my small hand
Wishful words wanted
By every man


Butterfly licks
Up to your groin
That special attention
To every loin

A suck, a pinch
Within an inch
You want release
I aim to please

Hands grip firm
And veins they swell
I know what you want
I want it as well

But the game is in play
I know you have needs
But the point of this game
Is for me to tease


Licking my fingers
Making them wet
Now circle them quickly
Fast heavy pet

Slowly at first
Building up to a speed
It’s starting to swell
I know what I need

The tingles begin
The wave builds mean
I always cum
Whilst flicking the bean


His head is tired
He’s craving some rest
Come rest my darling
Upon my white breast

Soft and supple
Firm and round
To hear you sleep
A heavenly sound

They'll still be here
When you awake
Once you are rested
Then we will shake

To sleep so soundly
Is just the best
That only happens
When your pillow is breast


Don't you be coy
We all love a tickle
Purposely focused
Firm on my nipple

Do it fast
Or do it slow
A tickle is a tickle
I'll giggle you know

But tickle turns to pinch
And then I will flinch
Under your spell
Take me now,
Fucking hell!
Chocolate Starfish

That mysterious hole
Many a man's wish
To slide unhindered
Into chocolate starfish

That tight squeezing tunnel
Stimulation intense
She won't let me fuck it
Why can't she see sense?


Call them breasts
boobs, jugs or tits
Favourite bits

He does not care
If they are big or small
He just wants
To see them all

So be a doll
And shake your bits
Let’s give this lushie
A great show of tits.


It happens quickly
My body will thrust
Reaction is physical
You are my lust

It sneaks up on me
And I lose control
Lust has me pinned
Please fill the hole

I'll only respond
When I know there is trust
The one rule I demand
Of this crazy lust 



You've lit my spark
And stoked my fire
I'm now a slave
To my desire

You kiss
You speak
You stroke
You squeeze
Feed my desire
I beg you

Now bend me over
I'll pretend to fight it
Now take me hard
That's how I like it

Quick Fuck

I signed on to the site
Desperate to cum
There goes the poke sound
Mmmm my favourite one

I'm late for work
Am I shit out of luck?
Hell no he's clever
A delicious quick fuck

He has a gift
My arousal it rises
I am no longer
In sexual crisis

He reads what I want
This game takes no time
Before I know it
I've cum a third time


Erotomanic episode
So I have been told

Perceived affection
Is the trouble
High status, famous
Love in their bubble

Delusional love
Dismissed by the patient
Unwitting recipient
So famous, so vacant

Morning Sex

A poke in the hip
It’s early, its good
You're one early riser
I love morning wood

A sleepy fumble
You feel me too
The blinds are still closed
No sun shining through

It's sexy, it's lazy
A moderate pace
Spooning and fucking
You reach for my face

No need to rush
To get up, or to stretch
Lay back
Spread your legs
Morning sex

Sixty Nine

I suck yours
While you suck mine
This is known
As a sixty nine

It starts out well
A delicious sensation
You lick at my clit
I lose concentration

I'm selfish, I know it
I'm losing my mind
Your face in my cunt
My hips start to grind

So in this quick poem
There is just one moral
A girl can lose focus
When receiving good oral


3 sets of arms
3 sets of legs
Entangled bodies
The passion it begs

So many holes
Lots of wet skin
I'm spoilt for choice
Which one to cum in?

Orgasms are building
And it is getting loud
Someone else is cumming first!
You realise three's a crowd


To flash
To expose
Just a tidbit
The kink of those
Who like to exhibit

On a beach
Or In the car
They don't care
Where the hell they are

A need to get nude
To put on a show
They like to fuck
In public you know

To flash ones' bits
Cock, cunt and tits
Is a wonderful thing
For the exhibitionist


Made of silk
Or even nylon
Patience required
To slide them on

Once in place
I can concur
The garter belt
Keeps them secure

Those sexy pins
They look so naughty
The only clothing
He leaves on my body


A sweet shade of pink
That is my nipple
For an alpha male
It's seen as kibble

He takes it firmly
In his sharp teeth
I reach for his cock
And then I unsheathe

He bites it harder
It makes me yell
His cock penetrates me
Right there, fucking hell


It's usually hard core
It's raunchy and studly
You've caught me off guard
When did you become cuddly

It’s not what I expected
But I can adapt
You cradle me softly
Pull me on to your lap

An intimate kiss
My head's all a muck
Then you bend me over
I'm more used to this fuck

Friends with benefits

I've waited ages
You are finally back
I have no patience
You're aware of that

You know what you do
And you know I do too
But I let it play out
Just to see what you'll do

My legs start to shake
Followed by hips
A chance I will take
Friend with benefits

You keep yourself secret
You want me to beg
Tease me much longer
I'll be humping your leg

Lush Guidelines

Forum guidelines
Do clearly state
Lush won't abide
Any form of hate

Spammers and Jackers
We will not have
You'll be shown the door swiftly
By code monkey Gav

Keep on topic
Respect don't dispute
Behaviour like that
Can also get you the boot

Titillate each other
Go on have your say
The forum after all
Is another place to play


It began pretty simple
Some digital sex
Wifi Arousal
One of the best

Who knew where
This cybering would go
We got off fast
A sexy show

Its moved on
Emotion got deeper
A friend for life
You are a keeper

So keep in mind
When you do Cyber
One may become
A permanent subscriber

Dry Humping

Things get wet
When we heavy pet
Such a con
The clothes still on

Arousal, Licking
Hips start to grind
This is not
What I had in mind

Fluids are trapped
I'm all confined
Strip me already
Take me from behind

Pants closed up
Bra is too
It's driving Diamond crazy!
Dry humping you

Soixante neuf ( A French Challenge)

Je vous appartiens sucer
Alors que tu es à moi sucer
C'est ce qu'on appelle soixante neuf
Vous le savez?

Il commence bien
Une délicieuse sensation
Vous lécher mon clito
Je perds la concentration

Je suis égoïste, je le sais
Je perds mon esprit
Votre visage dans ma chatte
Mes hanches commencent à se frotter

Donc, dans ce poème rapide
Il ya juste une morale
Une fille peut perdre le focus
Lors de la réception d'une bonne orale


Most fellas focus
Just on the orbs
But for some, it’s between
That their brain absorbs

That sweet hollow
Between the tits
I know you imagine
If your cock fits

It’s easy to spot
Even when they are dressed
They can spill out
That chest is the best

So lube them up now
Hips ready for heavage
I'll hold them together,
You fuck my cleavage

Phone Sex

The phone vibrates, so unexpected
This is your voice
The first time

Warm tingles race
Right through my body
That voice, those shoulders
Make me so naughty

A voice to put to
The titillating type
Intrigued, and wanting
I'm wet now, I'm ripe

My arousal is peaking
You're about to say ciao
Instead you appease me with
"Cum for me, NOW"

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