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Versus Verses - Vaginal Crossfire and Other Poems

The following poems were all written for, and published in, the Versus Verses thread on the Poets Corner of the forums. They are hopefully light and mildy humourous affairs. I hope you enjoy.

Cum Girl xxx

Vaginal Crossfire

When You have the fortunate opportunity to nail more than one snatch at a time but you don’t know where to start.

Example: John was sat in a bar with his girlfriend who is keen to be taken back home tonight when two lesbians catch him before his trip to the toilet and invite him back to theirs tonight for some "Fun." In the toilet he receives a call from his ex saying that she wants him to come and fulfil her needs.

The Description of this puzzle going on in his head is called "Vaginal Crossfire"

Vaginal Crossfire

One evening in a bar with John
Enjoying ‘drinky poos’
Returning from a toilet trip
He’s bursting with some news:

“Two lesbians, I do declare,
Have got the hots for me.
They’ve seen the error of their ways
It’s for me to set them free.

Their aching bodies burn with lust,
My huge cock they require,
And only my attentions
Can quench their sexual fire.”

My glass I pull from dampened lips
And fix him with a stare;
My eyebrows raise, my lips do curl
Amused by this ‘affair’.

Some words do form within my mind
That might express disdain.
Before I can deliver them
He’s got a new refrain.

“When I reached the toilet safe,
Cock hard and tight of ball
My mobile phone did start to ring
You’ll not guess who did call

‘Twas pretty Anne” … the insane one,
The one he calls his ‘ex’ …
“She’s fixated by my lovemaking
Is desperate for sex.

Oh grovel, beg and plead did she
Her pussy’s in such need.”
I summon up a skyward look
Disbelieving of his greed

And wondering if the last drink
Was such a good idea.
Before my tongue can form the words
More delusion does appear.

“And will you be my new girlfriend?
I know you are quite smitten.
The desire, the lust, you have for me
Across your face is written.

And I can sense the trembling
That makes your body quiver.
Oh, when I get you ‘twixt the sheets
You’ll find in me a giver.

For I will tongue your yummy twat
As Anne does give me head
A lesbian on each hand fixed
‘T’will be a perfect bed.”

His eyes were bright, his face was flushed,
Ridiculous his leer;
And then without another word
He collapsed into his beer.

Vaginal crossfire did claim John
On that we can agree.
His deluded mind sunk beneath
A boyhood fantasy.

The Wet Patch

Oh dear we have a wet patch
It really is quite wide
And, dear boy, I do declare
It to be on your side.

Those pleading eyes aren't gonna work
In fact it's quite a bore
And if you keep on whimpering
You'll sleep upon the floor

You've shot your load; had your fun
You made that yummy mess
Repeatedly refused to lick it up
Even under duress.

So stop your fuss and 'man up'
It's truly not that bad
It is but a small reminder of
The pleasure that we've had.

Dry your eyes and wipe your nose
It's not nice to watch you weep
And please do stop that sniffling
'Cause now I wish to sleep.


The Bearded Clam

There is a bar in Maryland
It's called 'The Bearded Clam'
Of sexual innuendo
They do not give a damn:

Though you can buy a t-shirt
That claims "No muff, too tuff"
That is a mighty powerful boast
I hope they know their stuff.

I've ogled every patron
Shortlisted those I like
And soon I will be travelling
By plane and train and bike.

My pretty kitty is not tough
It's smooth, soft and hairless
And it will purr quite merrily
When lovingly caressed.

Dear patron of The Bearded Clam
Do clamber from your stool
Stop your reading, sup up your pint
Finish that game of pool.

A beardless clam I bring to you
Your boast you must make good
I really, really, really hope
I've not misunderstood.

Because that would be embarrassing
Stood, waiting and expectant
Juices trickling down my thighs
The bar filling with my scent.

Whilst all you lovely people
Continued with your day
Leaving me and my pent up need
To quietly skulk away.

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