Waiting For The Rain

By Bunny12

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Waiting for the rain for bring me the one I desire.

I want you so I just can’t lie.
I think by now that’s no surprise.

I guess I just wear my heart on my sleeve.
Because I’ll do anything so that you don’t leave.

I’m willing to bide my time and wait as long as it takes.
Because the things you give me I will never forsake.

I will be waiting for you with open arms.
Though they remain empty and I miss your charms.

I’m waiting for the weather to have a change.
It seems that I hear from you every time that it rains.

The forecast is clear for weeks to come.
But to satisfy me you’re always the best one.

Mother nature won’t you brew me up a big storm.
Bring on the rain yes let the skies please transform.

Blustery and pelting out on the west coast.
So I can hook up with the one that I like the most.

I just never know when it’s going to happen next.
When will I get my fix of the very best sex?

Yes it’s your perfect sexy ass that is the one that I covet.
I’d do anything to get my hands on it and you know that you’d love it.

Why don’t you let me make some of your dreams come true?
You know I really just want to spend the night with you.

Only one special sweet night or maybe even two.
Then I’ll give you right back to the one who really owns you.

I’ll just be your big ass kinky secret forever.
You know there is no one that can give it to you better.

Till then I’ll just bide my time and wait for the rain.
Because the thrills you give me no one else is the same.

I really think that goes for you too.
I’m the one that’s always so sweet to you.

When it comes to sex we’re always on the same page.
Next time we get together we’ll let our desires rage.

I already know it will be better than ever.
It’s guaranteed to be one super hot endeavor.

Don’t worry I know our timing has been really bad.
And if you’re gone for a long time I won’t get mad.

I’m just going to hang out and wait for that rain.
And with any luck at all I won’t be waiting in vain.

You always eventually come back to me.
The next time it rains I’m just going to wait and see.

This heat we have is never going to dissipate.
I don’t care how long you take, no matter how late.

Because I know it will always be so very sweet.
How much we want each other every time we meet.

No worries ever is what I say to you today.
The next time it rains you come looking for me to play.

I’m going to give you everything that you dream about.
You know what I can do so you should have no doubts.

Just relax and keep waiting for that rain.
Then the passion we seek will be so easy to attain.

My sweet little bitch I’ll always want you so.
For years to come no matter where ever you go.