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Walking On Egg Shells

Step very lightly and watch your back;
Keep it a secret and avoid all the flack.

You can pretend it is not really you;
But when you least expect it, your true desires show through.

It has to be greatly stressful, being so secretive;
Never being true to yourself is no way I’d want to live.

Keep it together and don’t look back;
If you are not very careful it will start to crack.

The facade you have built could come crashing down;
The word could spread all throughout your small town.

That guy is gay, haven’t you heard?
He likes other men, that is the word.

Bigots and homophobes they judge you;
Call you a faggot or a freak, oh my what do you do?

I say let your freak flag fly baby, fuck those pigs;
Be a cock sucking bitch or a CD in a dress and a wig.

Whatever makes you happy, always be true to yourself;
The peace of mind you gain is worth more than great wealth.

Let others see who you really are deep inside;
Strut like a peacock and display all your pride.

When you come out and let everyone see who you truly are;
All your angst will melt, it will heal all of your scars.

I’m not saying that it is easy, it can be quite hard;
But your destiny will become clear when you are in charge.

Your business is your own I don’t mean broadcast it to the world;
But if you really want your ass fucked good at least tell your girl.

Buy her a strap on and if she doesn’t understand;
Be who you really are and go get yourself a man.

I love that part of you that you always hide from everyone;
I wish that you could be yourself, you’d be better off in the long run.

Relax and walk strong not like your walking on egg shells;
Whoever doesn’t like it can just go straight to hell.

I find them so sexy those bottom gay men;
I just want to fuck them again and again!

The bi sexual ones can also be very hot;
Cock or pussy they love everything that I’ve got.

I want all my sexy, kinky men to feel just fine;
No more walking on egg shells, you can cross that line.

Free yourself from the weight around your neck;
Rise above it all and just say “What the heck!”

It will be alright all in good time;
Who you really are only you can define.

Labels are for losers who might want to do you harm;
They are just huge dumb asses who can’t recognize your charm.

Take it easy sexy men you’re going to be just fine;
Be true to yourself and who you really are will shine.

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