We are the lush poets

By Alphamagus

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Our collective
We are the lush poets.
Our voice is seldom heard.
Our lines are soft and gentle,
like the singing of a bird.

We do not write of incest.
Hard sex is not our thing.
We write of sensuality,
to make your spirits sing.

We are a fraternity of romance.
We need no bondage pain.
We will open up your senses,
and entice your brain.

We have lived and loved as normal
But our hearts worn on our sleeve.
We experience more intensely.
so normal tales we leave.

We live here in the ether,
without a wish of fame.
We win no competitions.
You will not know our name.

Our meter will seduce you.
We will overcome your pain.
We will open up your tear ducts,
not hit you with a cane.

We are more surreal than faery,
sometimes we make no sense,
until you really start to listen,
and lower your defence.

Just read us as intended.
No cynicism need apply
Our words come from our hearts.
We never need no lie

Just lose yourself in romance.
Sex is not apart from passion.
Open up your senses,
and try another fashion.

But first come on our journey
and feel as we have felt
Sex is best when loving,
not pain felt from a belt.

We are the lush poets,
Please us do not ignore.
We will open up your hearts,
if you open up our door.