Weekend or Dreams

By acgal08

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I would take the floor any day,
As long as I don't have to sleep alone.
My days are long,
And my nights grow short,
Especially the nights I spend with you.
My world crashes round me,
And my thoughts rush to you.
The feel of your skin,
The smell of your scent,
Comes to me,
And everything stops for just a moment,
I remember the nights I spend with you.

When I lay down to sleep,
I pray that my dreams will take me away.
Take me away to that place I share with you.
Let it last the long night I couldn't spend in your arms.
I realize the only time besides a weekend is the time my dreams take me away,
Until the next day, and I pray
For the night to comes, so that,
I get to be in your arms,
Even if its a few short hours.

In my dreams.