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Welcome To The Club: Part 1 - The Beast

Welcome To The Club: Part 1 - The Beast

It is always important to ensure you are noticed ...
Barely had I wiggled into the room
Before she’d undressed me with searching eyes
Rapacious pupils eager to consume
Face a vision of delighted surprise.
Soft finger pads slide the length of glass stem
Sharp teeth, soft tongue, play games of interest
Where unto now has been hidden this gem
Now wonderfully come to brighten her nest?

She is the queen of this suburban hive
Acolytes, flatterers, fall at her feet
Commands attention from all who arrive
Elated by their chance to join the elite.
But I am made of stuff more demanding
And have my own presumptive games to play
Offered as a debutant enchanting
A predator disguised as willing prey.

No desire have I, her favour to seek
Or curtsies will offer to her crowned head
I have not come to be part of her clique
A new sovereign I’ll anoint instead.
To undress me takes but scarcely a glance
Yet her eyes do linger quite longingly
A semi-sheer dress my assets enhance
Spaghetti strapped; hem far above the knee.

Flimsy dark fabric clinging to my skin
Revealing my curves so she may adore
Bare décolletage beneath upraised chin
Soft swell of breasts, stiff nipples at their core.
Demanding her attention; capturing
Her eyes; thrusting insistently forward
The effect so utterly flattering
Aching nubs desperate to be explored.

Really I am quite gorgeously displayed
A perfect temptation for ogling eyes
Flawless make-up, hair sublimely arrayed
Delicate fabric caressing my thighs.
Captured feet balancing atop 4” heels
Taut calves and thighs; vertical enticement
Eyes compelled towards that mound that appeals
Soddenly emitting its heavenly scent.

I could pretend I was utterly calm
That lustful desire affected me not
My pussy not drenched by its fragrant balm
Body unaroused by knowledge of plot.
But truly I should explain from the start
Of what brings me here so scantily clad
Why I’m proffered as an edible tart
Why I require her attentions so bad.

For amongst these streets of manicured lawns
Of four by fours and affected décor
Self-crowned royalty sneers down at us pawns
An undeclared, snobbish, middle class war.
And sitting atop this foul reeking pile
The hub about which all minions rotate
The definers of acceptable style
The comptrollers of this suburban state.

An unseen cabal, ruling over all
Membership held under astute control
Surrounded by an invisible wall
‘The Club’ in which I aspire to enrol.
Our hostess; the one with the ogling eyes
Whose favours I am so eager to gain
Her genteel fingers grasp tightly this prize
Restricting access to this, her domain.

As the flatterers flutter about her
The untended husband I wilfully seek
Reputed as an unspeakable cur
A user, a taker, a leering freak.
“Best avoided”, the covered mouths whisper,
“I don’t understand why she is with him”
Hideous crimes soft spoken words infer
A sexual reputation quite grim.

For every Beauty there needs be a Beast
A hulking presence to darken the mood
A shadow cast over this fawning feast
Brooding, volatile and utterly crude.
He’s hugging the buffet; stuffing his face
Delicate canapés lost in his paws
Pinot Noir guzzled; quite lacking in grace
Crumbs of choux pastry adorning his jaws.

Tottering steps, yet perfectly balanced
Firm buttocks wriggling beneath their fine gauze
Between gathered guests I adroitly danced
Flitting into the Neanderthal’s paws.
A specimen of muscular prowess
Clothes pulled taut across his rippling torso
Lantern jawed face so utterly artless
Mental capacity a little slow.

Gorgeously packaged I stand before him
Eyes gleaming with lascivious intent
Fingers twirling hair as if on a whim
His flaring nostrils filled with my scent.
Running a nail across impressive chest
Digging into taut flesh; smiling hello
Eager wetted lips revealing my zest
Upturned visage rapturously aglow.

“I have been told that you are rather dull
But you appear quite delicious to me. 
A nice throbbing muscular pussyful
Of cock that I am aching to see.
And what more could I possibly require …”
Elegant fingers slowly sinking down
“… to quench my fervid furious desire
Than beneath thick sticky boy cum to drown.”

My voice had sunk to a panting whisper
Words near lost among the chattering din
And perhaps I did release a whimper
Voice quavering as I urged him to sin.
Rejoicing as my every caress
Writ large and visible for her to view
As she acted her role as Good Queen Bess
I happened upon a button askew.

Oh I do delight in muscular flesh
To find a stomach maintained in the gym
Among light downy hair, digits enmesh
Wrist pressing against his sweet throbbing limb.
Poor boy was quite confined by is clothing
Waistband and zipper restricting his growth
And as I aided with the removing
I’m certain his mouth did utter an oath.

A finger I pressed across open lips
Entreating him to hushed noiseless restraint
Then guiding his paw to fondle my hips
Offering smooth flesh for him to acquaint.
Somehow my fingers got lost in his mouth
His wine laced saliva pooling about
Boorish paw travels determinedly south
Neanderthal face unsullied by doubt.

Dexterous fingers about his hot shaft
Nimbly tiptoe along stiff throbbing length
Wriggly, squirmy me adept at my craft
Hand corkscrewing down adorable strength.
Contractions pulsing across my soft palm
Sliding, seductive, assertive, caress
My nostrils thick with his masculine balm
As sausage fingers sneak beneath my dress.

Preening feathers ruffled and fluttering
Warily glance at this shameful display
Mouths tight-lipped with censorious mutterings
Attention caught by this carnal ballet.
Rubbing my wetness along his thick thigh
Stubby digits grasping at throbbing me
Force twinkling lips to exhale a sigh
Face turned imploring royal her to see.

Indeed I have her hidden attention
This flower come to decorate her beast;
My fingers filled with muscular tension
His hot, sticky boy-seed a tempting feast.
Thick swollen; my hand bare circles his cock
Tempting pre-cum oozing down crimson head
Adroit and wandering, hard nails do mock
Along his length they assertively tread.

Hot trembling flesh trapped in my hand
A twinkling smile I offer to her
Mouth eager to swallow this monstrous gland
To bathe my throat in his scalding liqueur.
Laced fingers race, a near visible blur
Bare human grunts echoing in mine ear
Throat vibrating with an expectant purr
As the moment of his release doth near.

Firm squeezes hold him gorgeous attentive
His surging desire pressed right to his tip
My caress; admonishing, abrasive
Tongue blithe playing along expectant lip.
Wriggling, exposed and squatting before him,
Devouring him whole with a single thrust
Saliva drenching his exalted limb
Thrusting hips divulge his descent to lust.

Suckling hungrily, demanding his seed
Lips stretched, mouth wide, head lost in my throat
Hand pumping desperate to sate my greed
Impaled by his cock, I blissfully gloat.
Shaking, spurting, beyond all control lost
Drowning my mouth with creamy thick tribute
An attentive and considerate host
To those who arrive deservingly cute.

Our queen, our hostess, our goddess divine
With green-eyed apathy glancing surveyed
Soaked pussy lips squeeze atop regal shrine
‘Unaffected’ by this debase charade.
Wriggling free I curtsey before her
My cum-coated lips pressed to offered hand
Make excuses insincerely demur
As to why I must leave her fairyland.

Seductively I wiggle from her room
Invite her to undress with eager eyes
Sashaying buttocks for her to consume
Yummy temptation between sodden thighs.

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