What's in My Heart

By Wishypoo

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Over, under, falling, sailing,
I can't stop, I won't stop.
Hold me, kiss me, take me over,
You are now the keeper of my heart.

Flying, soaring, hold me close, 
How did we let this happen?
Keep me, fill me with your being,
So much love I could never imagine.

Floating, enduring, loving, clinging.
This powerful thing, I have no control.
Will it be alright, will it never end?
This love devours me whole.

Sighing, writhing, quivering beneath you,
Your eyes are exquisitely beautiful.
Make me soar, make me fly,
Oh god, this is unbelievable.

Whispering, planning, our future is set,
We're in too far now, our love is true.
We'll have our time, but not now, not yet.
Sleep now, rest now, I love you.