Wheel Of Passion

By Bunny12

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Tags: Hunk, Revolving, Sin

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Gone like a leaf blowing in the wind,
Why did you entice me with the notes that you would send?

I was so hopeful that you would be the one,
To replace my pet and show me some fun.

At first you seemed so much like him,
But in the end once again I did not win.

Dumped with a text never even heard his voice,
He decided in the end to make a different choice.

I guess this revolving door is going to start spinning once more,
Trying to find that special one has become a daunting chore.

I think I already found him but he is so far away,
I wish I was listening to the sound of his Texas drawl today.

Well what do you know as I was sitting here depressed,
Then this other fine hunk appeared at my address.

His body is unreal so muscular and defined,
Just for an afternoon I’d love to make him mine.

He showed me everything I'd want to see on cam,
I think this stud just might be the perfect man.

I asked him what is it that you want to do,
He said you know I already told you I want you.

Sounds good to me baby you can be my no strings attached hunk,
I know you can deliver because you have the right junk.

A sex drive as high as mine and a need to cum,
Could it be that you will finally be the one?

Here I go again getting my hopes all riled up,
Good lord I hope I don’t end up with another schlup.

Around on this wheel of passion I spin,
Searching for that special stud that is not afraid of sin.