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When I'm away from you

The moon shines brighter than usual on this warm spring night,
the little dots that are the stars playing in the dark blue sky.

I peer out the window sore and torn from the long day of labor,
my mind settles in this place of solitude and peace.

The flame light of the fireplace dancing casting rigid shadows on my walls,
relaxed and calm my thoughts wander to the special place in my mind just for you.

Beautiful and sweet fragrance of flowers is what reminds me of your scent,
still strong and heavy on my collar from the night before my trip.

I cannot help myself as I take in the aroma of you on my shirt,
the smell makes my toes curl as I believe you are next to me just for a moment.

A calm sigh of desire escapes my lips as I continue my gaze out the window,
wishing you were curled next to me so I can feel the heat of your delicious body.

My thoughts trek across the hot desert of my seemingly endless mind of insane moments,
searching for luscious cooling memories to satisfy my thirst for you this evening.

I think of your long hair blowing in the wind ever so gently,
a warm October evening in the park enjoying ourselves with nothing more then each other.

My eyes would meet yours which would shine more brighter than diamonds,
breath taking and priceless to me so no man could bribe me into giving you away.

A dazzling smile with pearly whites filling your mouth that reflected who you are inside,
a pure white beauty who has melted me when I was ice cold to the rest of the world.

I lean in to kiss you to meet your warm pink lips with mine,
a rush of mint and cinnamon to make me shiver with delight from the sweet and spicy taste.

I pull away from your sweet touch to tell you what I have wanted to say since meeting you,
"I love you more than anything, your what I live for and I am blessed with you in my life."

I crawl back out of myself back in my room fire still dancing it's erotic flicker,
your name slips over my lips like an escaped convict hungry for freedom.

Truly missing you now I plunge back into my well of memories,
keeping my thirst of you at bay with this artificial bit of yourself that you have given me.

Enough to keep me going but no where near filling enough as the touch of your finger,
or the sweet flick of a tongue tickling it's way down my chest to my most sensitive spot.

I now return to the first time we ever went farther with our kissing and teasing,
your bedroom so small and yet so discreet and clean.

A working girl only finding time to spend with a man who loves her more than he should,
someone who is lost in a constant alcoholic spell to her body and mind.

Your figure truly is something that could intoxicate any man,
so magnificently beautiful fitting into your curves even out doing any model I have seen.

To me you are the forbidden beauty every guy seeks to find and court so she would be his,
but only I have found that woman in a seductive goddess that has offered herself to me.

Your fingers are hot against my shaking skin nervous and petrified at your stunning beauty,
you tell me to relax that I worry over nothing assuring me with the touch of your hand.

A gasping jolt of pleasure that leads to our lips meeting one another,
then lips meeting necks chest stomachs making our bodies hot with desire and lust.

To feel your flesh against my flesh an almost indescribable sensation,
voices hot and heavy with passion we cry out to each other in a sea of bliss.

You beg for my release to implant my seed into womb so that you can conceive my child,
a desire I cannot deny any further and give you my sex to the fullest potency.

I shiver once more as I return to reality,
a whimper of the misfortune of being so far away from you and not having your body.

I softly cry out to you like the wolf howling to his full moon,
I know you are mine when I return from this pestering labor that separates us.

So hard to pull away from the kiss that you give me as your sweet signature of goodbye,
you tell me you will wait for me and I see the truthful flame in your eyes.

How I miss you so and wish to be next you just so I could say,
"I adore you my love and you will always be apart of me."

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