When Is It Love?

By Bunny12

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Tags: Love, Affection, Longing

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When is infatuation love?
Is it when he’s all you can think of?

Is it just affection or something much deeper?
When you know in your heart that this one’s a keeper.

What if you have found more than one?
Loving them all can it possibly be done?

Conflicts abound yet your heart won’t change.
The emotions you feel come in every single range.

Both of you crave that unique connection.
It feels so good but is it more than affection?

Lust or passion or whatever you call it.
It can drive you crazy, make you have a fit.

Longing so deeply for that special man.
Feeling that for more than one, I wonder if I can?

Hell I don’t need to wonder I know that I can.
Satisfy all my men, keep them happy is my plan.

Still I can’t help thinking about the ones that are so far away.
Thoughts of them in my mind and the last time we played.

Wondering if we can maintain this thing that we have.
Lack of time and long distances can make us feel sad.

Craving the ones that I know so very well.
Not being able to touch them can just be pure hell.

All I can do is send them all my love.
And hope that sometimes it is me they think of.