When You are Away

By LatinSugar

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Tags: longing, yearn, despair, doubt

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Some questions are better left unanswered
My Love, when will you come back to me?

Please say tonight and hold me in your arms,
Keeping me safe from harm. Shield my fears
as before, love my world as I do yours.

Have you forgotten me so soon?

My touch, my heat, my passion and desire that is solely yours,
For you I have left it all behind now only misery remains near.
Intense wild fire smothered, unconditional joy turned to tears.

Do you not know how my heart weeps when you are away?

My heart is weary and has no hope for I know that you
Will be no longer be at my side, wicked grief is here to stay.
Days of clouded eyes and nights of hopeless empty sighs.

Do you not listen to my pleas full of sorrow and despair?

My soul is drained a minute at a time of the passion
and desire you’ve embedded inside. Many words we
Shared yet now I have the doubt, did you really care?

My body is weak and seems lifeless as your essence
Slowly fades. When you are not here, I am not me as your
words are the means that hold my existence complete.

Your words have become the mending thread of the broken heart
I once had yet the seams are now frazzled and the love is dripping
for until you come back to me, my heart at the seams continues ripping.