By captnick

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Out of the woodwork

like roaches you gather

thinking my feelings

don't even matter

What did you gain

were there any riches

You all just seem

to be jealous bitches

Who did we hurt

by playing the game

Stand up and be counted

show me your name

We are all here

for one reason or another

Did we hurt anyone

or curse out your mother

You all stand there

on your pedestal so proud

Aren't you all screwing around too

For crying out loud

We were put here on this earth

not to judge the actions of others'

But to care for each person

as our sisters and our brothers

Which one of you here

are free of any sin and shame

So stop pointing your finger

and passing the blame

I will be fine and so will my love

We will still be laughing and singing

Making love each day and night

just like it was in the beginning

I hope you have a great day

as I never have any other thing to say

I know who my friends