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With In Love We Trust, With In Love We Fall

Love, Mans most perilous mission... Please vote and Comment :)

Why is it we are so obsessed,

Why does love have to inflict upon our lives so strongly,

We see it all around us, When we go to work, when we turn on our televisions,

It's hard to go about our various concerns when love is one of our concerns....

When we are single,

When we are alone,

We think to ourselves, why?

Am I unlovable?

Why have I not found my one and only,

A great deal of people think it's them,

They are the ones at fault....

But it's not,

Love is not something that just happens,

It's not that simple,

If only it were,

Finding someone to love and to be loved in return,

Is something truly special....

A great deal of friends I know worry about Love,

They tell me how fed up they are with being single,

Not having anyone,

And I don't blame them,

Some friends I know are in there twenties,

Some in there Thirties,

I'm only eighteen and I even worry about finding love,

Finding that one person who loves me for who I am....

Many people in a few years will have that special someone,

They will go on about how lucky they are to have them,

And there right to do so,

But then what if there’s you?

Still alone, and still single....

All you want is that one person,

To touch,

To feel,

Too lust,

Someone you can hold in your arms as you sleep,

The smell of them sends you into a dream like state,

Someone to have the most romantic passionate sex you could ever dream of with,

Everything about them is just the way you love it.....

Through my various relationships and I have not had many,

I have learned that when it does go wrong,

It hurts,

Hurts in a way that is much worse than any injury,

Your very world seems to collapse in on it's self,

And your left with a depleted sense of confidence,

And a battered and bruised heart,

You don't want to be hurt again,

But there is no way around it,

The world was made through trail and error,

We will one day pull through all the bad in a relationship,

Lies, distrust and the hurting,

And find that one person,

That one person who brings out the best, and makes it stick....

When I think of love,

Mostly I think of the pain,

The hurt,

The distrust,

But then I think of the good,

Makes me want to try all over again,

One day I hope to have my special someone,

I can only live life and see if I'm lucky enough....

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