Words in Time

By LauraLee_sugah

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Today I giggle

as we lean against the pillows

reading a story

from that ancient book we found.

Such funny language.

Such silly sentiments.

Your arm is wrapped around me,

one hand resting at my waist,

the other holding the book.

I turn the pages

of this well-loved, ragged tome.

In every moment our hearts

call to one another through words in time.

The letters and sentences becoming more

because we feed them to one another

with love and laughter.

The giggles and the words

soon become more than they were

and you kiss me between chapters.

The bed is warm and soft.

You cuddle me still closer

and the book falls to the sheets.

Mouths drinking more than words,

more than pages of brittle paper,

more than smiles and simple phrases.

The inscription is revealed

in the joining of our bodies

as on the flyleaf of a book.

"To my beloved....."