Words like cum on your lips

By theGambit

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If you're feelin drunk come over here

Dropping down my body like I'm a pole

Hands across your chest like your someone shy

But don't you worry hunny I'm a different kinda guy

Metal against metal the zip of my pants drop to the floor

Come on girl take it off and show me some more

Tongue against my head I think the world is gonna spin

I need to have something more girl I need to put it in

You ask to wait but your eyes say you want more

The pulse of the beat

The crush of your heart

Your chest against mine

Those lips taste so divine

Your body wrapped in my arms

My tongue along your body

Your hands wrapped around it heavenly

Guide me to where you need it most

That first touch elicits another moan

Come on girl take it all in

Something this sweet could never be sin

Five seconds hard

Twenty minutes pleasure

Forty minutes in heaven

Cum for me now girl

Your lips screaming my name.