By LauraLee_sugah

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your hands flow across my body

resting as they reach my ribs.

your breath kisses my collarbone

then my neck....

I feel your face form a smile

and I know you are here to worship.

small, wet tattoos are drawn

by the tip of your tongue

as you make your way




your cheeks brush my breasts



and my heart moans.

your fingers brush under

each ripe and luscious mound

and my nipples become erect,

the jewelry in each one twisting

and luring you to taste.

your mouth teases

and refuses to take the bait.

the kisses skip

like a dance performed

for an ancient goddess

of love

and longing.

your palm closes over me

and fingers pinch the nipple tightly.

the pain and pleasure is mixed

and my body dances

and becomes wet

in celebration of your worship.

your tongue sweeps across

the bareness of the other breast

and invites the cool air

to reveal my sensitivity

to your touch and the night.

your teeth scrape my nipple

and pull the bar tight.

you suckle me softly

and then with more insistence,

your mouth seeking

the moment of ecstasy

that only worship can provide.

my body moves more insistently

to the music you provide.

your moans are like a standing bass

sounding through my whole body

and drawing me out

to dance for you.

your hands pull my breasts

into a sweet altar

and you take the joint offering

into your mouth,

my body exploding

in this moment

of your perfect worship.