By shorty-oca

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I love you

I_ love_ you:

But how can I express, the ways you make me feel, you keep me at my best. These words which can't explain the way my heart melts, is the only way to say the wonderful feelings felt.

I_ need_ you:

And every touch that you give, I wonder how without you, I was every able to live. Your like my air that I breath, and my heart that beats, my brain that helps me survive, and my will keeping me alilve.

I_ want_ you:

And everything you are, I'd go anywhere for you, no matter near or far. I want your love that you give, and your kiss you reward, there's nothing more in this world I could ask for.

I_ crave_ you:

Your body, heart, and soul, you seem to keep me hot, even in freezing cold. Your cool when too heated, gental when too rough, you please me just right, I never have to say "enough".

I_ talk_ to_ you:

And say just how i feel, and how my love and passion to you is absolutely for real. Explaining all my sorrows and how you make me shine, no matter what's the problem, you make everything just fine.

I_ touch_ you:

And kiss you from head to toe, the happiness you bring, I just need you to know. I touch to give you pleasure, I touch to show you love, my touch no one can measure, it grasps you like a glove.

I_ miss_ you:

Every second your gone, looking forward to the next time we meet, then there can be done no wrong. I have things to do, just as well as you, so until your back in my arms, the missing will continue.

I love to need you, want to crave you, talk to touch you, and miss no one else but Y.O.U.