By Alphamagus

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A man reminisces.
In my darkest hour, when all hope had died,
And nothing was left to feel inside.

No love, no soul, no heart, no light,
I was as barren as the Gobi’s night.

I felt myself drawn to a place,
By the tendrils of your reaching grace.

It started with just a ten minute chat,
By the end I was hooked, it's as simple as that.

Your intelligence nurtured, your love gave me breath,
You stopped my soul from his premature death.

You gave me a sense that somebody cared.
I was captivated, enchanted, curious, snared.

I released the anger and put down the knife.
You showed me laughter, arousal, colour and life.

I realised that you were more than just prose.
You are the light of the day, the scent of a rose,

A lover, a poet, a beauty, a friend.
My breaking of day, my start and my end.

As I grew stronger, and your words more exotic,
The beginnings of something, more sensual, erotic.

I found myself drawn to your body as well,
Your kiss, your touch, your taste, your smell.

My impotence vanished, libido returned,
Your passion was waiting. It smouldered and burned.

You opened your arms, I fell hard, I fell deep.
Our clothes were all strewn on the floor in a heap.

My cock he caressed you, my tongue did delight,
We often made love deep into the night.

By day we cajoled, tormented and teased,
All of our senses, sated and pleased.

We laughed all the time, you had me in stitches,
We laughed through the pain, we laughed through the glitches.

Some time has passed now, but I cannot abate,
The feelings of love or this priapic state.

So, thank you for being my muse and my lover,
After you darling, there can be no other.

Because if I had to search this planet through,
I could never find another you.