By HeavenlyJinxedSouls

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Tags: love, gay, relationship, poem, depressing, happy, uplifting

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Abandoned and wrecked,
Lost in my own mind.

Scars lace my skin like bracelets,
Tears have stained my cheeks countless times
Bitter and cold,
That's what I was becoming.

You were lost too,
Like a lamb finding its way to God
Only you couldn't find your way
And you became disoriented.

Just as I hit the abyssal emptiness,
I thought it was the end
I thought I could no longer go on, I couldn't do it
But then I met you.

Like an angel, you swept me off my feet,
Whispered charms into my ear,
Cradled me with love and affection,
Whispered hopes and dreams to me.

Since day one, you entered my mind,
And you never left
Even while I was dealing with death and despair,
You were my net that caught me.

I had no idea you were falling apart behind closed doors,
You were shattering beneath a filmy layer of confident eyes
Now I know,
And you're threatening to break.

Building myself higher and higher,
No longer a wall; but a haven
That was my new mindset
I had to help you.

You mean more to me than I could ever bother to care for myself,
You matter more than I could categorize the air we breathe
You have my heart in your hands,
You control my emotions.

Even when I run out of methods to prove my love for you,
Even if I am no longer able to write for you
I can still answer your questions regarding my feelings
I can still tell you what's on my mind.