By unicorn92

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I want you
My thoughts askew,
Never in person,
My feelings worsen,
Deeply in love,
A girl sent from above.
Flawless and kind,
Never leaves my mind.

Even when I log off,
Your image so soft,
In my mind embedded.
Through my thoughts, your threaded.
Can't get you out,
So I sit and pout,
Until you come back on
A light shines through neon!

Your back at last,
I type really fast,
Before you drift away,
I need to say,
Just how I feel.
I just cant conceal
This weight.
It must be fate.

We have so much the same,
This drives me insane,
I want to see,
I want to be,
With you.
Who knew?

For someone I don't know,
You've come to show,
Real feeling.
I Lay staring at the ceiling,
Struck by cupid,
Call me stupid,
I don't care,
My secret I bare.

Even though I don't know you,
My bird it flew,
Out of my chest.
You don't come close to all the rest.
Above and beyond,
Already strong bond,
I like this,
Right now it's you I miss,
And maybe, possibly just want to kiss,
Your lips of pure bliss.