You Are Mine

By Saga

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Tags: seduction, lesbian, desire, touch, kiss, lust

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The moonlight glistens on your soft, naked skin,
Leaving it aglow as I trace my fingertips over your luscious hips.

I hear you catch your breath as my trembling hand dips lower,
And your soft wonderful curves drive me crazy with lust.

The unyielding urge to taste you, to feel your softness against my tongue,
Makes my dark eyes blaze with unspoken desire.

Silky long hair cascading down your back,
A sight leaving me breathless and wanting.

No longer teasing, but finally coming together,
Your naked body for me to possess and worship

The soft moans escaping your lips as my mouth seeks yours,
Softly biting as our urgent tongues tease.

Do you realize what you do to me?
Do you realize what you make me feel?

My hands are touching your shivering skin;
Yours in my hair as my tongue finds you...

So ready...

So sweet...

I have longed to touch you, and finally…

You are mine.