You, who have no name

By angieseroticpen

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Tags: Lost love

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I can go back and visit now

look, and not feel the pain.

The hurt that came from your rejection.

I now know it was all in vain.


I can stay and linger now

spend time and watch and look,

The tears no longer flow now

they evaporated with all that you took.


I can sit with you all now

and share your laughs and joys.

And I can stand in your presence

and smile as I join in all the noise.


You see, you taught me all you knew

And then you gave me wings,

Humiliatingly, sending me away

but now it is me that sings.


I took away your light and

stole the rainbows from your heart,

though it never gave me pleasure

I never wanted us to part.


I can go back and visit now 

Take a bow and do a twirl

But you can’t even bear to stay

You are such a silly girl!


All that I have accomplished

could have been yours to share

but you threw it all away

and now I have stripped you bare!


I can go back and visit now

I can look and not feel the pain,

There is nothing left to cry for

except for you, who have no name.