Young and So Sweet

By Bunny12

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Wise beyond his years he is an old soul,
My sweet young cutie he is never cold.

He is warm and endearing and fills me with love,
When it’s passion I seek it is him I think of.

To care for him and caress his precious face,
Run my fingers through his hair every soft strand I’ll trace.

Look into his eyes and see the longing there,
He is the young man I know really cares.

I want him to be happy and taken care of,
Any time he wants it he can have my love.

It is not very innocent the thoughts I have of him,
Thoughts of his tight body and committing serious sins.

Kissing him all over his cock is totally supreme,
If you look at his pictures you will know what I mean.

Sexy young cutie he is so hot he is on fire,
He fills my mind with smut and my heart with desire.

I love the way you write baby so eloquent and true,
Your words are from your heart a reflection upon you.

To me he is my lover but he is just like a son,
For this kind of relationship he can be the only one.

Don’t be jealous cutie as no one can replace you,
I will always be here for you through everything that you do.

So kinky and appealing cutie pie drives me wild,
I just cannot help that he that he is almost a child.

Though just of legal age he is more mature than his years,
I hope that he knows that I hold him so dear.

No one better mess with my sweet cutie pie,
Or this big strong bitch will blacken their eye.

He can really take good care of himself anytime,
He is a martial arts expert so strong he is fine.

I dream of my cutie, touching him everywhere,
I want him to feel loved and know that I care.

He is so young and sweet I just want to eat him up,
What makes him extra sexy is that he is such a young pup!