Your Everything

By LittleSister_

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Tags: aching, lust, want, need, hot, fucking, slut, whore

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I need it


I want to feel it

Sliding deep inside

Hot and hard

Pulsing thick and virile


Take me

Push me over that edge

Make me scream



Whisper those words in my ear

Nasty, dirty, filthy words

Like slut and whore and horny little bitch

Make me curse

And cry

And Beg

Take me to the limits of my need

Take me to the heights of my want

Pull my hair

Bite my breasts

Squeeze my nipples

Bury your cock inside

My wet clasping centre

And ruin me

Wreck me

End me

Fill me with your essence

Your need

Empty your soul into

My core and

Make me your slave

Your toy

Your everything

All the time

And at the end of it all

Hold me close and

Whisper in my ear

That you love me!