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Your place within Me

~Your Place Within Me~

You came to me in the night, 

Like a sojourner of mystery 

Gently speaktouching as you do. 

Through the darkness, you 

Permeated my thoughts: 

First with alphabytes and 

Then, with your spirited resonance. 

Perhaps I have been waiting 

For you, or 

Hoping for your arrival: 

Nearly wishing you to find me. 

You invite me to "meet" you and then 

Across the miles we tele-spoke where 

You became a tele-vision In my mind: 

A something-and someone of dreams. 

Still,In the most truest since you remain unseen. 

And yet, 

You are so real and clearly there. 

In my heart, 

You are becoming a presence next to me. 

I have been in a glazed-over 

Atmosphere of love-aloneness, so 

Your magic is profound. 

I feel like a thief, as if I have 

Stolen moments of your life 

In our hours of caring talk. 

Instances are now becoming 

Frozen frames in my heart. 

You said you missed me. 


I don't think you even know

Forever and ever it will ring. 

I do not want to lose my images of 

Our time and talk 

Which return to my mind in flashes 

Of light. 

You are a flower in my winter, 

Where your petals softly lie In my soul. 

My heart allows them to flourish, 

In their vivid colors. 

Even now, I lie awake and my 

Thoughts become like the earth, 

Where landscapes are important 

And a sense of place 

Has great meaning. 

Could we be lovers 

Basking in the glow of 

Caring and embraces? 

Knowing your innermost soul in 

Nakedness, where mysteries 

Are sometimes unlocked and 

Bodies quake and move and shudder, 

The maps of our lives send us 

Here and there. 

And yet, you seem an angel, giving 

Me a sense of direction for my living 

Even though spatial and temporal 

Patterns extend us. 

What have I given to you? 

I want you to realize some "bests" 

Of me. 

Here are my words

The vistas of my soul where blood is love reflected. 

Your vibrance can jerk me out of 

Tomorrow into now. 

Your imagined smile 

Washes over me like waves 

Of lovely water under the sunshine. 

I long to hold you in 

My arms and kiss you on your face 

So that you know that 

I adore you In the ways friends 

Who may be lovers can do 

For I feel wonderment again, 

As your example for living caresses 

My foreverness. 

Whispering my wishes 

Like balmy breezes, 

A drifting feather that is me 

Wants to float to you. 

The total, enormous, and 

Most intense-center part of my being 

Wants to know you. 

I don't cry out because 

I know I can 

Have you in my dreams. 

Where you can always move my heart. 

A friendship can transcend the land, 

Can't it? 

The real and ideal can travel 

Distances across pages and wishes 

To this remarkable missing place. 

It is a grove where a 

Garden grows and 

Entwines the power of my consciousness 

To you. 

And I want. 


I must understand, 

Your place within me.

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