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You're Words

Your words and my imagination.........
As I woke this morning I had you on my mind. I lifted my head; I pictured your face, so handsome and so kind.

I looked on through the rays of sun, out to the world outside. In doing this I start to think of all the words you’ve shared.

I rest my head for comfort, as this relaxes me. I think of you, and all your words, and what they mean to me.

Your words, they paint a picture of honesty and trust, of heartfelt memories, of hurts and comforts too. Of life’s loves and losses, goals made and achieved. Of desires thoughts and feelings.

All this you write to me.

They capture and they mesmerize and are thought provoking too. They tantalize my senses, they titillate my soul, and feel like a billion fingertips dancing over me.

They inspire and arouse me, and make me want to touch. So on this fine morning, I decide that I will do just this.

So as I lay here peaceful with thoughts of you in mind. An image clear, your face still there, your words begin to dance.

They dance across my eyes, and touch my heart so deep, excite my inner being and send tingles to my cheeks.

My heartbeat begins to quicken, my body feels so hot, as I place my hand below to rest upon my crotch.

As my fingers wonder and start to part my lips, imagination takes over and it’s your hand touching me.

A touch so soft and gentle, its purpose felt within, as desire and arousal lead you to my clitoris.

As you start to circle this little bud of mine, my breathing gains momentum and my hips begin to grind.

You start to rub me firmly and quicken in your pace, as beads of sweat start to form across my brow and face.

I start to moan loudly and wonder who will hear, as your hand and fingertips explore much more down there.

You notice I am wet as you start to part my lips. A finger either side, your middle fingers have intent. This I know for now I feel you slide them deep within.

I thrust upon your fingers and rub against your hand. You push a little deeper inside my soaking mound.

The pleasure is intense as my pussy lays there bare. I start to feel the tingle that comes from deep down there.

My pussy is now pulsing, my body hot and flushed, as my climax has now built and I begin to cum.

Inside my pussy tightens around your fingers playing there, and as I buck and scream... ”oh fuck”, you thrust in deep again.

My juices flow so freely, with the thought of your hand there, and as you pull your fingers out, my silkiness you feel.

You place your fingers in my mouth, so I can suck them clean. My breathing steadies and I relax… My body is now spent.

So as I lay here peaceful, your words still dancing in my mind, I place an arm behind my head and close my eyes in thought.

Imagination is the lock I hold so deep within, but when I read the words you write, the key fits perfectly.
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