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18 Hours Together

Internet lovers share a once-in-a-lifetime night together.
It was truly a miracle, baby. You, my darling, my Shirley, and I actually had an entire night safely alone together, one time only; a once-in-a-lifetime gift that just fell in our laps, unbidden. What a wonderful thing it was.

I know you remember every detail, just like I do; but you asked me to write it all down as a story, so here it is. And, just to heighten the thrill of it, I’m posting it on this story site for thousands of people to read, and no one will ever know if it’s true or not. Only you and I will know that it is.


You were flying to Atlanta from L.A. for a principals’ leadership conference, and your midafternoon connecting flight from DFW was cancelled. A huge storm system had shut down the airport. The next seat wasn’t available till the following morning.

It was no problem, really; you’d only be an hour late for the opening session, and the airline was paying for dinner and a hotel room. After contacting everyone who needed to know, you found yourself with a free night, on your own - and you were in Dallas.

You emailed me, your hands shaking a little. You felt quivery inside, knowing we were about to meet in person for the first and probably the only time. You punched “Send,“ and sat back breathless.

I‘ll never forget that email - I saved it, anyway.

“I’m at the DFW Sheraton, room 522, till tomorrow at 11 AM. Would you like a private belly dance -- for real?”

I emailed back:

“Gimme 30 minutes.”

I instantly hightailed it to the DFW Sheraton, which was right there at the airport. I brought a few items with me.

We both feel the same for the next half hour: thrilled, frightened, quivery with anticipation, obscurely embarrassed…

Then we realize; even coming close to our fantasies was going to be a big order.

Gonna try, though…

We both shivered at the same moment, me in my car, you putting on your costume.


I knock on the door of your room, my heart in my mouth, trembling.

You open the door. We stand there, just looking at each other, for a few seconds.

“Hello, Howard.” You’re wearing a robe, but I can see a hint of something beneath it - something interesting. It jingles.

“Hello, Shirley. You’re even more beautiful than I expected.”

You blush. “Come in,” you say, your voice quivering just a trifle. You’re barefoot, and I see that you’ve removed the polish from your toes - for me, I know. For me. My cock jumps up like it’s on springs.

I come into the room, and you put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob, close and lock the door, and you put on the security chain too; then you turn and look at me, blushing again. I step forward, lifting my hands, and you melt into my arms. I feel the costume beneath your robe, I know what it is, and I shiver as I hold you and caress your back.

I hold you, my own eyes closed. Beyond dreams, beyond fantasies.

I squeeze you, feeling your magnificent breasts against my chest at last. I kiss you in front of your ear, on your neck, on your shoulder. You sigh and pull me closer, and after a moment I kiss those sweet soft lips at last.

“Dream come true,” I whisper as our lips part.

“Yes…” We kiss again, longer this time. I am lost in your mouth and in your arms. God, you’re beautiful - and so warm…

We have lots of time. We sit down on the couch together and just snuggle for a while, talking quietly. We know there will be ecstasy to come.

I tell you how beautiful you are, more beautiful and delicious than I had dreamed. I love to watch you blush. We kiss for a while. You tell me how good I look, and how you love my deep, soft voice and my gentle hands. We kiss some more, unhurried. I hold you close, and you snuggle into my arms. We kiss still more. I caress your generous curves, and you feel my stiff cock against you, smiling knowingly as you circle your hip against it.

Yes, you are taller than I, and I am older than you. And it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all.

We kiss some more.

“Sit right there,” you finally say. “I’ve been planning and practicing and hoping for this for a long time.”

I look at you, thunderstruck, hardly believing it, my mouth hanging open as you rise from the couch. “You mean… You really…”

You smile knowingly again. “Just sit back and watch, Howard. I have so much to show you…” You giggle then, and the sound is enchanting.

You go to the CD player, and in a moment a familiar song begins to play - Loreena McKinnitt, “The Mummer’s Dance.” I groan softly. You slip the robe from your shoulders and pose for a moment; I recognize the Neutral Pose from the belly-dancing show I sometimes watch.

You take my breath away, a vision of sexual enticement and temptation. You’re wearing a classic belly dancing costume - a half-bra hemmed with coins and a matching band, low around your generous hips, with diaphanous silk panels falling in graceful curtains to your bare feet; and one heavy gold ankle bracelet. No glasses, not today; and no makeup or lipstick, either.

Your bra is too small. It’s overflowing with barely-contained, pale, quivering breast-flesh. Your beautiful tits - God, I so want to see them bare - are wobbling liquidly as you move, swelling out over your bra and jiggling, bare almost to your nipples. Your pale, soft belly is so bare and white, and the flashing jewel in your sweet navel sets off the outfit perfectly. One beautiful leg peeps out from your skirt, and you pose your lovely bare feet so prettily…

After basking in the heat of my staring eyes for a long moment, those pretty bare feet shift subtly on the carpet and you begin to move.

Your eyes are closed. I watch you falling into the music, letting it tell you how to move -- your hips, your back, your breasts, your thighs. You sway like a bough in the wind, like a wave on the sea; I am hypnotized by your rhythmic movements, and you haven’t even begun to dance yet.

Your lovely, curvy arms begin to weave a sinuous pattern, and one pale hip suddenly snaps up, making your belly and swelling tits quiver. It snaps up again, and again, and now you are dancing, wriggling sensuously, your movements growing more complex, following the jingling, thrumming Middle Eastern beat. You are moving in an erotic dream, fully into the music, letting it move your body. Snapping your hips, rolling your belly, shaking your tits, wriggling to the exotic, rhythmic music. Your eyes are still closed.

You lift your lovely hands beside your face and begin to shake your shoulders. The effect is devastating - I have to consciously press the base of my dick to keep from cumming in my pants. Your luscious pale tits are on the point of shaking completely out of your belly-dancing bra, your overflowing teats wobbling liquidly as you bump and wiggle.

And then I see that your pretty hands are shaking.

I’m rubbing my fly. My cock feels like a hot log. I watch you unbelieving. No way I could ever be this lucky, this blessed. You are so sweet and lovely, so nervous and brave, and you look so God-help-me unbelievably FEMALE and SEXUAL…

You turn, and I watch your God-let-me-touch-it bottom quivering in time to the music as you deliberately make it snap and jiggle and bounce. Your pale thighs peek out from the slashed silk teasingly, your beautiful bare feet shift and arch, your belly undulates and ripples and rolls in waves that seem to slide up and down my swollen dick like sweet girlish fingers…

You are beginning to move more suggestively, crouching and grinding your hips in a frankly sexual pumping, still belly dancing. I feel a hot thrill go up my spine from my balls as I realize - you’ve adapted your belly dancing to make it a pussy-show fuck-me dance… and you’re going to strip for me.

I feel the sweat break out on my brow. My own hands are shaking. I can feel my dickhead, swollen and inflamed…

You turn and twist and wriggle and pose and shake, and I stare and rub myself till you unfasten your bra and say, “Why don’t you JACK OFF TO ME, Howard?”

You know what those words mean to me, and what they do.

I open my pants, pull down my shorts, and pull out my thick, stiff cock as you drop your bra and let your tits hang bare in front of me. “Oh, God,” I moan, and take my dick in my hand and begin to stroke. You smile and swing your tits gently as I watch. “Yes, Howard, just like that. Stroke it. Jack it to me. Make it feel good… I want to make you feel so good…”

“Ungh,” I say eloquently.

You giggle and shake your hanging tits faster, making them waggle, and then you stand up straight and begin belly dancing topless. You give me a blatant, obscene, indecent, and entirely nasty titty-show, shaking and tossing and swinging your big teats outrageously, bending over and dangling them bare, lifting them with your hands and letting them flop, bouncing them up and down. Your expression is curious - feverishly excited, but blushing and nervous. You press your tits together between your arms, close your eyes and turn your chin shyly into your shoulder - and shake and waggle your sweet titties lewdly. “Do you really like my big floppy tits?” you ask shyly, knowing how those words in your sweet mouth would affect me.

I’m stroking feverishly now, my dick wet and shining, my eyes bugging out as I stare. “Ggg,” I say, then choke out, “God, I love y-”

My eyes roll back in my head and I jack faster; you just pulled your skirt down.

I’m staring at my Shirley, so sweet and bare, naked from her sweet, pink face to her pretty pink toes, wearing only an ankle bracelet (which drives me nuts). You are so pale and perfect, so soft and curvy and NAKED…

You smile, reach toward the coffee table, and put on your glasses. “How’s that?” you whisper, simpering a little.

You know you look good. You can see it in my face. I’m jacking like a crazy man, my mouth hanging open stupidly as I stare at your face. Your face. Then my eyes move downward as I jack, pumping desperately. “I’m gonna shoot,” I grunt out, my voice grating, my face red and congested with my oncoming express-train orgasm. My Shirley is posing for me, as bare as a baby…

You’re giggling, blushing, and posing prettily. You wriggle a little in nervous anticipation, and your tits quiver so sweetly… “G-gonna shoot,” I choke out again, jacking furiously.

You face me fully, and your face holds an eager, avid expression. Watching me, you place your pretty hands behind your head, then you spread your pretty bare feet wide apart. Then you crouch low and stick out your bare, wet pussy. You know that that‘s my favorite pose…

“Go ahead,” you say. “Shoot it to me, Howard. You’ll give me three or four more before morning…. Come on, Howard, squirt me that big load of cum…” Then you watch me, grinning, and begin to bounce on your heels. “I’m your naked fat girl, Howard! I’m your jack-off slave and all I want is to make you shoot to me! Jack off to me, Howard! Ooo, look at my big tits and my shaved pussy!”

And I grit my teeth and frantically jack my bare dick to you, and I shudder and shoot my wad while you watch and wiggle, feeling it blast up from my balls like an explosion. I must have looked ridiculous - grimacing, tongue between my teeth, eyes squinting and staring, fist flying up and down my swollen, red cock - and my sperm, spurting and dripping and pulsing out of my dick, flying in the air, drooling over my pumping fingers, as I jerk and grunt and jack harder.

You work harder, too, wriggling and jiggling as hard as you can, shaking your big bare tits wildly, hunching your bare sloppy pussy obscenely, giggling happily as I spurt and strain. Squealing in delight as you work to drive me mad and shoot my brains out. Shaking and jiggling just to make me cum harder… I spurt till I think I’m going to faint.

Maybe I do a little. You’re sitting on my lap, still naked, and your lips are on mine. My cummy hand is on your bare white thigh, and my other hand is sliding up your smooth bare back. I lift my face to yours, and you kiss me. I feel your bare tit with my sticky hand as our tongues meet again, already old friends.

“God, I love that,” you whisper between kisses. “I love it so much. You really do think I’m beautiful and hot. God, I love watching you shoot. I could pose naked for you forever.”

“I wish you would,” I breathe back. “I want more.”

“Oh, I’m not done yet,” you smile. “I’m going to give you a NAKED show next.”

I shiver. You stand up, and my cock begins to rise already. The sight of you, unclothed, is the most moving and compelling and hypnotic thing I’ve ever seen. You, the dignified and proper school principal, are my secret Internet virtual lover - and, unknown to anyone but me, you are Beauty and Sexuality and Innocence and Sensuality. The Creator who made you for me - I have no doubt of it - designed every detail and line of your body, and every turn and secret of your mind, for my joy and pleasure - just as he made my kinky, perverted mind, with its odd mix of tenderness and raw lust, real protectiveness and fantasies of public exposure, just for you and your pleasure.

I’m meditating on your perfection as you bring us both cold drinks and a bowl of Chex Mix - my favorite snack, you minx. I love watching you move unclothed.

It’s so much fun to just sit there and chat and munch a bit with you, with you sitting there naked beside me. I’m still fully dressed, though I haven’t bothered to put my cock away. “Have you had dinner?” It suddenly occurs to me to ask. I, for one, am hungry.

You blink. “No,” you say. “No wonder my tummy is rumbling. Well, I’m not dressed to go out…” You giggle.

“How about room service?”


“And when you check out, pay for that in cash. You don’t want two dinners showing up on your MasterCard bill.”

“Ooo, that’s a good point. Okay. Now, where’s the menu? There was one by the phone…”


An hour later, after a lovely dinner - it was only seven o’clock - I make myself scarce in the bathroom while you call whatshisname. Don’t want him worrying or even thinking about anything out of the way… It seems to amuse you to talk to him while lying naked and wide open on the bed in front of me, but I kiss your bare pussy mound and go into the bathroom.

When I come out, I find you masturbating. I watch you for a second, looking up at me longingly, fingering your luscious wet pussy, tits rolling on your chest. I get on the bed beside you. “Here, let me do that.” I slide my hand over yours, and you take yours away. My hand is on your bare, smooth pussy, your wet, swollen lips under my gentle fingers. I stroke you gently, and you roll your hips upward and moan.

I pull you close with my other arm, and your arms go around me automatically. You close your eyes and nuzzle my chest as I feel you, exploring your most intimate secrets, sliding my finger around and around in your liquid hole, sliding my finger back and forth on your bare, sweet clit. I massage below your clit, stroking the hidden roots of it, hooking my finger down to dig in behind it, rubbing you deep.

Your nipples are pouting. “Please suck us,” they say - so I do. I suck and tug at your sweet titty-tips till they’re sticking out stiff and hard, still feeling your hot, meaty cunt with my busy fingers.

“Oh… Oh, God…” Your mouth is on mine now, hungry, eager, and I feed you my tongue, fresh from your tits. “God, that feels so good… You DO have magic hands…”

Two fingers now. You’re humping your ass rhythmically, pumping, fucking your hips involuntarily, automatically, as your sensations grow more and more intense. I play your pussy like a violin, lifting you to the height and then pulling you down again, over and over, till you’re gasping and shuddering. “Please make me cum, Howard… Please… I need it so bad…”

Not yet. I know what you like. I move my hand further downward, and my questing, wet fingertip finds your twitching asshole. I rub it gently, and you twist in my arms and gasp. I move a second finger into your pussy as I slip my fingertip into your anus and move it gently around and around…

I hold you close and give your clit that gentle but firm rhythmic pulse and slide that I’ve found you like best. I kiss you deeply and squeeze you to me as I keep it up, relentlessly, feeling your pussy and probing your ass, teasing your clit, digging into your bottom. driving you farther and farther up the slope, toward the cliff. You struggle, but I push you harder, and harder, deeper and slower, and as you grunt and whimper softly, I push you over the edge and throw you into the fire, rubbing you intensely, gently, deeply all at once.

I hold you while you convulse and jerk in my arms, making it last, marveling at the quivering, beautiful bare body in my arms, adoring you, loving that I’m making you quake in ecstasy, fulfilling you, making you cum like it’s the first time.

We snuggle for a while after - but you, you insatiable bitch, are soon ready to resume your exhibition. You’ve noticed that I grew an enormous boner as you came naked in my arms, big surprise.

We go back into the sitting room - the airline sprang for a suite - and I take my place on the couch. This time, you want me as naked as you, so I even take off the cross pendant that I wear every day.

I’m sitting there on the cushions, my clothes on the floor, my dick in my hand -- and you’re standing there in front of me in nothing but your anklet.

I wonder what you’re about to do now…

You’re stroking yourself, your lovely hands feeling your whole bare body. Your cheeks are pink, your eyes bright behind your cute glasses. You’re shivering with excitement. “This is so much FUN!” you exclaim, your perfect tits quaking. Your pink knobs are still in the “on” position, fat and erect. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this - and I can’t believe you love looking at me so much!”

“Oh, baby…” I begin to stroke myself, my cock standing up quivering-stiff in my hand. “You’re the most beautiful - the hottest - “ I try again. “The most sexual - I just don’t have the words,” I stammer. “You’re every dream I’ve ever had, come true, Shirley. You’re the one I’ve always hoped I’d find, and never have.” I gulped and gasped, jacking off to you hungrily. “I’ve never even seen a picture as hot as you, baby,” I gasp, “Except YOUR pictures. You make my dick ache for you, Shirley. Never wanted any girl so much… “

You’re still just standing there, barefoot and bare naked, in nothing but your glasses and ankle bracelet - and I’m jacking my dick off to you feverishly. Just standing there, you’re going to make me cum.

I tell you so. “I’m going to cum to you just standing there,” I say. “Oh, baby - that’s all you have to do…” I’m staring at your face. Not your tits or your pussy or your pretty bare feet - I’m going to shoot to your beautiful, blushing, frightened and thrilled face.

You smile, and begin to dance again. “Don’t cum yet,” you whisper. “Wait till you see what I’m going to show you.”

I squeeze the base of my cock again and try to calm down. My cock is wet and throbbing-hard, my dickhead swollen and red and supersensitive.

Suddenly you turn and put one pretty foot up on a chair behind you, bend double, and look back at me from under your bare leg - and you giggle. Once again, I’m jacking like crazy and fighting to keep from shooting.

Your heavy, perfect tits are swinging bare, and you’re showing me the intimate underside of them, making sure they’re never still - and your big, delicious pale bottom is on blatant display - and your swollen wet pussy is gaping open, pink and glistening - and your cute pink asshole is winking at me…

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” I gasp.

You giggle, still looking at me from behind your dangling tits. “You will,” you say. “But now -”

You stand up, turn around, and begin wriggling - just showing off your body as lewdly as possible, shaking your tits, bouncing your belly, humping your hips, jiggling your ass, a kind of amalgam of belly dancing and fucking. “Right now,” you go on, your voice shaking as you move, “I want you to look at me naked and jack off to me and love the way I look and the way I move. I want to feel beautiful and hot and sexy and admired and wanted. I want to watch your face and your eyes as you shoot all over me. I want to be your jack-off girl, Charles. I want to be so hot and sexy and beautiful that you shoot your wad just from looking at me…”

You’re rolling around on the floor now, waggling your tits, pulling your knees back, showing off your naked crotch as wantonly as you can. You hold your pussy open for me and work your cuntmuscles, talking dirty the whole time.

And so am I. Never thought of this in my life, but we’re having a conversation as you pose and I jack off to you -

“Look at my cunt, Charles. It’s all bare and wet and open for your cock…”

“Oh, b-baby… Stretch it wider… Ungh, yeah…”

“Does your dick feel good? Am I giving you a good STRAIN?”

“Oh, baby - you look so good - oh, do that again!”

“You mean THIS?”

“You’re gonna make me cum…”

“Not yet! You haven’t seen me with THIS yet!” You produce a big, ripply dildo.

Squirming naked, showing off your big bare tits and hairless, wet pussy, kissing and licking a big nasty-looking dildo. Of course you know that that’s going to make it even harder for me to keep from cumming. You giggle as I fight to hold it back.

Suddenly you sit up and take the base of my dick in your hand, squeezing it, digging deep down to the hidden base and squeezing. You’re helping me keep from cumming, pulling me back from the brink…

Making it last longer.

You aren’t even done posing for me yet. You show me your open pussy, your pink asshole, your soft swinging tits, your perfect bare ass, your pretty legs and feet, and then you show me all over again - crouching, kneeling, squatting, standing, bending over, bending back, wiggling and shaking everything you’ve got for my pleasure as I stare at you and jack off like a crazy man, hardly believing my eyes. So bare, so beautiful, so aroused, so eager to display yourself for my strain…

I’m gasping and struggling to keep from cumming. You giggle and say, “Close your eyes.”

I do. “When I tell you to open them, I want you to count to ten, real slow, before you cum.”

“O-okay,” I stammer.

A moment passes. I’m stroking my dripping cock feverishly, wondering what I’m about to see.

“Open and count to ten.”

I open my eyes. You’re sitting on the floor in the Chinese splits, your legs in a straight line, wide open - and you’re leaning back -

And you have the dildo up your asshole, and it’s buzzing, and you’re holding your pussy open and massaging your clit. You giggle, quavering a little, and shake your bare tits. “Better start counting,” you squeal as you start to bounce.


Your tits are bouncing and flopping outrageously. “Don’t you dare cum yet,” you simper. “And don’t look away.”

“Ungh… Two…”

You torture me mercilessly as I struggle to remember the next number, posing and shaking and twisting in ecstasy as you rub your bare clit.


Pretty bare feet…


Your face is distorted with your own strain, bouncing on the dildo in your ass and rubbing your clit… “Nine…”

You grunt and stick it out and shudder, on the point of orgasm…

“Ten! Ungh! Ungh!” I’m puffing and blowing and squirting semen all over you as you stare at my face and my spurting cock and cum yourself, shuddering, tits quivering, mouth open in passion….

We snuggle for a while afterward; I cuddle you, leaving the cum on your bare body, rubbing it in a little, kissing you while I caress your sweet smooth skin.

“Did you like that?” you ask softly. Your smirk betrays you.

I chuckle and squeeze you, and you giggle. “I guess you did.”

We just make out for a while, kissing deeply, feeling each other, enjoying the closeness and the intimacy. I kiss your pretty feet and make you giggle, and I kiss your sweet wet pussy and make you moan. I kiss your wonderful breasts, fondling them, playing with them, kissing and sucking your sweet nipples, and make you sigh and squirm. Soon I’m feeling your pussy again, and you’re nuzzling my chest with your smooth cheek and whimpering as I stroke and caress your darling opening. I play with your wet lips and massage under your clit, I slide my fingers in and out and all around, slippery and exploring, feeling every millimeter of your delicious wet lips and your tight, swollen clit, gently, slickly, making you get lost in the sensations and spread your bare, soft thighs even wider. You open yourself to me completely, and I slowly bring you to the peak, and hold you there as you shudder and jerk and cum in my arms.

You murmur softly as I hold you afterward, and you snuggle close in the warm afterglow of an orgasm in the arms of a man who adores you - and you notice that my cock is stiff once again.

You caress it gently, nuzzling my chest again - and then, you slowly begin to move downward.

In a moment, you’re kneeling beside the couch, kissing and stroking my hard dick as I watch you, moved to the heart. You look into my eyes as you lick my bare, wet cock, sucking up and down the sides of it, rubbing it on your soft cheek, eyes dreamily closed. You kiss the head lovingly, and then, with your soft eyes on mine, you slowly open your beautiful, sensuous mouth and slip your soft lips over my dickhead and begin to suck.

Oh, Shirley. You are so good… You slide your mouth around and around on my swollen dickhead, slurping on it, sucking, licking, working the sensitive rim with your lips and cheeks and tongue, sucking my dick expertly, giving me maximum friction, maximum wetness, maximum pleasure. You slurp and suck on my dick for long, long minutes, working harder the more excited I get. I’m gasping and shivering, and you’re sucking me deeper, working your lips down the shaft, massaging behind my balls and teasing my asshole with a gentle fingertip. Soon I’m groaning as you work your throat muscles on my bare dick, your sweet lips pressed into my pubic bristles. You’re swallowing my dick and working hard to pull out my cum, teasing my balls and pulling back to work on my bare, sensitive dickhead with your eager, wet mouth, loving the moans and jerks you pull from me as you make my dick feel like a telephone pole about to explode.

“I’m gonna cum, baby… I’m gonna shoot my cum…”

“Mmm,” you murmur around my cock, and you suck faster, closer, wrapping your wet mouth around my swelling dickhead and working it, trying to make me shoot. “Baby, here it comes… Ungh…” You suck faster, rolling your head around and around, whipping my peehole with your tongue, scratching lightly behind my balls with your nails… “Here it comes…”

My dick begins to shoot in your mouth. It feels like liquid ice and fire geysering out of my dick, spurting so hard it’s like it’s coming up from my feet. I expect you to pull your mouth off it and make a big show out of catching my load on your open mouth, as I’ve written about so many times - but no, your beautiful mouth is wrapped around my dick, your soft hand holding my balls, and you’re slurping up my semen greedily, a drop or two leaking from your beautiful mouth.

Your eyes are closed, and you’re sucking so sweetly, so intimately, and I just keep shooting and shooting and shooting in your sweet mouth - you look so beautiful with my dick between your lips…

We look into each other’s eyes as my dick is still spasming and spurting in your mouth, and I see your love there, and your pleasure at making me shoot my brains out. You finally lift your mouth from my dick and say, “I know you wanted to see me with cum all over my face, but I just had to taste it - I wanted to eat it all, Charles. I wanted to savor every drop and make it last as long as I could.”

“Thank you,” I gasped. “God, you’re good… Just like you said.”

You giggle and slip back into my arms. I taste my cum on your mouth as I hold one heavy breast in my hand and kiss you.

“Now what?” you whisper. “It’s not even midnight.”

“I’m going to eat the most delicious pussy in the world for an hour or so, and then I’m going to fuck you,” I say matter-of-factly.

“Ooo! Want to tie me down? I brought rope…”

I grin. “So did I.”

In five minutes, we’re in the bedroom, and you have both wrists tied to the bedposts, your arms wide and high; your knees and ankles are tied back to spread your pussy wide open before me. You’re totally helpless, and I can do whatever I want with your luxurious, soft and bare body. I decide not to gag you; I want to hear you try to talk while you cum. I want to hear you beg me to let you.

I climb onto the bed, between your legs. The fearful/eager/helpless expression on your face is priceless, biting your lip with your pale, plump thighs spread wide and your big tits and wet, shaved pussy on blatant display. “How unladylike,” I say with a grin, and you giggle nervously.

I get comfortable between your legs, and I lower my head to inhale the sweet scent of your open, glistening pussy. So warm and funky, so feminine and animal and intoxicating -

My first taste of your darling cunt. Tart and sweet, spicy and fruity - Shirley’s pussy, the sweetest in the world. I lave and lick your wet opening with my tongue, kissing and nibbling at your soft pussy lips, tugging at them gently, then digging deep in your hole and pressing my squirming tongue against your sensitive bare clit. I saw at it with my tongue, I lap at it, I wrap my pursed lips around it and suck it while I tongue-whip it and rotate my lips around and around on your pussy.

You’re squealing and grunting and working your hips, struggling, helpless to close your legs or stop me or slow me down. I eat your pussy hungrily, rooting in it, slurping up your sweet juices and forcing you to make more. I fuck your pussy with my tongue, I hold it open with my hands and lick it all over, I suck on your clit mercilessly, and I force you higher and higher - but I won’t let you cum.

Every time you get to the ragged edge and I feel that little jerk and quiver when you’re just about to go over - I pull back and let you come back down, just a little, just enough so you don’t cum right then - and then I go back to working on your bare, open, hairless pussy and driving you crazy.

Soon, as I wanted, you’re pleading with me to let you cum. Begging me not to stop as I push you toward the edge, two-fingering your cunt as I suck and tongue-whip your clit. After teasing you a little more, I finally bear down and work your clit and pussy hard, and stick my thumb up your asshole just as you slide over and start to shake. You cry out, and I work your asshole and your pussy deeply and expertly and devour your swollen clit as you shudder and jerk and whimper and grunt and groan, and I keep you cumming for what seems like a full minute.

But I’m not finished. I won’t let you go and I won’t let you rest, and you have one orgasm after another for long minutes, cumming and shivering and cumming again, helplessly - and you finally understand the difference when you’re tied down; you can’t stop me.

Just as you’re peaking in one shatteringly intense super-orgasm, I move up and slide my big cock all the way into your pussy. You look up at me as if in agony, your face twisted as you are gripped by the intensity of it as you cum all over my dick the first time it’s in you, feeling my big, thick shaft opening you up as you’re orgasming and squeezing, fighting it even as you want it to go deeper and deeper.

So tight, so wet and slippery - so big in your hole, filling you up so full - I embrace your bound body and we fuck, pumping hard, deep, in and out, in and out…

I fuck you for as long as I want, any way I want; pumping it in and out hungrily, slowly, sliding in and out and looking into your eyes as you struggle to fuck back at me, restrained by your ropes… Slamming it in hard and fast, making your tits fly up and bounce wildly, making your whole body jiggle and quiver, making you cry out and cum, again and again…

It’s fun to watch you cum; you make such nasty, sexy, anguished faces. I love to watch you looking up at me desperately when you’re on the edge, biting your sweet lip and shivering - and when you’re going crazy naked, jiggling all over and shaking in a super-intense orgasm, tits wobbling, hips working, pussy gushing, beautiful mouth open in ecstasy. I experience that pleasure many times before I let you go.

I untie your hands and tell you to hold your pussy open as I fuck you, then keep holding it open while I cum all over it. I love to see your pretty hands pulling those sweet red lips wide, and I jack off onto your open hole as you encourage and tease me. After three big, stringy spurts all over your wet red cunthole, I slide my cock back in and give you the rest all over your cervix, spurting hard with my dick buried in your sweet wet pussy as I mercilessly massage your bare clit. We shake and cum together again, mouths open and tongues fucking too. We revel in the sloppy mess between us, where I shot my sticky cum all over your bare pussy and then fucked you deep, smearing it all over us and savoring the gooey feel of each other’s bodies. Then we just rest, still connected, still messy, holding each other and breathing deep. Nothing between us but sweat and cum. So relaxed, so close, so intimate and safe and loved.

I finally let you up, but before I untie you, I cover you with creamy lotion and rub it in; then I untie you and give you a long, luxurious lotion massage, caressing and rubbing and relaxing every square inch of your beautiful body. Soon we’re snuggling naked under the covers, warm and bare and lost in the moment. We set my phone alarm for an early hour - we want to make love some more before you have to fly out.

And you go to sleep in my arms for the first and last time, and we walk together even in our dreams.


My cellphone goes off, playing “Tubular Bells,” the theme from “The Exorcist.” It’s 5 AM.

You blink up at me sleepily, warm and naked in my arms. “Good morning,” I whisper. “Take to wake up and make love.”

You smile. We kiss, and agree that we need to deal with morning breath…


After we wash and brush our teeth, I make coffee in the hotel’s machine, and we snuggle on the sofa. You are still deliciously nude, and so am I.

“Careful with that coffee,” I say as I put down the two mugs and sit down. “I don’t want you to burn those beautiful big tits.”

You look at the mugs doubtfully. “Which one is mine?”

I grin. “Either one. Three sugars, and a big dose of Hazelnut Creamer,” I say. “They’re both the same.”

You sip and smile. “Sweet,” you say. “Like you.”

I grin. “No, that would be you.”

We sit in silence for a few minutes, just gazing at each other.

“I can’t believe it’s really you,” I say.

“I know. I feel the same way.” You put down the mug and look at me.

I look back.

In seconds, the coffee is forgotten, and we are in each others’ arms, hands moving, mouths entwined. You are so soft and warm and bare…

Back to the bed. We kiss and love and caress for an hour or more, no hurry, just enjoying each other’s love and intimacy and tenderness.

We make love, again, and then again; I take you in your pussy, in your asshole, down your throat. I cum in your mouth as you suck me lovingly, eyes closed in ecstasy as I spurt gushingly in your talented mouth. I kiss your pretty feet as I pound into your pussy. I caress your beautiful ass and reach around and play with your tits as I fuck you from behind. We play for hours.

We snuggle and make out a little more afterward, cum and saliva and pussy-juice drying on our skin. We murmur words best forgotten. We touch, and we cling together, and we cry a little. We have two hours left.

We know what comes last; the shower. You can’t have my scent on you, though it doesn’t matter so much going on to Atlanta as it would if you were going home.

I watch you step into the brightly lit, white-tiled stall and shiver; you are so bare, so pale, so curvy and quivery and vulnerable and warm…

I get in after you, trembling, naked.

In a moment, I’m looking at the only thing on Earth sexier than your nude body - your nude body, wet and glistening all over. My dick feels like a telephone pole. You are the most beautiful and the hottest thing I’ve ever seen or touched in my life.

We soap each other tenderly, with our bare hands - the feel of your pretty, pale hands on my body is so sensuous, so loving. The feel of my own on your smooth skin touches my soul - it feels like I’m touching yours.

You’re gently soaping my hard cock, your soft, slippery hand sliding on it…

I lather your big, heavy, gloriously pendulous and loose teats, reverently; they are so big, so perfect, so beautiful, so tender and sensitive - it’s like handling your heart, and I am gentle, loving, and ravenous.

I lather your back, your belly, your bottom, thoroughly and lovingly - I smile as I run my soapy fingers through your sweet creases, caressing your plumpness with passion, cleaning you oh, so carefully…

You give up to it and close your eyes as I soap you all over. Your beautiful, smooth legs - your pretty feet (you giggle as I soap between your toes) - your smooth, broad back, your big, white ass… I have you bend over and I take my time soaping your bottom with my soapy fingers, thoroughly massaging your sweet pussy lips and your squeezy little asshole with my slippery fingers.

You turn around. I soap up your sweet, bare, bald pussy, for long, long minutes. Your eyes are closed as you lean back in the shower, your white body gleaming with water and slick with soap. You crouch slightly, opening your thighs to me, and I’m slipping two fingers inside you, moving them around, exploring your hot, swollen, dripping-wet vagina as you twitch and whimper above me.

Your nipples are at the level of my face, your big tits swinging free and wet. I take one in my mouth, sucking gently, and you gasp and sigh and open your thighs wider. I love the sight of your lovely bare feet, wide apart, on the tiles…

I finger your pussy gently, then harder, and you shiver, your nipple pulsing in my mouth as I suck. I’m rubbing your bare little clit, making you jerk and whine.

I stand up. You’re taller than me, and this time it works to our advantage; I move in close, holding my hard dick at the entrance to your wet pussy, and you slowly crouch…

I’m fucking you against the wall, sliding my cock in and out of your wet, bare hole, your wet breasts against me, your mouth on mine, as you open up and half-squat for it, rolling your cunt forward, taking me in. The warm shower is on both of us, and we are lost in sensations and in love. I look into your eyes as I fuck you, and you look back. We see each other’s hearts.

I begin rubbing your clit - and in a few moments, we’re both close to the edge. I know what you like: “I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna shoot in your pussy…”

“Oh, yes, give it to me - shoot in me…”

“Nnngh… Gonna cum…”

I’m scrubbing your bare clit as I pump in and out. “M-me too…” you gasp.

Deep kiss, desperate hands, slippery and wet --

We cum together, moaning, whimpering, half-words of love gasped and grunted as I unload in your grasping, squeezing pussy, feeling my sperm squelching out and running down your legs as you cum all over my spurting cock. Again and again I thrust deep, my jetting cum blasting into your tender wet fucking hole.

We hold each other for long moments after, still connected. Slippery hands on soapy skin, wet hair in our faces, pink cheeks, breathing hard…

“I love you so much.” There seemed nothing else to say.

We rinse, then dry each other. We suddenly aren’t speaking much. Time is short.

As we dress - after a few more minutes of caresses and wondering looks - you say, “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“So do I. But I’m so glad we had this.”

We move together, fully dressed now, and I hold you once again. “This may be our only time together,” I whisper. “But we can keep this forever.”

After a moment, I add, “Have you ever seen “The Bridges of Madison County”?

“Yes… Oh, yes!” You get the reference. We cling to each other.

My phone goes off - another alarm. “Time to go,” I say softly.


One last kiss as I let you off at the airport entrance; I’d walk you to your gate, but they won’t let me into the loading area anyway. Besides, as always, I have a gun in my pocket. Legal, but they don’t appreciate them at airports even so.

“I love you, Shirley.”

You smile at me. “You’re very precious to me, Charles. You always will be.”

I grin at you. “Close enough, my love. I get you.”

You smile. “You always do.” One more, and then you turn and are gone.

I watch you walk into the airport, then go and park.

I’m standing by the window a little while later, watching your plane disappear into the distance to the east. “Goodbye, my darling, my love,” I whisper under my breath. “I’ll never see you again. But I will love you forever.”

I lift a hand. “Go with God, my love. I’ll always be here, waiting.”

And I went back to my car and drove home.

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