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A cat called Frog, Chapter three

You've sold it haven't you?

The pub was packed solid most of the early session as if the customers needed to make up for missing a whole day's drinking time. We were rushed off our feet, but as always, we managed and we walked round to my flat at five o'clock.

"When are you going to look for a place?" she asked me.

"I look all the time, you know when I'm out and about, in the papers. I listen to people in the pub. I'm always looking."

My phone rang then and I smiled to myself when I saw who it was.

"Hello, beautiful."

"Hi, daddy are you coming tomorrow?"

"You bet, princess."

"The snow's all gone though, daddy."

"I know, darling, but I'll take you somewhere special."


"It's a surprise."

"Oooh, daddy, pleeease."

"No, not telling you."

"Are we going in your car?"


"Mummy says I need some new clothes."

"In that case my darling I'll buy some."

"Can we go to the pub again? I like it there."

"Only if you promise not to get drunk."

"I promise."

"All right then."

"Thanks, daddy, bye, I love you."

"I love you too."

“I didn't know you've got a car.”

"Just an old banger, you'll see it in the morning."

"So what are we going to do tonight?" she asked.

"I think we should go out somewhere and celebrate our engagement."

"And the quickest courtship on record," she added with a smile.

We settled on a short walk into town and to a little Chinese place where I sometimes ate if I couldn't be bothered to cook.

We both had chicken fried rice which filled a space and then we called in at the pub where we worked on the way home.

"You two an item now, then?" Gary asked as he served our drinks.

"We're engaged," Karen told him so he said the drinks were on him. There was a singer on the small stage doing his Rod Stewart act and we danced together during his version of "Reason to Believe" a lovely song which Karen announced would be ours from then on.

I felt really proud to be holding her tightly as we moved. She looked fabulous in skin tight, white jeans and a white boob tube and my cock started to show signs that he liked her too.

"We've got brandy at your place, Dave," she whispered, "Brandy, bed and me all together."

"Are you making improper suggestions?" I smiled and she nodded.


"Come on then."

Apart from her top and jeans, her only other item of clothing was a skimpy white thong which she left on in bed.

"It feels sexier when someone else takes it off," she said as we kissed hungrily.

"What does it feel like when somebody else does this? I asked as I slid a hand down into her thong.

"Mmm, I'll need a few minutes to decide," she said softly, "Perhaps If I sat on you it would help me to think."

"Perhaps it would," I agreed, We kissed again as she got onto my lap. 

"Now this thing's in the way," she giggled, then her giggle changed to a soft moan of pleasure as she sank down on my cock.

"Oh God yes," she whispered, "Dave, I was made for this, I'll only marry you if you promise to do this every day."

"Oh, I can definitely promise that," I said as I heaved upwards making her squeal.

"Can we try it up my bum? I've never done that before."

"It might hurt you."

"Let's try." And she reached behind herself to position my cock.

"Ready?" I asked and she nodded, "Ready."

Slowly I pushed as she held herself still, her face screwed up in a gesture of pain. Then I felt the dome of my cock slip past her ring and it felt like it was being caressed by a hand in a velvet glove, she smiled. In fact, she glowed.

"Beautiful," she breathed, "Absolutely beautiful, but slowly Dave, fuck me slowly."

I had to do it slowly, I was afraid I'd hurt her, but there was no doubt she was loving it.

"Oh, Dave, I can't describe how this feels."

"Try, darling," I said as I fucked her slowly,

"It, it kind of feels full, but a nice full."

I could tell by her face that she was enjoying it. She bent and kissed me letting out little groans of pleasure with every upward thrust of mine. Gradually I increased my thrusts until she was squealing and begging for more.

"Harder, Dave," she hissed, "Fuck me, fuck me, oh my God, yes."

She was bouncing like a doll on the end of my cock and loving every minute of it. I could feel her rectal muscles squeezing me, then I felt myself gradually losing control.

"Karen," I gasped, "Karen, baby, I'm going to, ooh fuck, yesss."

And she screamed as I erupted sending spurt after spurt up into her rectum.

"You didn't cum," I said as we cuddled together.

"I came twice," she corrected me, "but quietly."

"Oh, how very ladylike." I laughed and earned myself a thump.

"What time are we picking Poppy up at?"

"Usually about ten, is that okay?"

"Anything's okay with me," she said dreamily and lay her head on my chest as she closed her eyes.

My old banger was a 3.5 litre Rover that went like shit off a shovel and used a hell of a lot of petrol doing it, but I loved it and so did Poppy. I had a baby seat in the front so Karen had to sit in the back which she insisted on doing when I said I would fix Poppy's seat in the back.

"Daddy!" she yelled when she saw me and took off about a yard away from me, knowing full well I would catch her.

"Can we find some snow, please, daddy? You said you'd build me a snowman?"

"There isn't any snow left, darling," I told her but by then we were at the car and she was looking at Karen suspiciously.

"Daddy, there's a lady sitting in our car."

"That's Karen, and she's my friend, she wanted to meet you, say hello, darling."

"Hello Poppy, when your daddy said you were pretty, he didn't tell me you were a princess."

It took a second to sink in, then her eyes got bigger and a gap-toothed grin split her face.

"I'm not a princess," she giggled, "I'm Poppy."

"Ooh, princess Poppy."

"Can I sit on your knee?"

"Of course you can, I'd like that," she'd passed the test!

Half an hour later we pulled up outside Karen's place. Her parents were outside and rushed out to meet us all eagerly.

"Oh my," exclaimed her mother, "Aren't you just adorable?"

"Karen says I'm a princess."

"You are," she gushed, "You're a very beautiful princess."

"Is my daddy your friend?"

"Oh yes, very much so."

"Will you be my friend as well?"

"Forever, Poppy."

"Daddy, I've got lots and lots of new friends."

"You're a very lucky little girl then aren't you?"

"She's gorgeous, David," Karen's dad said, "I can see why you'd want custody of her."

"It's the way she's being reared is that I object to."

"Oh, in what way?"

"Her mother has a lot of different boyfriends who often spend nights with her. She uses drugs as well. I give her money every week for Poppy but I know she spends a lot of it on herself."

"Are you able to prove these allegations?"

"No sir not without hiring an inquiry agent and I can't afford their fees."

"Daddy, daddy, my friend's going to show me her horses!"

"Oh wow, come on, then." her little hand gripped my finger like a vice to make sure I didn't get away.

Karen took my other hand and we followed her parents around the back to the stables where they had two old hacks that Karen and her mother sometimes rode out on.

"Ooh, they're big horses aren't they daddy?"

"They are, sweetheart."

Karen got a carrot off the stable hand and gave it to Poppy.

"Hold it up to him, darling, let him eat it from your hand. He's ever so gentle."

She lifted her up and held her so that the horse could take the carrot from her hand. Poppy shrieked with pleasure as he took it gently and chewed it slowly.

"I fed him, daddy, I fed the horsey."

"David, can we leave them to it? I'd like to speak to you privately."

Karen nodded and smiled as we strolled out of hearing.

"If you'll let me, I can help you with your custody fight. I have my daughter's permission to tell you this, David. My wife knows as well, of course."

"Right, sir."

He cleared his throat and took a deep breath.

"Karen was seriously sexually assaulted when she was thirteen."

He cleared his throat and wiped his nose, I could see he was struggling to speak.

"Sorry," he said, I reached out and touched his sleeve.

"Why don't you let Karen tell me herself?"

"Because she asked me to tell you, she can't have children David. She also said that she would understand if you took your daughter and left."

I turned away and walked straight up to Karen. Her eyes widened with apprehension.

"We've already got a child, Karen, let's build a home for her ... together."

Tears filled her eyes and she threw herself at me sobbing. Her mother was crying and her father was blowing his nose.

"Why is Karen crying, daddy?"

"Because I'm silly, darling," she laughed, "and because I love your daddy very much. He's a very nice man."

My phone rang then and I turned away to take the call from Brenda, Poppy's mum.


She sounded breathless as usual when she asked me if I could keep Poppy overnight.

"Yes, of course.”

"Only I've got a date, a bit of a last minute job, I'm afraid. You didn't leave me any money this morning."

"I forgot, I'll give it to you in the morning."

"I need it tonight."

"That money's supposed to be for Poppy."

"I'll put it back when I get my benefit money on Wednesday."

"I'm out of town at the moment, I'll try and get back before you go out."

Then I had a thought.

"Brenda, I'll give you five thousand pounds if you'll let me have Poppy."

"What, sell my daughter? Never. Anyway, there's no room there for her."

"I'll buy a house."

"You've sold it, haven't you? You've sold your medal."

"Yes," I admitted.

"Make it ten thousand."


"When can I get it?"

"Thursday morning."


I ended the call and looked at my daughter's face. Her mother had just given her away for money!

"I've got to find a bigger house," I said to all four of them, They all looked puzzled until I explained,

"Oh my God!" Karen's mum exclaimed, "Is that legal?"

"As long as it never becomes public that money has changed hands, I see no problems. It will be treated as if two people have come to an amicable agreement over the child."

"The poor little mite."

"Mummy," Karen laughed, "Look at her, does she look like a poor little mite?"

Poppy was holding a rather one-sided conversation with the horses, she looked round at us and grinned.

"I like it here, daddy."

"So do I, darling." I smiled. Karen's father took his wife's hand and together they knelt down in front of my daughter.

"Would you like us to be a granddad and grandma to you, Poppy?"

She thought about it for a second,

"Would you give me lots of cuddles?"

"Ooh, lots and lots, my darling." The lady grinned. "We'll even buy you a pony."

"A pony?" she squealed. "Oh goody, what's a pony daddy?"

When we'd all dried our tears of laughter, I explained to her that a pony was like a small horse.

"Especially for little girls," I said just as a gong sounded from the house,

"Dinner," Karen said, "Come on, Poppy, let's eat and then I'll show you my bedroom. I've got lots of teddy bears up there, you'll love them."


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