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A cat called Frog, Chapter two

I want your cock in my mouth

Gary rang from the pub and asked if I was free to go with him to the brewery to get a few barrels in his four by four.

"Their lorries can't even make it out Dave," he said, "And I won't get a delivery now until next week."

"Sure." I said, "Will you pick me up here?"

"Are you ready now?" he asked,


"Right, give me five then walk to the main road, I'll get you there."


"I'll have a shower and wait until you come back for my shave shall I?"

"Yes I won't be long."

She draped her arms around my neck and kissed me lingeringly.

"Don't," I protested, "Or I'll never go."

"Go," she laughed, "I'll be all nice and warm and cuddly when you get back."

I went!

The snow ploughs had cleared the main roads because of the buses and Gary pulled up in his Range Rover as I got there.

"We need three kegs of lager as well as a load of spirits, and because they missed their delivery day today, they can't get to me again until a week tomorrow," he grumbled, "Fucking useless, they are."

I made all the right agreeable noises and settled back for the ten mile trip to the brewery.

"Did Karen get home?" he asked,

"No mate she's still at my place."

"What about her parents, are they OK with it?"

"It's a case of having to be isn't it?"

"Yeah I suppose so."

The roads were awful, even though the gritters had been out, it had started to freeze again so black ice patches were everywhere making driving extremely dangerous. Gary was more than competent though and eventually we arrived at the brewery gates.

Picking up for The Black Bull." Gary told the security man and we were directed down to the shipping office where he was given a loading bill.

"Just give that to the loading foreman," he was told, "You'll be away in five minutes."

He was as good as his word, we were back out and on the road home easily within five minutes.

The big four by four handled a lot better with all the weight of the kegs on it and with some careful driving we were back at the pub within half an hour.

Gary went in and down into the cellar while I dropped the kegs down onto a heavy cushion, then at his shout, I pulled up the grating and man handled each heavy cask down the slide. Then I parked his machine up and slid down to help him get the kegs onto the thrawl.

"A good job well done." he announced and handed me a ten pound note,

"Thanks Dave," he said gratefully, "I appreciate your help, unless I ring you, tell Karen not to bother coming in, I don't reckon this fucking snow's going to stop today."

It certainly didn't look like it would stop as I made my way carefully back round to my flat, if anything it was coming down harder and the flakes were getting bigger.

She was right, she WAS all warm and cuddly when I got back, she looked sensational in one of my tee shirts over hold up stockings and her pale blue panties. Two steaks were on the cooker on a low light and she'd peeled some potatoes before cutting them into chips, nice and thick just how I liked them.

"I've been busy," she smiled as I kissed her, "I went back to the shop and bought some steaks as well as a few bottles of lager, want one?"

"What, a steak or a lager?"

"A lager, fool." she laughed.

"You know you've got a really sexy backside." I leered as she fetched me a bottle.

"Wow, Rolling Rock, it's my favourite lager, I'm impressed." and I was too, the aroma coming off the steaks was amazing and the first lager went down like a sinking ship.

"The razor awaits." she giggled and shimmied out of her panties before settling down on the sofa with a bottle of lager, I lathered her up slowly and enjoyed the way she squirmed under my hands.

"My bum too." she giggled and then gasped as I inserted a finger into her tiny rear hole.

"God Dave, you should charge for doing this, you make it so fucking sexy."

"I'm enjoying it." I smiled and stroked the razor over her lower stomach just above her slit. I took my time about it, so that when I finally announced she was free of any hair she was practically coming. Then of course I had to change the water to rinse her and when I came back with the clean water she was using the bottle on herself gently.

"I couldn't wait," she said breathlessly, "Hurry up and rinse me off."

I didn't hurry of course so the little minx upended the bottle and filled her pussy with lager.

"I bet you've never tasted lager this way before, have you?"

But instead of answering, I leaned forward and touched my mouth to her slit, she moaned in her throat and forced me down while she expelled it in my mouth and climaxed with a shuddering moan of delight. I scrambled out of my jeans and lowered myself down again.

"Ooh Fuck yes, you kinky bastard." she hissed and wrapped her legs around my waist as I entered her again, her cunt felt like a warm velvet glove as she gripped me and heaved herself back up at me.

"Harder," she gasped, "Fuck me harder Dave, oh God yes, I fucking love this."

I watched my cock going in and out of her smooth slit and I felt her squeezing me using her vaginal muscles. She used her hands to pull me down and kiss me while I tasted her tongue as it snaked into my mouth. Her breath was sweet and tasted slightly of lager as our mouths locked together.

"Do me doggy style Dave." she hissed and I pulled away while she turned round and presented her sexy little bum to me.

"Oh fuck yes." I hissed and pulled her backwards onto me.

She squealed and wiggled her backside a I thrust hard into her, we were making that horrible noise, almost like a wet fart, but I didn't care, this was wonderful.

I was fucking a sexy young woman who knew just hows sexy she was and who actually enjoyed her sexuality, that was the moment I decided this wasn't going to be the last time with Karen, not by a long chalk!

"Dave I'm cumming," she squealed, "Dave!, DAAAAAAAAVID."

Her squeal sent me over the top and I held her rigid as I came powerfully and we both collapsed in a heap gasping for breath.

"Christ, you're one sexy woman." I told her, "And I'm a hungry woman too." she giggled and ran into the tiny kitchen to turn the steaks and add the onions and mushrooms.

"The snow's still coming down." she observed as she cracked open two more bottles and passed me one and then in the same breath she asked if she could see my medal.

"Sure." I said and pointed to the top drawer of the cabinet beside the bed.

"It's in there." She opened the tiny box like it was going to explode and just sat there staring at it in awe.

"It's beautiful David."

"It's worth ten thousand pounds a year to me."

"How come?"

"That's the pension goes with it."


"Yeah, that's what I thought when I was told I was getting it."

She read the paper with it that said it was presented to Sergeant David Burton of the Rifles regiment by H.M. Queen Elizabeth 11.

"So you met the Queen?"


"What's she like?

"Tiny." I told her, "Small but lovely, she thanked me on behalf of the British people."

We ate dinner then and spent the rest of the day just lazing and watching crap television, it was about ten o'clock when she suddenly announced that it had stopped snowing.

"I'll just ring Gary to see if he wants me, you never know."

She did but he didn't, so we opened a couple more lagers and got into bed to watch even more crap on the box.

"It's Saturday tomorrow isn't it?" she observed and I agreed that it was.

"We'll both be at work at eleven."

I agreed with that as well.

"You could come home with me, take your medal to let dad see it."

"I could but he might think me pushy."

"Believe me Dave, he can't wait to see it, I know my dad."

"We haven't even spoken about a price yet."

"Trust me on this Dave, he'll open with a hundred thousand, but if you stick it out he'll go to a hundred and fifty, ask him to get a copy made for you, you know one that you can keep."

"I was originally hoping to give it to Poppy when she's older."

"Sell it to him with the provision that you can buy it back when Poppy reaches twenty one."

"Would he go for that?""I think so, he's over sixty now and he's not going to live forever is he?"

She rang him on her mobile and said that she'd be home in the morning.

"I'll bring David with me, with his medal." she lowered her voice then to a whisper and winked at me.

"He told me he wouldn't sell it for less than a hundred and fifty thousand daddy, got to go I can hear him coming back, bye."

I waited until she'd put her phone down before I rolled on top of her and kissed her, she tried to pull me closer but I slithered down and kissed each nipple in turn.

"Ooh I think this might be interesting." she giggled as I slithered further down kissing her stomach on the way, she squealed as I kissed the very top of her slit.

"Ooh David." and her legs parted almost of their own accord, I kissed further down and she jerked as my lips pursed around her clitoris, I sucked it and she squirmed. I felt her thighs sliding around my neck mashing her gorgeous little cunt against my mouth, her hands stroked my hair all the time holding me to her very core.

"Let me suck you David," she implored me, "I want your cock in my mouth."

I eased back up off her and as quick as a ferret, she turned round and her mouth engulfed me, she didn't use her hands, instead she cupped my buttocks and sighed out her pleasure as I wrapped both arms around her hips and pulled her cunt onto my mouth. 

Those funny noises again came from her throat as she dug her fingers into my buttocks, she was getting wetter by the second and I was loving it, I couldn't remember ever being as hard as I was that night, we rolled all over the bed lost in our passion. 

Karen wasn't just wet she was like a swamp, her juices tasted like nectar and I swallowed them all, I used a finger on her anal hole again and squealed round my cock that she was cumming, her hips were like a machine hammering against my face as I feasted.

I tried to tell her that I was cumming too and to pull away, but she just pulled my buttocks harder and she swallowed every drop I shot into her lovely mouth.

"Wow," she giggled as we lay getting our breath back, "You certainly know how to make a girl happy Dave."

"You're not so shoddy yourself." I laughed and got out of bed to switch the television off while she nipped into the bathroom. Less than five minutes later I drifted off to sleep with her head on my chest and her arms wrapped around me.

The streets were almost clear of snow the next morning but it was raining, typical English weather for the time of the year, we got into Karen's car and off we went to her place.

"Bloody hell," I said as we approached her house, it stood in about two acres of it's own land right out in the country, "This is a bit posh isn't it?"

"Daddy has his own law firm," she said matter of factly, "He's a high court judge too."

"And you're pulling pints in a grotty old boozer?"

"Yes." she laughed, "Daddy wants me to study law at university, but I like it at the pub and I especially like the people I work with, well, one of them anyway."

"Yeah I know what you mean," I smiled, "I work with a right little raver."

Her father met us at the door with a kiss for Karen and a very firm handshake for me.

"Welcome David," he boomed, "And thank you for taking my daughter in."

"You're welcome sir," I said politely, "Karen said I should bring my medal."

"Yes, oh yes of course, may I see it?"

"Can we get in the house first daddy?" Karen laughed behind me, "I'm freezing."

"What? Oh yes of course forgive me my dear."

He led us through the hallway into what I assumed was the library where a roaring fire blazed away filling us with much needed warmth. I took out my medal box and handed it to him, he opened it carefully and gazed at it like it was the Holy grail.

"I've been reading up on you David, it makes remarkable reading."

I said nothing.

"May I take it out of the box?"

"Of course." and I handed him the provenance as well.

"Oh, you met her Majesty I see."

"Yes sir."

"She takes a keen interest in you chaps, er soldiers."

"We all swear an oath to her on joining sir."

"Yes, quite."

"Not many live up to it like you though."

I said nothing.

"May I make you an offer for it?"

"Yes sir," I said, "But before you do, let me tell you the minimum I'll accept."

"Of course, please do."

"One hundred and fifty thousand pounds; a copy to be made at your expense for me and a written promise that it can be sold back to me in the event of your death, at what you paid for it."

He blinked twice and then smiled.

"Why do you want it back?"

"I have a four year old daughter sir, I'm hoping to win custody of her, I want to give it to her."

"Ah, so you were married?"

"No sir."

"You're very frugal with your words David."

"That's what Karen said." and I allowed myself a smile.

"No I didn't," put in Karen, "What I said was, it's like looking for hens teeth."

Her dad looked at her fondly and smiled.

"Yes, I see what you mean darling."

"What makes you think you'll have that sort of money when I die?"

"I want to buy my own pub sir and turn it into a high class dining establishment."

"Why not apply for a tenancy?"

"I want to own it outright sir, and I want your daughter to work with me in it."

I heard Karen's gasp of surprise behind me and added.

"But she'll be my wife by then of course."

Karen giggled which made me smile.

"So you're asking me for her hand in marriage?"

"No sir, with respect I don't need to, she's over eighteen now, but of course I'd like your blessing."

"And what happens if you're unsuccessful in your bid to gain custody of your daughter?"

"That can't happen sir, I WILL gain custody of her."

"Mmm, I see now how you became the youngest sergeant in the British army."

"If I see something I want, I go all out to get it sir."

"And you want my daughter?"

"Yes sir, very much so."

"What about you darling?" he asked Karen, "How do you feel?"

She came up to me and kissed me before linking an arm through mine.

"Well it's not the most romantic proposal in the world, but yes, he's a lovely man, I'll be pleased and proud to marry him."

"I'd better get my cheque book out then hadn't I?"

He sat at his desk and wrote out a cheque for the full amount and blinked again when Karen said she would be staying with me after work that night.

"I'll just nip up and get some clothes darling."

I'd obviously moved on from David to darling,

"If I'm going to inherit a ready made granddaughter, I'd like to meet her."

"I think we can bring her tomorrow sir."

He handed me the cheque and said, "I don't expect you to give me the medal until this clears of course."

"Oh I think I can trust you sir."

"Excellent, thank you David." He held out his hand and we shook warmly.



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