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A Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting

A long lost love found once again.

I was taking my usual walk in the park on a warm spring day. It was late afternoon when I saw her walking toward me. It was Rachel, whom I lost contact with ten years ago. As we approached one another, she recognized me.

"Jim, you haven't changed." She said as she kissed me on the cheek.

I told her she had not changed either as I kissed her on the cheek in return. Before I could finish asking Rachel to join me, she took my hand and we talked about what each of us had done over those lost years. Neither of us had gotten married as we both climbed the ladder of success.

Rachel asked if I remembered our last conversation.

"Yes, I do" was my reply.

She replied, "Then you remember me saying that you are a gentle, loving man. Do you still doubt yourself Jim?"

I told her that I do not doubt myself, but at the time, I just never had anyone say that to me.

"Well Jim, I am glad it was me then."

She pulls me close as I put my arms around her and we kiss. I let out a soft moan, telling Rachel that I was glad it was she. She lets out a soft moan as I am being pulled even closer in a tight Caressing me gently, she whispers that she has missed me.

I kiss her ear and gently bite the lobe as I whisper, "I missed you."

Pulling her tighter into me, I can feel her erect nipples press against me. Rachel tells me she can feel the heat rise within her as those soft hands slide down my back.

Breaking our embrace, I take Rachel's hand telling her to follow me. I lead her to a secluded place not far from the walking path but well hidden by trees and bushes where there is an old brick shelter. Once there I take her in my arms and cup her breasts.

Kissing my way down her neck, she reacts to my touch with a smile. Tilting her head to the side Rachel closes her eyes to my touch. A soft moan emanates from deep within her as I kiss my way back to her waiting mouth. Our tongues entwine in a sensuous dance, as we taste one another's breath.

I turn Rachel so her back is up against the wall. Continuing to caress her breasts and kiss more passionately, she deftly removes my shirt letting it fall to the ground. I move my leg between hers and slowly push between them. My thigh pushes up her skirt until it rests against a very wet pussy. She begins rocking her hips with ease.

Rachel tells me that she needs to feel me in her. Taking her fingers, she runs them up my arms and as I kiss her, she tells me that she is mine. Hearing that I kiss her passionately, she gently bites my lower lip. Her hand reaches down to release my hard throbbing penis. While my fingers find their way to her thong, pulling it to the side as I place myself at the entrance to her sweet, warm, wet pussy. Rachel lifts her leg up and as she looks at me. Taking my face in her hands, she passionately kisses me.

Nudging against me Rachel breaks the kiss and whispers, "Put it in Jim, I need to feel you."

I tell Rachel that I am hers and with that, I thrust my cock all the way in. I kiss her while looking into her eyes as I try muffle her moan so people walking by do not hear us. Then slowly, I begin moving my cock back out until only the head remains in her pussy.

The entry was so sweet it took her by surprise. The muffled moans from Rachel made her even hornier for my cock to go deeper. She moved against me by tippy toeing. I then reached down to pull her leg up. She hooks it around my waist as I move to hold her firm arse in my hands. She wraps her other leg around me as I begin thrusting in and out faster. At the same time, kissing you as I look into your eyes. I fuck her harder as we both moan out, not caring who hears us.

Rachel sucks on my tongue as her fingers grab my arse.
Then whispers into my mouth "Fuck me Jim, don't hold back do me here and now."

"Oh God!" she moans out as I grab her arse in my hands.

She tells me that she loves the full feeling of having my entire length in her pussy.

Our eyes never leave each other as we smile. The kisses become more passionate than before.

"I share this moment with you." says Rachel as her grip tightens around my penis.

Our breathing becomes ragged as we continue to fuck. I pull almost out and thrust back hard as her pussy tightens around me. Her head slips down as she rests it against my shoulder. Rachel nibbles on my neck then bites me so hard she may have marked me. I groan out not in pain but in pleasure as I feel my cock about to explode deep within her.

"Rachel, I'm about to fill you with my seed!"

My eyes never left hers as I kiss her back with all my heart and soul. Her legs tighten around me, their grip adjusted then tightened. Pulling her up higher while looking at me as we fuck.

While kissing and in between gasping breaths she shouts out "This, is too fucking good!"

"Holy fuck, I don't care I am in a zone where I want the end result to play as devils advocate without using protection." she said.

"Now, kiss me Jim and let’s make love."

I lower us to the ground and put her on her back and we slowly fuck. While kissing, I open her blouse to roll her taut nipples between my fingers and thumb. I then pinch and pull them as we make slow tender love. Looking at me her hand reaches for the clit as we fuck. Rachel tells me that she loves the sensation I am creating. My thrusts become faster yet gentle as she wraps her legs around me and pulls me closer.

 "I can feel your cock entering me with each thrust."

Telling me that her mouth is dry, I kiss her while the ground quickly heats to her body temperature. As it slowly begins to rise, my cock is sending shivers throughout her body. Her eyes close to the sensation while we moan out into each other’s mouths as we kiss. She moves her foot up along my leg to my butt and back down again heeling me and egging me on. Her hand finds its way down to her clit as I feel need approaching.

Looking into her eyes as we share not hurried but loving kisses. My cock begins to spew forth its seed as we cum together. Rachel pulls me onto her holding me tightly with our hands joined as we cum together.

We share very loving kisses as we catch our breathes. Rachel kisses my nose and I kiss her nose slowly moving up to her forehead then back to her nose. We held each other and Rachel told me she liked this reunion. I told her that I too liked the reunion.

Once rested I help her up and put on my shirt. We then continued our way to my place for a night of lovemaking. While we walked, Rachel told me that I was so sweet and gentle. She liked it that way, as there is a time and place for rough play.

We walked the six blocks to my condominium that has a ninety-degree view taking in the park, lake and the city. Upon entering, Rachel let out a slight gasp as she took in the sight before her. The large floor to ceiling windows gave an unobstructive view.

I took her on a tour, showing her the state of the art kitchen, the living room, the bathroom with large walk-in shower with multiple showerheads and a Jacuzzi tub. Then to the guest bedroom. Then I showed her master bedroom.

"Oh Jim, I love how a Jacuzzi massages the aches away."

Rachel enters the bathroom to get a better look. I come up from behind, taking her in my arms. As I Put my hands around her waist, she is startled from remembering our early encounter. Relaxing, she leans back into me as I slowly kiss her neck. My tongue trails behind and she lets out a soft moan.

Her hand reaches behind and feels my hips. Grabbing them and brings me against her. Rachel presses hard into me as her head falls back into my shoulder. Her fingers splay out over my arse pulling me in more. I reach down and undo her skirt, letting it fall to the floor in a puddle at her feet. My fingers find their way into your thong stroking your mound.

Moving her hands to the front of my trousers, she deftly unbuckles mine.

"Mmmm...nice, Jim."

Kicking her skirt aside, she widens her stance for my hand. I rub her clit in a circular motion. Then move the length of the slit allowing my finger to press between her folds. Rachel moves her arse in circles back against my cock. It pokes her in the middle of her back. A breath catches in her throat as that sends electric tingles throughout her body.

Mmm...Jim, I am getting wet again."

She tells me that she can feel our last love episode deposit starting to run down her leg. Gasping at my touch and kissing your ear, sucking the lobe in my mouth. Her toes dig into my shoes steadying her with the rhythm we are producing. I take my fingers; gather up the deposit running down her leg. Taking them into her mouth, she licks them clean. Rachel sucks on them, taking off the mixed juices from us. She bites them as they leave her mouth.

The palm of her hand reaches down and lightly presses against my cock through the boxers and then she squeezes.

"Mmmmmm" that feels so good Rachel."

My other hand unbuttons her blouse. Moving my hand from her pussy, I slip the blouse from the shoulders. Then down her arms letting it fall to the floor. I then undo the bra, releasing her breasts from their confinement. I move my hand back to her pussy as my other caresses the breasts.

Rachel dips her arse against me. All the while, her hand has released my cock from the boxers. I Kiss my way down her neck and turn her to face me. Once facing me, her head rolls against my chest as she feels her breaths deepening. We passionately kiss as I remove her thong.

Placing a hand on the back of my neck, she breaks the kiss. Rachel pulls me down further as her head tilts back. I kiss her breasts and roll the nipples between my fingers. Deliberately her hands remove the rest of my clothing. She kisses her way across my body. At the same time, she kicks off her shoes.

Her kisses work further down my body. Rachel then drops to her knees to cleanse my cock.

"Oh yes, Rachel that feels so good."

Placing my hands on her head, I pull her closer. I watch as she helps take my trousers and shoes off while having me in her mouth. She turns her head and licks under my sac. I watch Rachel as I hold her head in my hands. She looks up, smiles and then bites my cock head hard. I moan out in pleasure.

As she licks around my head she asks, "Do your eyes go darker blue when you are horny Jim?"

"They do Rachel."

Her hands gently part my legs as she kisses her way around my sac, then licks a flat tongue up my shaft.

"Ooooooh...Rachel, that's so good."

I tell her to stop before I cum. She tells me that I will not cum yet as she continues moving her tongue flat around the head. Then in one quick motion, she plunges down on my cock.

"Jim, you and I taste wonderful together."

 I reach down and pinch her stiff nipples. She sucks in my balls one at a time making her way up over my body. Stopping at the hipbone, she bites into the flesh. I pinch harder as she bites harder. Rachel moves up over my stomach. Kissing her way up towards my nipples where she bite, licks, sucks them to stiffness.

"Mmmmm...Jim, that does feel good".

She tells me that she will mark me as I pinch harder. I beg her to come up and kiss me, as I want to taste us. Feeling my need, she licks her way to my neck. Upon reaching my lips, Rachel licks them. They waited eagerly for this moment. I lick back and suck in her tongue, as I taste us. I kiss her hard and there we blend our juices together again. We moan into each other's mouths. While at the same time, rub one another's nipples hard.

"Mmmmm... Delicious, Jim."

She moans as I capture her tongue and suck it. Moaning louder when my hand reaches her pussy and primes it. Reaching toward my cock, her hands prime it even more.

"Jim, we are delicious together."

She feels precum on my cock and smears it with her thumb around the head. I do the same with her sweet nectar, spreading it along the lips and clit. Her pussy clinches my probing fingers and we can hear the noise as I piston into her. We stop briefly and move towards the shower taps. I turn them on and we let the warm water cascade over us as I pin Rachel against the wall.

She tells me that it feels wonderful. Pulling me to her, she grabs the hand held showerhead and soap. She kisses her way down my body as the warm water envelopes us. Only to stop at my stomach and hand me the shower head and soap. I aim it at her breasts, letting the spray stimulate her nipples.

At the same, she presses her body against the cool wall spreading her legs in anticipation of the spray. I take the bar of soap and lather her breasts. Taking it from me, she continues applying soap. I make sure to hit the nipples with the spray, then slowly Move down her body. Finally, I aim it at her pussy.

"Holy fuck, that on my pussy is sending shivers through me Jim."

Rachel keeps massaging her soapy breasts as I move the spray along the swollen lips and slit.

"Yes Jim, I like how the soap cradles my breast."

I put down the hand held showerhead. We let the warm water from above cascade over us. I once again pin her to the wall. Watching her body quivering in anticipation, I move my eyes up her body and look into hers. My eyes never leave hers as I reach out and push two fingers into her pussy. I take the hand held showerhead, aiming the spray at her clit.

Rachel pinches her nipples hard as she slaps he breasts. While I move closer, so my body holds her up against the wall.

Rachel moans out, as her knees buckle from the feeling of my finger.

She drops her head down to watch my finger thrust in and out of her. Taking a leg, she hooks it on my hip. Then thrusts her hips toward me and takes my finger deeper into her. Grabbing the back of my head Rachel kisses me passionately. Kissing her back hard, I thrust my tongue deep in her mouth. I then take the spray and aim it at her anal opening as I finger her. The spray is inches from her arse as it stimulates. Rachel releases a groan of pleasure.

"That is fucking hot, Oh God" Jim.

Grinding herself against me, she bites down on my shoulder. I moan out to bite harder. While my finger fucks her faster. She leaves bite marks along the collarbone. Then kisses her way up my neck and nips the ear lobe.

Rachel whispers in my ear ... "Jim, this is too good."

Pulling my finger from her pussy, my hand reaches for her arse and pulls apart the cheeks. I put the spray up against her anal opening, letting the warm water stimulate her even more.

Rachel I whisper, "You are wonderful."

She replies by biting my lower lip. While at the same time, her leg releases its grip on my hip. Tippy toeing towards me, Rachel kisses me hard. Her fingers find my arsehole as she whispers into my mouth! "Jim can I fuck you?"

"Rachel, fuck me!"

I return the hard kiss as I put the shower head down and move a finger to your arse opening and whisper, "May I fuck you?"

"God yes, fuck my arse Jim!"

My finger slides into the arsehole. I feel the sphincter muscle grip as I push in more as I suck your tongue into my mouth.

"Jim, my arse is moving towards each and every stroke you give me; you can have any part of me you like."

Rachel pushes a finger into my arsehole at the same time. She moves her finger in me to match mine in hers. Our fingers move together as our moans of pleasure fill the room. Her soapy breasts are pressed against me as we finger each other. The movements of our fingers increase in speed as we share a passionate kiss. Looking at each other’s eyes, they are wide and the colours deepen. We then moan out in pleasure as we cum together.

Rachel and I slowly remove our fingers from each other. She moans and frowns as she feels how vacant her arse is.

"Jim, I'm going to need you in me shortly, my pussy is on fire for you."

"Rachel I want your pussy, I want to be in you."

Pulling her to me, I take my fingers, moving them along the length of the swollen pussy lips. Mmmm...I feel her juices flowing from her.

Jim she pants, "Take me all now."

Opened mouthed and ready to be taken in anyway, I kiss her hard, biting the lower lip. She kisses back, biting my lip. I moan out as I lift her, bringing her pussy down on my throbbing cock. Rachel's fingers dig into my shoulders as she feels herself cum with this. I move her up and down on my cock until she reaches another orgasm.

Digging her heels in my arse, she leans her head back and screams out. I lift her from my cock as I press her into the wall. Her legs release their grip on my hips. Kissing her as I do, I tell her that I am going to fuck her arse. Looking at me, she nods yes and we kiss once again. I tell Rachel that I am holding back as I want to fill her arse with. I turn her so her back is to me.

Numb from her orgasm I reach around her neck, pull her to me and I lovingly kiss her. She slides down loving the cool wall as it reliefs the heat that she is consumed with. I move to the floor with her as we continue kissing. Then taking the showerhead, I gently bathe her with cool water. I kiss her gently and ask if she is ready for my cock in her arse.

"Jim, I am more than ready for you."

I help her up and turn her away from me. Standing, she spreads her legs and rests her arms against the wall. Bending down, she offers her arse to me. I take a soapy finger and slowly lube her. Her mouth opens and she moans out how she loves the invasion.

When she is ready I place the cock head at the opening. I whisper, "Rachel do you want it slow or in one thrust?"

Opening her legs further, she pushes towards me

"Mmmm...You feel so good."

Looking over her shoulder she reaches back, grabs my cock. Telling me to fuck her now. She pushes against me. With that, I thrust all the way in!

Her eyes closed immediately as the pain was intense. Once in I hold still for a moment to let her get use to me.

I tell her that I have wanted to fuck her for a long time. Then I start pumping slowly in and out keeping the head just inside when I pull back. Holding her breath, she then moves against me.

"And I wanted to fuck you from the first day we met." She said.

My breathing quickened with that admission as I feel my orgasm rising. She grabs the showerhead off the floor letting the warm water stimulate her clit. Reaching around, I fondle her breasts, and then pinch the erect nipples.

I release her breasts and place both hands on her hips. My breaths are quick as I move your hips, sliding you along the length of my cock. Rachel circles back onto me as I fuck her and her legs close to grip me more.

"Mmmm.... That feels good." Rachel.

"Yes Jim, I can feel that and I want it bad."

What a feeling as I continue pumping her arse. I move faster and harder as she takes the showerhead closer on her clit. Her hips are going wild against me, the moans coming from deep within her are getting louder. I can feel the water hitting my balls as I fuck her. She runs it back over me and the feeling is sensational.

She looks at me saying she is close and needs to have me hard. Now grunting with each thrust her animalistic noises fill the enclosed shower and the heat is not just the water.

I shout out, "Oh fuck yes!" almost toppling forward onto Rachel.

Her arse is moving as fast to keep pace with me. My orgasm is building as Rachel shouts, "FUCK!" dropping the showerhead.

She steadies herself saying, "I feel so hot and ready."

Rachel is panting so fucking hard that she can feel her body tense. I scream out if she wants me to cum in or out of her arse. She tells me not to fucking dare pull out, to leave it in because she wants to feel all of me.

My breathing becomes rapid as I approach orgasm. I leave it in and am ready to explode. I scream out that am cumming and Rachel shouts that she is too.

"I need your kiss, Rachel."

"Yes, kiss me as we cum Jim."

I lean forward and kiss her passionately while continuing to fuck her. She leans back telling me she cannot get enough of my kisses. I feel myself cum as I suck her tongue. Rachel moans out the she can feel me filling her up and pushes her arse hard against me. Even though I have cum, I am still hard and continue fucking your arse.

Her hand is on my arse as I fuck her. Her eyes are fixed solely on me. Mmmm...She kisses back and bites my lip.

"Fuck yes, the sensation is unbelievable and I want it to continue," says Rachel.

With that bite she cums again as her fingers dig into my flesh. I continue fucking her until I start to go soft. I love the feeling of being in your arse. She tells me it is fantastic and loves the feeling I give her. My cock slips from her arse and I gently lower Rachel to the floor joining her.

She has her hands on my arse as she sways against me. She leans into me looking up, telling me that she loves the feeling that I have given her. Rachel slides up against me wrapping her arms through mine. Kissing my chest, she then moved up to my mouth.

I look into your eyes whispering, "I love you Rachel, always have."

Our bodies on fire, I hold her in my arms. She nuzzles my neck as we lay under the cascading water. When our bodies have cooled, I turn off the taps. Helping her up, we step out of the shower and dry each other off. We walk hand in hand to the bed; Rachel removes her towel letting it drop to the floor.

She moves seductively over the sheets looking over her shoulder at me licking her full lips. She lets out a soft moan as she lies on her stomach. I reach over taking two pillows and place them under her hips so the firm arse and pussy are up high.

Reaching over to the nightstand, I take the lotion bottle and squirt some in my hand to warm. Rachel reaches out and tugs at my towel letting it drop around my feet. I then move to the edge of the bed. Taking a foot in my hand, I begin to massage slowly, gently.

"Mmmmmm....Jim that feels wonderful."

My hands travel up your firm leg to your inner thigh.


Then move back down only to repeat. With each pass, the fingers get closer to her slit.

"Oh Jim, your a tease." 

"Of course Rachel, I will tease until you thrash around the bed and beg me to run my fingers between your swollen folds."

"Mmmmm...Jim, put your fingers in me now!"

My fingers finally push slowly past her swollen lips. While at the same time I rub the stiff clit, then take the forefinger and thumb to pinch gently. I begin fucking her slowly only to pull out to spread the sweet nectar over her anal opening.

Rachel moans out, "Fuck my arse Jim!"

Then without warning, I push a finger just past the opening to her arse.

"Mmmm...yes, deeper please!"

My finger slowly goes deeper into her arse and the muscles clench around it. My other fingers move from her clit and thrust deep within her wet pussy. Rachel raises her hips to meet each thrust as my fingers move in unison.

She reaches under to pinch her stiff nipples. She takes her other fingers to rub her clit in unison with my fingers. Our fingers begin to move faster and faster as she pushes her hips up to meet my thrusts. 

Rachel screams out that she is cumming. The sweet nectar now soaks the pillow along with our fingers. I pull my fingers from her warm, wet swollen pussy. Looking over her shoulder, we watch each other lick the juices from our fingers.

She watches as I lean down and start to lick her slit and suck the swollen lips from behind. I coat my finger in her juices and push deep into her arse.

"Mmmm....delicious" she moans out while wiggling her hips.

Rachel pushes hard against my mouth and finger as I fuck her. It does not take long for her to bathe my mouth with more sweet nectar. When she cums, I press my mouth on the throbbing clit until she recovers.

"Damn...Jim, I haven't cum so hard in a long time."

Once she recovered, I kiss my way up her body and gently turn her on her back. My lips find hers as we share a gentle, passionate kiss. Rachel reaches down, pushes two fingers into the warmth of her pussy. She brings them to our mouths and we lick them clean never taking our eyes from one another.

Taking my hand in hers, we reach down and push once again into her pussy. Our fingers begin to fuck her as we continue to kiss until she orgasms. We bring our fingers up, then spread her juices over her nipples. Looking into each other's eyes we each take a nipple, licking the sweetness from them. After which we bite, lick and suck them. Rachel begins to moan and squirm, arching her back.

As she screams out to bite harder, she raises her hips. I reach down and fuck her fast and hard. When she begins to cum, I move slowly within her. Screaming that she is cumming, I thrust deep inside her until I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. We continue biting, sucking her stiff nipples.

When she has recovered I bring my cum covered fingers to her mouth. Placing them on her lips, I spread her juices over them. I then kiss her passionately, sharing her sweetness.

"Mmmm...Jim, I need to rest now."

We then lay, hold and caress each other for a while.

I get up to go to the bathroom and return a few minutes later. Taking her hand, I help her up and lift her in my arms. Rachel looks and smiles at me as I carry her to the bathroom. There before us is a warm bubble bath surrounded be candlelight. 

"How wonderful, Jim."

I help her in, then I get in behind her. She is between my legs with her back on my chest. I take the loofah sponge lathering her breasts and stomach in scented soap. Then move to her bare mound just below the water. Taking the sponge, I begin stimulating the clit as she is now caressing her breasts, pinching the nipples. Turning her head, we kiss. The sponge moves faster over the length of her mound. I push it just past the swollen folds of her pussy.

It is not long before Rachel is moaning into my mouth as she cums. I hold her in my arms as she recovers.

"Mmmm...Delicious, Jim."

When she has recovered, we get out; I dry her then carry her to the bed. I lay her on her back and apply lotion as I give her a massage. When finished we lay holding each other as we rest for the next love session.

Rachel asks "What about you Jim? You have yet to cum."

I tell you that this right now was all about you and that I can wait until another time.

Rachel replies, "I am not like that." Then she gets on her knees as I stand by the edge of the bed. She smiles as she goes down, taking my entire length all at once. 



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