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A Day to Remember part 1

A friend from out of town visits...
“So what are we gonna do today?” Derek asked. Derek is from out of town. He had never been to Tennessee before so, on his visit, I was trying to cover all the sites. Nashville was a hit, The Grand Ole Opry not so much. Not a country music fan, he tolerated it for me.

“ Dixie !” he called again. Derek traveled down the hall into the bedroom, two cups of coffee in hand. He heard the shower shut off as he sat back on the bed. He had a huge smile on his face as I exited the bathroom, hair in a towel and my robe on. “What?” I asked as I settled between his open, outstretched legs, reaching for my offered cup of coffee. “You’re so beautiful” he said. He chuckled as he saw the blush creep up from my neck to my face. I rolled my eyes, “Stop.” “No…get used to hearing it!”

I shifted against his legs and I caught a look in his eyes. My gaze traveled to where his eyes had settled, my robe had slipped opened. I bit my lip and giggled, “You’re so bad.” Derek leaned forward, took our cups of coffee and set them on the nightstand.

Our lips met. He tasted so good, pure sexual male, cream, sugar and coffee. I moaned as he pressed me back onto the bed, covering my body with his. Our tongues explored each others mouths, his hands caressing my face, mine threaded into his hair, pulling him closer. His mouth traveled across my cheek and nipped my earlobe. “Mmmmmmmm Derek…baby… you know that’s not fair.” My nipples hardened and pebbled against his chest. I pressed closer to him, needing to feel his touch.

I could feel his length pressed against my thigh, so I opened my legs and slid them around his thighs. “Oh hell Dixie ,” he muttered as my pussy cradled his cloth covered cock. He pressed his hips forward and our moans filled the room. Derek leaned up and opened my robe. His movements pushed his hard cock further against me. My teeth caught my lower lip as a whimper escaped my lips. “ Dixie …you are beautiful my angel.”

Our eyes met as he lowered his head to a breast and latched onto the nipple. His teeth bit gently as his tongue flicked the ring there. He groaned as my nipple hardened further in his mouth. My hand grasped his hair, holding him there, not wanting him to stop. He moved to the other nipple, biting harder. “Derek, oh Derek, more… please more.” I felt his cock grow harder against my pussy. He thrust his hips forward and the tip of his cock kissed my clit. My breath hitched and I moaned. “You like that baby?” he asked as he thrust forward again. My legs moved up and locked around his ass. “Mmmmmm, I guess you do!” “Don’t tease me Derek.” “Never… my love.” He thrust forward again, harder, his cock sliding over and over, again and again on my clit. Every thrust brought a moan. “Derek… oh my God baby… Derek… I… I…” “Yes baby, give it to me. Come on.”

He leaned over, as he thrust, and bit my neck. I screamed, my legs tight around his ass, my nails digging into his shoulders, “Derek… OH FUCK… I’m cumming!” My pussy flooded his cock, soaking his shorts. He reached back and quickly unhooked my legs and moved down between them. He threw them over his shoulders and brought my spasming pussy to his mouth. I cried out as he sucked my clit between his teeth. I thrust my still quivering pussy against his face. “Derek… oh fuck yes… again… I’m cumming again…oh baby!” His hands tightened on my thighs and hugged my pussy closer as he drove his tongue deep into my wetness. My juice gushed into his mouth. He groaned as it hit his tongue. He lapped faster, loving the feel of my walls squeezing his tongue almost as much as he loved the feeling my legs around his head.

Slowly coming down from two amazing orgasms, I gazed into his eyes, just visible over my mound. His eyes still held a wicked gleam as he raised his face and smiled. His beautiful face was glistening with my juice. He lowered my legs and I catch my breath as I felt his now free cock brush against my throbbing lips. “Kiss me Derek.” His lips met mine. I can taste myself on this tongue. I love how I taste in his mouth. My legs, again, wrap around his thighs. “ Dixie , oh God Dixie,” he sighed as he slowly slid inside. He looked deep into my eyes as he filled me. My breath hitched as he slowly filled my depth, stretching my pussy. I locked my legs around his ass, raising my hips to meet his. I whimpered as I felt his sac kiss my ass. I squeezed my pussy walls around his buried cock and was rewarded with a groan, “Fuck Dixie, you’re gonna kill me baby.”

I released my legs and lowered one and hooked it around one of his knees. I placed my hands on his shoulders and flipped him over onto his back. The surprised look on his face made me giggle. It was replaced by lust and desire as I squeezed my walls again. I rose to my knees and let his cock slip free. Wiggling down his thighs, I settled between his legs. I gripped his hips as my tongue flicked the precum shining on his slit. His hips shot off the bed and he groaned, “Take it baby…swallow my cock.” I rose to my knees, ass in the air, and swallowed that thick cock down my throat in one motion. One hand cupped his balls as I began to move along his cock, my tongue cupping his length.

I let his cock slip free from my throat and traced a vein down along to the base. “Oh Derek…we taste so good together,” I whispered against his balls. My words vibrated against his sac making him groan and thrust them towards my lips. I sucked one into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I moved to the other as I traced a finger down to his ass. Derek shuddered as my finger found his hole and his cock bobbed against my head. “ Dixie … fuck…” I smiled and rose to my knees. “Yes baby?” I asked as I traced my tongue back to the tip of his cock. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me up to his mouth, thrusting his tongue inside. Flexing his hips, he shoved his cock inside my pussy as I straddled him.

He placed his hands on my hips as I began to move up and down on his shaft. I leaned up and reached back, my hand caressing his balls. I rolled them between my fingers gently, then reached back further and flicked a finger over his puckered hole. His fingers dug into my hips as he bucked beneath me. “Fuck me Dixie !”

I leaned forward, causing me to rise up along his cock, and bit his nipple, flicking the bud with my tongue. I looked up into his eyes and slammed back down onto his cock. His hands gripped my hips tight, mine gripping his chest. Slowly I rose up and quickly I slammed back down, my clit riding along his cock. “ Dixie …” “Derek…” we said in unison. I felt him swell. His beautiful face, a mask of desire, on the verge of cumming. “ Dixie …oh fuck…I …I…” “Yes baby…cum for me.” My clit slid along and hit his groin. “Derek…cum with me!” He groaned as he felt my walls spasm and screamed as he shot deep inside me. I felt our mingled juices flow down my thighs and around his still buried cock. I collapsed onto his chest and he hugged me tight. “Good morning baby!”

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