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A Day to Remember - The Amusement Park

Alex and Sky find a mutual lust for each other on the last ride of the night
My name is Skylar. And yes, I know that’s usually a guy’s name, but do I give a fuck? Nope. I’m 16 and I have long black hair with bright blue eyes. I’m about 5ft 3 (yeah, I know I’m short), an athletic body (due to soccer, softball, and track), 34C boobs, and a tight ass.

My best guy friend Alex is 17. He has light brown hair, a nice toned body(due to baseball and soccer), and he is about 6ft. We have been best friends for about two years now, ever since we met at on a cruise. We hit it off, and have been best friends ever since. The only problem is that he lives about 6 hours away, and neither of us have cars, so we can’t visit each other very often. But then came a day where we finally got to see each other. My mom lent me her car to go up to see him. When he heard I was coming up, he planned an entire day at an amusement park. This is the story of that day, or at least the end of it ;)

After a long day at the amusement park, I was dead tired. But Alex wanted to go on one more ride.

“Come on! I’m tired! I want to go home and sleep!” I complained.

“No, not yet! There’s one more ride I want us to go on,” he said with a smile. I groaned and slowly followed him. We walked up to a ski lift that went over the park.

“Seriously?” I said sarcastically, “this is what you wanted to go on so badly?”

“Yeah” he said with a big grin.

“I’m going to fall asleep!” I said. He laughed and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the line. I sighed. Sleep was the only thing on my mind.

“You coming or not?” said Alex. I groaned again and followed him.

“Stand here and sit down when the car comes around please,” said the lady. I looked over at Alex who had the biggest grin ever on his face.

“It looks like you’re about to piss your pants with excitement!” I laughed.

“Maybe I am!” he said. I laughed as the car came around slowly. We sat down, then we were off.

“Isn’t this cool?” he said.

“Yeah sure, but promise we can go after this? I'm so tired,” I said.

“Promise. And if you’re so sleepy, then fall asleep! Who cares?” he stretched his arms out beckoning me to lay in them. I sighed and lay back. I heard him let out a sigh. Alex never sighed.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“No, why would you think that?”

“You never sigh and you just sighed.”

“Can’t a guy sigh?”

“Yeah I guess,” I said frustrated with the answer. I was hoping to get a substantial answer out of him. I lay back and closed my eyes. He started to softly stroke my hair. I opened my eyes back up and looked up at him. He smiled and I smiled back.

“Thank you for taking me here,” I said quietly.

“No problem,” he smiled back. We sat in silence for a couple minutes and then my neck began to hurt so I sat up. He looked at me confused. I pointed to my neck he nodded, understanding exactly what I had said. I put my head on his shoulder and his arm automatically went around me. I sighed and smiled. Inhaling his Hollister cologne. I looked at him again and smiled. He, again, smiled back. Then his face got serious and I looked at him confused. He began to lean in and I leaned in too. Our lips met and we began to kiss. His lips were soft like his kisses. Our lips moved in perfect harmony. He started to kiss more fiercely. His tongue slid across my lower lip, begging me for entrance. I smiled into the kiss, deciding to tease him a little bit.

“Let me in,” he begged. I shook my head and smiled. It let a quiet growl and began kissing me again. His had slid across my thigh down onto my ass. He squeezed my ass, making me moan a little. He slipped his tongue in, intensifying the kiss. I let my hand wander down his chest. I felt his abs through his shirt. They were rock hard and it just turned me on more. He continued to squeeze my ass and began to play with my tits. I moaned a little more and let my hand trail down to his thigh, careful not to touch his package. He moaned into the kiss. He grabbed my hand, trying to move it to his dick. I resisted and he groaned.

“Please stop teasing me, I can’t take it,” he said.

“Are you hard?” I asked.

“Of course I am!”

“Well you’re going to have to wait because the ride is over,” I smirked. He groaned again as the ride pulled into the station. We got off and I watched him try to hide is raging hard on. I grinned and walked in front of him, swaying my ass a little more than usual. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked. I felt an arm snake around my waist and I looked back. Alex was standing behind me looking at me with intensity.

“I’m so hard for you baby,” he whispered. I got wet at what he had just said. I shuddered. Then I got an idea.

“If you want me so badly, you’re going to have to catch me!” I whispered back.

“What?” he asked confused. Then I took off running. I heard footsteps behind me. I knew it was Alex so I picked up my pace. I ran all the way out to the parking lot. I looked back and Alex was several feet behind me. I decided to hid behind a tree when he came up. So I sprinted behind the tree just in time. He ran up to where I was just standing and looked around. He looked had a look of confusion and annoyance on his face. I smirked. I crouched behind the tree and giggled.

“Boo,” said a voice. I screamed and fell on the ground. Alex started cracking up while I was rubbing my butt.

“Ouch,” I grumbled. He walked toward me with that same look of lust and intensity.

“That’s what you get for being such a little tease,” he said in a low voice. With that, he grabbed my waist and crashed his lips onto mine. Our tongues danced together and I felt him get hard against my thigh. I stopped and pulled away.

“Come on,” I said. He looked at me curiously and I rolled my eyes. I pulled him back into a little clearing by the tree. There was a park bench and I pushed him onto it. I got on his lap and we continued to kiss. I felt his cock press up the fabric of my shorts. I moaned and began grinding against his hard on. I felt him shudder and then he grabbed my waist again and helped me grind against his cock. We both groaned and pulled away from the kiss so we could concentrate on the grinding. He suddenly pulled me down to ear level.

“I want you to suck me off baby,” he said in a raspy voice, “I’ve wanted it for a long time.” I sank down onto my knees in front of him and slowly unzipped him pants. They dropped to the ground and his 7 inch cock sprung up. I lightly touched his thighs and stomach, careful to never touch his hot cock.

“Please,” he begged, “stop teasing me.” With that, I put my mouth around his hard cock. He jerked up and moaned loudly. He threw his head back and groaned. I worked his cock up and down, plunging it into my throat ever so often. Suddenly, he pulled me up and pushed me down onto the bench doggy style. He slapped my ass and I moaned.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you?” he said. I nodded and he slapped my ass again. He rubbed my pussy through my shorts and smirked.

“You’re soaking wet. You love this don’t you?” I nodded again.

“Answer me please,” he said in a scary sweet voice.

“I love it,” I whispered.

“Good girl. Now I’m going to give it to you. Just what your pussy wants.” He yanked my shorts down and rubbed the tip of his cock around my pussy entrance.

“Please!” I begged.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me already!”

“As you wish.” He rammed his cock into my pussy, popping my cherry. I moaned out of pain and pure pleasure.

“Oh god,” he said with a staggering breath.

“What?” I asked in a quiet voice.

“It’s just. You’re so damn tight!” With that he began ramming into me at full speed. Ecstasy rolled through my body as his still pole rammed into me. We both groaned in pleasure.

“I’m going to come!” I screamed.

“Me too baby. Come with me!” At that moment, we both came. His hot load filled my pussy and ran down his cock. I bent down an cleaned off his cock. He smiled and I did too.

“I love you, you know that?” he said with a quiet smile.

“I love you too baby,” I replied.

“Want to do it again?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes. But you’re just going to have to wait.” Then I took off toward the car. Footsteps following me all the way.

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