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A Day With My Wife

Shopping trip with the woman I love ends nicely
I love everything about autumn; it excites all my senses:

The feel of the cool, crispness against my face
Taking in slow, deep breaths of clean air
The sound of leaves crunching underfoot as I run in the park
The wonderful colors of the freshly painted trees
The crackle of a fireplace, the smell of cooked apples
The taste of pumpkin-spice latte

My lady prefers the heat of summer:

Relaxing under the sun’s heat absorbing all it has to offer
The warm, humid air searing her lungs
Hot sand and the sound of crashing waves
Flowing sundresses and bare feet
The bright color of flowers and green leaves
The pageantry of festivals and carnivals

My lady hangs on to summer as long as she can. She wears short dresses and sandals well into the fall season, refusing to give up on the warmth summer. It’s almost November; the temperature outside reaches maybe sixty degrees. There’s a damp chill in the air as the late fall season thinks of winter. My lady is always chilly this time of year; her fingers and toes like popsicles.

One of my favorite things to do is shop with my lady at an outdoor mall that has unique little boutiques. I guess I’m not a typical male, because I enjoy her trying on different outfits and letting me see. I enjoy the expressions on her face as she experiments with different colors and textures. It allows me to see deeper inside her being as she discusses her likes and dislikes about a particular look or feel.

A few weeks ago we decided to make a weekend of it, and booked a nice suite at a local 4-star hotel. The morning was cool, but the sun was supposed to come out and warm the air, teasing us one last time before giving way to the snow and ice of winter. My lady knew this and took advantage by wearing her favorite sundress and sandals. The dress she chose is made of fine silk that lies on her body perfectly, showing every contour... knee length, a low cut front, and an open back. It’s full of vibrant reds, blues and greens; it screams “let’s have some fun”. She wore matching flat sandals, a pair of colorful earrings that dangled playfully, and matching beads around her neck.

As predicted, the sun came out and warmed our skin as we went from shop to shop. It was a delightful fall day. We had some wine as we ate lunch outside at an Italian Bistro. We had a wonderful time watching the people walk by; enjoying what was left of the good weather. I’m not sure if it was the wine, but our discussion turned to sexual pleasures and what we enjoy from each other.

As the day grew into evening, the chill of autumn’s night air caught up with her. Her silk dress and sandals invited the cold air, as much as it did the warm sunshine. Neither of us expected to be out that late in the evening, nor did we want the day to end, so I walked back to the car and brought her my jacket to wear. Between the jacket and the closeness of our bodies as we walked around, her body began to warm again. Finally, her sandaled feet got the best of her and our day ended. We meandered back to the car and went back to the hotel.

As we entered, she mentioned that her feet were frozen and a little sore. I told her to relax and sit on the couch. I took a seat on a footstool in front of her and began rubbing and massaging her cold, throbbing feet. I could feel the tension melting away, but they were still cold. I put one of them under my shirt to warm on my stomach, which instantly sent shivers up my spine. The other I held up to my lips and started blowing hot air from deep within my lungs. She seemed to enjoy that… a lot.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I started to feel the atmosphere turning sexual. It could have been her soft, low growls of approval or the fact that my hands were rubbing her usually ticklish feet. Whatever the reason, we both felt it. I alternated feet, and placed the still cold foot under my shirt while I blew hotly on the warmed one. She was getting a little too comfortable with this scenario, so I began blowing cold air. She noticed immediately and playfully kicked me.

I began alternating my breath playfully from cold to hot, and then I started kissing them. I really thought she would become ticklish and object, but to my surprise she seemed to enjoy it. Her feet were warm now, but she didn’t want me to stop. While I was kissing her big toe, she pushed it into my mouth and began moving it around like it was her tongue or finger. By her moans of approval, I knew she was being turned on by the unusual nature of what was happening.

I began using my tongue as well as my lips and breath. The sexual tension began to build from this and I found myself extending the area from her feet to her calves. Constantly alternating from using my moist tongue, cold breath, lips, hot breath… it was causing a primal reaction deep within her soul. As I blew cold air onto her skin, I could feel goose bumps form, then go away again as I blew hot air. I was careful to only touch her skin while I kissed her legs or when I allowed my tongue to taste her.

As I expanded my sexual canvas to her knees, I could sense her wetness. I could feel her groin and quads muscles contract ever so slightly as I played with her senses. At one point her back stiffened as if she wanted to stand up, but it was just an involuntary reaction to what I was doing to her. Hot and cold breaths moving her tiny receptors, an occasional lick, kiss or playful bites… all seemed to move her closer to sexual bliss.

I moved up to the inside of her thighs… the softest place on the planet. As I continued to tease her with slow, rhythmic movements, I could smell her arousal. There’s nothing like the scent of a sexually charged woman. She slouched on the couch to give me access to her secret garden, but I continued my slow assault of the soft tissue between her legs. As my nose brushed against her mound for the first time, I realized she hadn’t worn panties and I instantly felt a change in my arousal.

I could feel her begin to push her hips toward me as I breathed heavily on her sweetness. I knew what she wanted, but I withheld and continued my slow torture. As I tasted her for the first time, she her back stiffened up again and that same low growl made another appearance. As I separated the folds of her womanhood with my tongue, I felt a minor contraction. Then another as I ran roamed the length of her slit, from top to bottom.

I removed the footstool where I sat and kneeled in front of her as in worship. She brought her legs up and rested her knees on my strong shoulders giving me complete access to her. I was careful not to touch her clit while I slowly tongued her. I caught her trying to touch herself and pinned her hands to the couch. Every muscle fiber in her body was twitched as I alternated running my tongue from the top of her pussy to as low as I could reach, then plunging it deep within her. It was driving her crazy with lust.

The first time I touched her swollen clit, she bucked violently. Her grip of her legs strengthened around my neck forcing my face deeper. As I sucked the little nub in between my lips and rolled it between my front teeth and tongue, her orgasm exploded with such force that it ran down my chin. The sweetness of her juices mixed with the sexual aura in the room made me rock hard and she knew it.

She brought her lips to meet mine and kissed me deeply and passionately, tasting herself as if for the first time. She then grabbed me by the shoulders, rolled me onto the floor and said with a very wicked smile “your turn”.

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