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A Dream Come True

What if you suddenly realize you want to be roommates with benefits?
Tracy could not believe how good it felt to feel Eric’s breath on her cheek, the rasp of his skin against her face, the smell of his masculinity enveloping her as he dipped his head and nuzzled her neck. She ran her hands up his bare, muscular arms as he held himself over her. The sense of the strength and power she felt coursing under the tan skin gave her a tingle deep inside. She had wished for this moment for months and as he lifted his face to hers, she kissed him hard on the mouth, opening her lips to take his hot, hungry tongue in her mouth. The feel of it gave her an ache that started between her legs and then spread through her body. Eager to have more of him, she opened her legs wider and for the first time felt Eric’s throbbing erection press against her thigh as he pushed forward. A moan of desire slipped from her throat and Eric responded, moving in closer, the tip of his burning hot penis penetrating her glistening wet pussy. “Oh God,” Tracy cried, “please, more. More.” Eric obliged, sliding another inch deeper but then stopping, letting her throbbing vagina adjust to the size of his cock. She was tight around him and the thought of taking all of him deep inside her gave her a thrill that fluttered through her chest. The pleasure of him was exquisite and nearly unable to stand. Eager, she wrapped her legs around his hips and tried to pull him forward into her.

“Wait,” he whispered as he lowered his head to brush his lips across the tip of her erect nipple. His gentle touch burned like fire and she arched her back, pressing her breast towards Eric’s waiting mouth. She saw a smile play across his lips, loving every moment of her need, as he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it hard and hungry. Tracy felt a throb ripple through her breast and run like an electric current straight to her sex. Writhing now with the nearly overwhelming pleasure of her nipple deep in his mouth and his rigid cock barely inside her, Tracy clutched at Eric’s broad back.

“You’re teasing me,” she moaned happily. She heard Eric chuckle.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked playfully.

“No,” Tracy said quickly. “I never want you to stop.”

“Never?” Eric asked softly.

“Never,” Tracy answered dreamily.

“Okay, never,” she heard him say at the same time he pushed himself all the way inside her. The feel of it sent a shock of incredible pleasure through her and she cried out with delight. Eric responded by sliding back and then plunging himself to the hilt again. Tracy was amazed how perfectly he filled her.

“You feel so good,” Tracy cooed and raised her hips to meet his building rhythm as he stroked slowly in and out. The sensation of his red hot cock sliding back and forth along the length of her vagina was so intense and the friction of his body brushing her now aching clit had Tracy nearly out of her mind with pleasure. She wanted more and begged “Faster, faster.”

“Does it feel good?” Eric asked huskily.

“Oh yes,” Tracy whimpered. “I just want more, don’t hold back. Take me, Eric, take me.” This time she heard Eric moan as he picked up the pace and began to pound against her. Tracy knew they were both quickly building towards an orgasm and she could hardly believe this was all happening. It was everything she had ever imagined.

“Don’t stop,” Tracy cried, close now. She lifted her hips higher and clung to him when suddenly a sharp buzzing noise broke into the moment. “Whaaaa…” she said suddenly confused. Then her eyes popped open and in a blur of passion and longing, Eric was gone. The alarm clock continued to buzz noisily on the bedside table and with a cry of despair, Tracy slapped the snooze button. Quickly she squeezed her eyes closed and prayed she could go back to her dream. She still ached and when sleep didn’t welcome her back into its arms, she snuck her hand down between her legs and rubbed her engorged clit. She moaned into her pillow. She wanted to come so badly it actually hurt. She continued to rub, faster now and her hips started to buck in response. Finally she pushed herself to an orgasm, muffling her cry. It was a release of tension but otherwise completely unsatisfying on every other level. Frustrated, she flopped onto her back with a huff and stared at the ceiling for a moment before the annoying alarm clock began buzzing again.

“You couldn’t have waited one more minute?” she said to the digital clock as she sat up on the edge of her bed and clicked the alarm off. A gentle rap sounded on her door and then Eric’s sandy blonde head and cheerful face popped in to look at her.

“Are we talking to ourselves this morning?” he said with his typical good-naturedness. He was always cheerful in the morning. It was one of the things Tracy had begun to realize she adored about him yet it was the last thing she was thinking about as she stared at him. Visions of his naked body and the feel of him inside her made an ache shudder between her legs. Tracy pulled the coverlet around her, suddenly self-conscious.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “I… I was having a dream.”

Eric came into the room, a couple of hot mugs of coffee in his hands. He handed one to Tracy. It was laced with French Vanilla Crème, just the way she loved it. She gave him a half smile as she took it.


Eric cocked his head to the side. “You okay?”

Oh, you have no idea, Tracy thought to herself taking sip of the perfect tasting coffee. Out loud she said, “Just slept badly.” Eric grinned at her.

“Well shake it off, babe,” he said playfully ruffling her hair. “We got a big day ahead of us, remember?”

Tracy nodded. She remembered. Today, Saturday, they had both promised to clear their schedules so they could go apartment hunting together. She and Eric had lived together in a fun little two-bedroom for the last four years but now they found themselves in a dilemma. The building had been sold to a developer who was going to remodel all of the apartments and make them into ultra-modern downtown condominiums. Since their lease was up, they had been told politely but firmly that they had to vacate their current residence. Pronto. The entire situation was a huge downer and Tracy was more than a little depressed about it. She loved their zany, old fashioned apartment. Even though the floors were uneven, the pipes squeaked, and the heat never worked right, it was a place that had personality. Not to mention the ideal location. The Pearl District in Portland, Oregon was chock full of culture. Slowly becoming nationally renowned for its plethora of art galleries, chic shops, and hip restaurants, the area housing was moving quickly to give itself a facelift to accommodate the sudden onslaught of interested homebuyers. Lots were being cleared and beautiful modern high-rises of glass and chrome were popping up everywhere. Everything that could be renovated was being bought by developers and changed over to executive suites for the trendy, young and financially lucrative.

The renovation included Tracy and Eric’s building and she knew that finding anything in her price range in the immediate area was going to be impossible. What would she do without her favorite bookstore right down the street? And the little brewery three blocks away where the whole gang hung out every Saturday night? She sighed dejectedly. At least Eric had agreed to look with her and keep being her roommate if at all possible. It was hard to believe they hadn’t ever met until the day they decided to share a place. Tracy had been new in town and looking for a place that was cheap but near the city’s excellent public transit system. Cautiously, Tracy had answered an ad in the local weekly.

The apartment turned out to be exactly what she was looking for and the roommate situation reasonable. She moved in with Eric and his girlfriend, Sandy. They had the master bedroom while she took the extra. All three made due with sharing the apartment’s single bathroom. It had been a great arrangement until Tracy came home early from work one day and found the girlfriend Sandy sitting astride someone who was most definitely not Eric. A lot of drama ensued in the days after as Sandy pleaded with Tracy to keep it a secret. In the end though, Tracy could not in good conscious keep her mouth shut about what she had walked in on. Eric was too nice of guy to watch him be cuckold. In the end, Sandy had moved out and after much debate and budget crunching, Eric and Tracy had decided to stay in the little apartment and make a go of it as roommates. The situation had turned out to work well. The two of them were both tidy people who preferred good literature over bad television. Cheap spicy food and expensive bold coffee were dietary mainstays at their place. And over the eighteen months that is was just the two of them, a few boyfriends and a few girlfriends had come and gone, but strangely neither had been able to make a relationship stick for more than a few weeks. Of course, their mutual gang of friends always poked fun at them and their “platonic” relationship, but truly nothing but friendship had ever existed between Tracy and Eric. There had never even been a conversation about it, which was fine with Tracy or had been until lately. Lately, she found herself seeing Eric in an entirely different light.

She suddenly found herself noticing many wonderful things about him. The pleasant tone of his voice or the way his hazel eyes twinkled when he laughed. The way his hands looked so strong and confident when he kneaded bread dough on Sunday morning’s so they would have fresh bread for the week. Tracy felt a tingle play along her skin as she imagined his wonderful hands and how they might feel on her. Tracy closed her eyes and sighed. Things were most definitely different now. She didn’t know how or why, but lately Eric was all she could seem to think about. But does he ever think about me, Tracy wondered as she got off the edge of her bed and headed for the shower.

Apartment hunting was every bit as challenging as Tracy had worried it would be. The dozen places she and Eric had circled in the local papers were spread around Portland with the only common denominator being their relative proximity to public transportation. Neither Eric nor Tracy owned a car and they had every intention of keeping it that way. Bicycles, buses and trains had served their needs up until now. So, after showering, day-old but still awesome cinnamon rolls and two cups of fabulous coffee, the two of them had jumped on the streetcar and started the hunt. The first six stops had been immediate busts but the seventh place looked promising. It was an old house in northwest Portland that had been converted to small apartments. The landlord met them at the house and quickly showed them around. Outside had been wonderfully landscaped with a shared courtyard that connected to a large backyard which was filled with seasonal flowers and a small koi pond. Cement benches, wooden chairs and a hammock made the space incredibly calm and inviting. Tracy and Eric looked expectantly at each other. So far the place was perfect.

The house itself had been renovated but done so in a manner that kept its original appeal. The central stairway which lead up to the empty apartment’s landing was paneled with wood polished to a shine. The tall window at the end of the hall was edged with beautiful patterns of stained glass. As she waited for the landlord to open the apartment door, Tracy felt nervous excitement. She sensed a lot of positive energy coming from the building and had a very good feeling about all of it. This could be the place and in her anticipation she looked to Eric, who surprisingly was watching her with a small smile on his face. When she caught his eye, he raised his eyebrows in playful anticipation. Tracy smiled back broadly and without thinking grabbed his hand. Instead of withdrawing it like she thought he might, Eric instead gave it a squeeze and held on as the landlord opened the tall, ornately carved wooden door. With a wave of his hand, the nice old man ushered them in.

The apartment was wonderful. It was a perfect blend of old charm and modern convenience. The main living area was large and roomy with wooden floors, high ceilings and lots of windows that let in the soft natural light. The small kitchen was separated off from the main room with a granite topped island that provided a perfect workspace while keeping the room open and inviting. Tracy laughed as she saw Eric’s excitement over the recently updated state-of-the-art appliances. She could already imagine him cooking up baked goods that would make her mouth water while she kept him company on a stool at the island. It was all simply too ideal.

The master bedroom was also fantastic with a reading nook built into the corner flanked by floor to ceiling windows. A wall-to-wall closet took up one side of the room and Tracy clapped her hands in excitement when she saw all the built in shelves and organizers. Finally she would have a place to put all her shoes. Eric simply shook his head, wisely not making a comment, knowing that buying beautiful clothes and shoes were Tracy’s one and only vice. Luckily, she made it a quest to only buy things on ultimate clearance. Nothing pleased her more than finding an entire outfit off the sales rack at Macy’s and getting it for a song. She would rush home and eagerly model it for him whereby Eric would always politely tell her she looked very beautiful. Or did he really think so? Tracy wondered. Was he only being polite or did he find her attractive? Tracy pondered this as she studied the closet’s layout. Her eyes went to a small set of clever drawers and she knew those would be where she’d hid her delicates. Lacy little bits of lingerie that she had never modeled for Eric. Suddenly the idea of doing so made her feel warm and she felt a flush rise to her cheeks. Eric still stood next to her and she turned to him. What would he do if I suddenly came out one evening in nothing but a see-through cammy and lace panties, she thought. Eric seemed to sense a change in her as she watched his eyes widen a little and then turn warm as a smile played along his mouth.

“I take it you like it here?” he asked.

On impulse, she hugged him and said in his ear, “I love it.” They stood for a moment, Tracy’s arms around Eric’s neck, his hands resting on her hips. She definitely felt something new between them, a chemistry that had not been there before. It made her want to pull her body against him tighter but then she heard the landlord clear his throat softly from the doorway behind her. A little embarrassed, a little more disappointed, Tracy let go and stepped back. They faced the nice man who was showing them the apartment.

“We love it,” Tracy and Eric said in unison. Then they laughed and the landlord smiled.

“Good, good,” he said nodding. “Let me show you the bathroom. Everything has been updated. New tankless water heater in every apartment now. It’s very economical.”

“Sounds perfect,” Tracy said following the older man. “And the second bedroom? Which way does it face?”

The landlord stopped and turned back to them, looking perplexed. “I’m sorry. There is no second bedroom.”

Tracy looked at the nice man, feeling a sense of panic. “But, the ad…” She turned to Eric who had pulled the newspaper ad from his back pocket. He unfolded the pages until he could read the ad for the apartment. It clearly listed two bedrooms. He held it out for the landlord to see. The landlord shook his head sadly.

“I am sorry. That must be a typo by the newspaper. We only have one bedroom,” he said.

“Oh no,” Tracy said woefully. “But this place seemed so perfect.”

The landlord looked confused. “I do not understand. Are you having a baby?”

Now it was Tracy’s turn to look perplexed. “A baby? What are you talking about?”

“A baby,” the landlord said, “I assume you want a second bedroom for a nursery, yes?”

Tracy suddenly understood. She caught Eric’s eye and the two of them laughed uncomfortably. “No, no,” Tracy corrected the nice man. “We need two rooms because we are roommates. We need a room for me and a room for him.”

“You are not married?” the landlord asked surprised.

“No,” Tracy said awkwardly. “Nothing like that. Just friends.”

“Just friends,” Eric chimed in lamely.

The landlord just looked at them for a moment, then he scratched his chin and nodded. “Well, perhaps you can think about it. Here is my cell phone number,” he said handing them his business card. “I am leaving once we are done here and I won’t be back until Monday morning. No one will see the place until I get back. Call me Monday morning, let me know what you have decided.”

“But,” Tracy said, taking the card from the old man’s hand. She was confused. Did the man not hear what she just explained to him? She and Eric needed a two-bedroom. The old man waved off whatever else Tracy was going to say.

“Monday morning,” was all he said as he escorted them back out of the apartment and on their way.

Later that evening, Tracy and Eric sat with their usual circle of friends at their favorite brewery in The Pearl. Neither of them had had the energy, or the heart for that matter, to continue the apartment hunt after the nice old landlord had left them standing dejected and confused on the sidewalk in front of what they had moments before thought was the perfect apartment building. They had told their friends the sad story, using their normal Tracy-Eric tag team method where one would start the thought and the other would finish. One of their friends, a music arts major no less, had started awhile ago calling them by the nicknames of “Music” and “Lyrics” because they couldn’t seem to tell a story without the accompaniment of the other. When they had wound down the story of the perfect apartment that wasn’t, their friends laughed rather than sympathized. Frustrated, Tracy started to lose her temper.

“I thought we’d get a little more sympathy from you guys,” she huffed. “Not have you think it’s all a big joke.” Her friends quickly consoled her and Eric and apologized for not being more sensitive to their disappointment. Tracy’s best friend Pam put an arm around her shoulders and gave Tracy a comforting squeeze.

“Don’t be mad, Trace. We’re sorry for laughing,” said her friend. “It’s just that, well, we can see how the nice old man could make that mistake.”

Tracy glanced at Pam and then around at the group. Her eyes stopped at Eric for a moment but he was looking down at the table and fiddling with his empty beer glass. She turned back to her friend. “What does that mean?”

Her friend shrugged and looked to the others for support. “I mean, you and Eric here, you two make a pretty cute couple. Lots of people would make the assumption that you two are together.”

Tracy thought about what Pam had said. She honestly didn’t know what to make of it. What did it mean that people thought she and Eric were a couple when actually they weren’t? She again looked towards Eric, wanting to catch his eye, but he suddenly seemed very absorbed in reading the graffiti scratched in the tabletop. There was an awkward silence for a moment, and then Toby, the group’s most boisterous member, broke in and changed the subject. “So, on to more important things,” he interjected. “I have keys to my uncle’s house and permission to use the place for the weekend.” He held up a couple of keys on a ring and shook them. “He made me a deal, if I fed the cat and watered the plants, I could go hang out and soak in his hot tub. Anybody interested?”

“How far is it?” Pam asked.

“About an hour up interstate 84. Prime real-estate. You gotta see this place.”

“Little far for my bike,” Eric said smiling.

Toby clapped him on the shoulder and looked at the others. “No problem. Ricky’s got a car now. How many can you fit in that gas-guzzling SUV?” Ricky, Pam’s boyfriend, shrugged.

“I think I can get everybody in there.”

Toby smiled. “Anybody who’s going, meet me at Ricky and Pam’s. Fifteen minutes. Swimsuits optional, kiddos!”

The gang laughed, chugged back the rest of the beer and headed for the door. Tracy found herself beside Eric as they were playfully pushed and shoved out the door and into the night. The two of them turned towards their street. “You going?” Tracy asked with mixed feelings. The trip sounded fun and she definitely needed something to pick her up after the depressing day apartment hunting. She wasn’t sure if she’d want to go without Eric though. And then there was the thought of him in a hot tub. Tracy forced her mind to stop wandering and looked at Eric. He shrugged and looked thoughtful.

“I don’t know. You going?” he said.

“I will if you will,” Tracy said. Eric smiled.

“Well then let’s do it.” They made a dash for their apartment building to pack.

Toby’s uncle’s house turned out to be as amazing as he had described it. In fact, when they arrived, Pam had turned to him and said “This isn’t a house, Toby. It’s a mansion!” Toby had nodded and smiled.

“What’s he do to afford a place like this?” Ricky asked.

Toby shrugged. “Some head honcho dude at Nike. Pretty sweet, huh?” The group all agreed. The “house” ended up being an elegant multi-bedroom estate on a beautifully landscape acre with a stunning view of the Columbia River. Aside from having the promised hot tub, big enough for a dozen people, the place had a large swimming pool complete with rock waterfall and a swim up bar. Albeit the bar was unstaffed, but Toby quickly rectified the situation by raiding his uncle’s liquor cabinet and establishing himself as the bartender. Soon everyone was enjoying a cocktail. Normally Tracy stuck with wine or beer, but under the circumstances she let Toby fix her up something special. She had no idea what he put in the drink but before she was halfway through with it, she felt a little tipsy. The alcohol warmed her from head to toe and the heated pool caressed her body as she slipped through the water. Letting her natural buoyancy lift her, she floated away from the others and towards the waterfall. It was very pretty and she was admiring it when she sensed someone come up near her in the water. Tracy turned and saw Eric. He was drifting through water, paddling with one hand while another held a rum and coke. “Hey,” he said when he was close enough for her to hear him over the waterfall.

“Hey,” Tracy said back. Things had been a bit awkward since they had left the bar. The conversation about being mistaken as a couple seemed to hang between them. Tracy wished she could just ask Eric how he felt about her but at the same time she was petrified to find out. What if he could only see her as a friend? She sighed and sipped her own drink. They both floated in the water and looked at the landscaped rocks.

“Pretty,” Eric said, sounding a little slurred. Tracy gave him a closer look. His eyes were a bit glazed and he looked out of sorts. She reached for his drink and pulled the glass to her face. “Hey,” Eric said, surprised but slow. The smell of rum was strong.

“How many of those have you had already?” Tracy asked alarmed. Eric smiled weakly and shrugged.

“Oh Eric,” Tracy said with a gentle shake of her head. “What are you doing?” With an attempt at an innocent grin, Eric slowly pulled the glass back from Tracy’s grasp and finished it. Tracy sighed. She knew that Eric seldom drank. Generally he nursed a beer or two when the gang hung out but she had never seen him intoxicated. His explanation for it was simple. He did not like to feel out of control of himself. Now she wondered if she was the reason he had decided to throw caution to the wind. The thought of it made her feel perplexed. Was he drinking to get over feelings for her? Or was he just frustrated about the apartment? The whole situation was simply too confusing and Tracy decided maybe Eric had the right idea after all. Giving him a smile, she tossed back the rest of her drink and held out the empty glass. “I have no idea what Toby made me,” Tracy said, “but ask him to make the next one a double.” Eric happily took her glass.

Less than a half hour later, Eric and Tracy had transitioned to the hot tub. Ironically, their other friends had found other more interesting things to do. Even when Toby had briefly joined them, Ricky conveniently wandered by and challenged him to a cutthroat game of table tennis. As the night grew later, Tracy found herself completely alone, under the stars, soaking in soothing hot water across from the man of her dreams. Literally. The problem was she had absolutely no idea what to do about it. Tracy had only slightly slowed down on her drink consumption and what had started as a light buzz was now moving towards full-fledge inebriation. The thought of tomorrow’s likely hangover was not appealing but the liquid courage was very welcome. Giving Eric her most sexy smile, she asked him. “So, do you dare me to take off my swimsuit?”

Eric, who had prior to her tantalizing inquiry been relaxing with his head back and eyes closed, suddenly fixed her with an almost predatory gaze. Tracy had never seen him look at her that way. She found it incredibly exciting and it gave her even more courage to continue her tease. “Well?” she asked coyly. “No answer.” Eric slowly sat up taller in the water. He slipped his hands under the surface of the bubbles, never taking his smoldering eyes off Tracy. She watched with curious anticipation. What was he doing? Suddenly his hands surfaced and in them he held his swim trunks. Tracy’s eyes grew wide and he gave her a crooked grin before flinging them nonchalantly over his shoulder and out onto the lawn nearby. Following his example, Tracy quickly pulled off her swimsuit bottoms and threw them after his. She reached behind her back to unclip her top when suddenly Eric moved across the water and was pressing himself against her. His hungry mouth found hers and she kissed him passionately.

His strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her up so that she was straddling him as they floated in the tub. “Tracy,” he whispered into her hair when their lips briefly parted, “I want you. I want you bad.” Tracy moaned with pleasure to hear him say it. Finally knowing his desire for her matched hers for him.

“I want you too,” she whispered back, running her hand down his flat stomach and grabbing his cock. It was rigid, even after his drinking. Eric groaned happily. Tracy ran her fingers around his shaft and was thrilled to find that he was so turned on. She stroked him roughly in the water. He kissed her hard on the mouth, crazy with lust. She moved her hips down, wanting to push his throbbing cockhead inside her but he held her back. Tracy looked at him. “What’s wrong?” she asked surprised.

“I’m really turned on,” he said huskily, “I don’t want to hurt you.” Tracy smiled happily and pushed his hand aside. She ground her hips downward onto his cock. He gripped her body tightly to his and drove deep inside her. The movement was sudden and Tracy gasped a little from the rapid penetration. He was big and filled her completely. The feeling of being so full of him was exquisite. Tracy cried out with delight and Eric groaned deep in his throat. “You feel so amazing,” he said. “I don’t think I can stand it.” Tracy answered him by rocking her hips back and forth against him. His cock shifted slightly in and out as they bobbed in the water at the center of the hot tub. Her clit pressed against his lower abs and tingled fiercely. Eric stiffened. “Oh Tracy,” he said sounding overwhelmed. “That feels so good. I’m gonna come. I can’t hold it.” In answer, Tracy rocked faster against him, caught up in his excitement, eager to make him come. In a few moments, Eric shuddered and cried out her name as he climaxed. Tracy held him as his body slowly relaxed. Feeling warm and tender, she touched his face and looked at him, surprised when she saw his face filled with concern.

“What’s wrong?” she said, a hint of panic in her voice. Did he regret it already? she thought. He covered her hand with his.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “That doesn’t usually happen. I just…” He kissed her and held her against him for a moment before explaining. “You look so hot and I wanted you so bad.” Tracy smiled.

“It felt good for me too,” she said to reassure him. Unconvinced, he shook his head.

“Not enough,” he replied. He picked her up and with one swift move, took them both to the edge of the hot tub. “I can do better.” Unsure what was happening but sensing that it was going to be good, Tracy relented and let Eric take control. He set her on the edge of the hot tub. All of her except her ankles and feet remained in the hot water. With tender hands, and with his eyes locked on hers, he spread her knees apart. A warm nighttime breeze tickled across her naked clit and engorged lips. “Do you trust me?” he asked. Tracy nodded. “Then lay back and let me pleasure you.” Her eyes grew wide as she realized what he had in mind. He wanted to taste her. Tingling all over now, she slowly relaxed back onto the wooden decking that encircled the hot tub and waited.

Eric started slowly, gently brushing his lips over her sex and tickling her with his hot breath. Tracy moaned in anticipation. Encouraged, he teased her with the tip of his tongue, moving it in slow circles around her clit and then down to taste her hot moisture. Flicking his hot tongue in and out, she felt him penetrate her slightly. She twitched with excitement, barely able to control her body. “Do you like it?” she heard him murmur.

“Oh yes,” she answered with panting breath. “Don’t stop.”

Moving back to her clit, Eric used more of his tongue to lick deeper between her swollen lips. The long, hot feel of him tasting her was exquisite. She lifted her hips and he responded by going faster. Tracy, the intensity building, moved her hands to Eric’s head and gently grabbed his thick, wet hair. She definitely did not want him to stop. A warm glow of pent up passion began to grow from between her legs. She knew an orgasm, a huge orgasm, was close. Feeling her intensity mounting, Eric pressed against her harder, using his entire mouth – hot lips, firm tongue – to please her. Tracy felt a throbbing begin as her clit responded to the new friction. “Oh Eric,” Tracy cried. “Oh Eric,” she repeated as the climax started. She arched her back and her hips bucked up off the wood deck. She felt his wonderful strong hands grip her hips as he continued to suck on her clit. It was incredible. She screamed with pleasure, unable to contain herself. The orgasm was huge and coursed through her body in wave after wave. She’d never felt anything like it.

Slowly it subsided to a wonderful tingle. She felt Eric lift away from her and she reached for him. “I want you,” she said. “I want to feel you inside me again.” He moved closer, his body between her now spread legs. “Take me, please,” she begged, the feeling of moisture still clinging to her ready cunt making her hungry for him. Eric pressed against her, his body a perfect weight over hers. She waited for him to slide into her but instead he lay motionless. She felt his body tense, but she sensed it wasn’t from passion.

“What’s wrong?” Tracy asked, suddenly concerned. She looked into his handsome face and saw dismay.

“I… I don’t know what’s going on,” he stammered. Tracy felt him reach down for his penis. It was only at half-mast. He stroked at it, each movement becoming more desperate. Tracy suddenly understood what was happening. The alcohol and recent ejaculation had left Eric spent. With a gentle smile, she loving put her hand over his and cupped his cock in her palm.

“It’s okay, Eric,” she said softly. “It’s not your fault. All that rum has both of us worn out. Let’s just go into the house. I want to sleep in your arms, that’s all I want.” Eric looked at her, an array of emotions she couldn’t quite read flashing in his eyes. Finally he seemed to resolve himself to the unfortunate situation and gave her a crooked smile.

“Shall we play paper-scissors-rock to see who has to go get our shorts off the lawn?” he said at last. Tracy nodded and laughed.

The next morning Tracy awoke to an unexpectedly bright shaft of sunlight shining in her face. She opened her eyes and found herself in a strange bed, in a strange room. At first she was disoriented but then remembered they were all at Toby’s uncle’s house. She had drunk a lot and then gone in the hot tub with Eric. A warmth spread over her body as those memories came back in a flood. Smiling, she rolled over in the bed to find Eric but the spot where he had laid down beside her the night before was empty. She ran her hands over the sheets and found them cold. He had been up awhile. Curious, Tracy sat up in the bed. The movement sent a bolt of pain through her head. With a moan of regret for all the drinks she had last night, she rubbed hard at her temples. If I feel this bad, Eric must really be in agony, she thought.

Getting up slowly, she stumbled her way to the room’s adjoining bathroom. It was empty and she assumed Eric was down in the kitchen drinking lots and lots of coffee. Planning to join him straight away, Tracy looked through the bathroom’s medicine cabinet and found a bottle of Tylenol. Popping two with a handful of water from the tap, she checked herself out in the mirror. Considering the late night and poor consumption choices, she thought she looked pretty good. She had a bit of a glow about her and knew it had everything to do with Eric and their incredibly good lovemaking. He had been every bit the lover she had imagined. The memory of her intense orgasm under his hungry mouth gave her tingles not just between her legs but all over. Hopefully he would be ready and willing to have a go with her again, wherever he was hiding. Feeling better already, Tracy went to find her clothes and then to find Eric.

Finding Eric was harder than she had thought it would be. When she got to the kitchen, Pam was there with a couple of the others form the group. They all looked hung over. Pouring herself a cup of the strong coffee from the pot, Tracy asked about Eric. Pam gave her a knowing smile.

“I don’t suppose that was you I heard out in the hot tub last night? Sounded like someone was having a very good time,” Pam said good naturedly. Tracy blushed but then nodded proudly. She had nothing to hide. Eric was a wonderful, handsome, sexy man and completely unattached. Pam gave her a big hug in congratulations. “Well it’s about damn time,” she said. “You two are as about as right for each other as any two people I have ever met.”

“Do you really think so?” Tracy asked happily.

“Absolutely,” Pam answered while her other friends in the room nodded in complete agreement.

“Thanks, Pam,” Tracy said. “So, where is Eric? I thought he’d be down here with you guys.” Nobody knew. He hadn’t been in the kitchen that they had seen although all admitted to sleeping in pretty late. Ricky, Pam’s boyfriend, came into the kitchen. He headed for the coffee pot, looking worse for wear.

Pam looked at him and shook her head sympathetically. “You should never have let Toby coax you into those shooters. What was even in those things?”

“No idea,” Ricky mumbled grumpily. Pam rubbed his shoulders while Ricky guzzled the caffeine eagerly.

“I don’t suppose you know where Eric might be hiding?” Tracy asked. Ricky swallowed his mouthful of java and nodded.

“Yeah, he left,” Ricky said. Tracy was surprised.

“Left? How?”

“Toby. He found the keys to his uncle’s Porsche and wanted to take it for a ride. They asked me. I told them I was dying and to go without me.”

“Oh,” Tracy said, a little surprised. It seemed out of character for Eric to go joyriding, especially in a “borrowed” car with Toby. “Do you know when they left?”

Ricky shrugged. “A couple hours?” Just then they all heard a car come roaring up the circular driveway in front of the house. It came to a stop with a snarl as Tracy and Pam, followed by the group, paraded out to see what their friends, particularly Toby, were up to now. When they got to the expansive porch, Toby was climbing out of the expensive silver sports car. Eric was not with him.

“Where’s Eric?” Tracy said, starting to feel a hint of concern. Toby smiled and held up his hands innocently, his usual cavalier self. It was amazing that he could drink so much booze and still be fine the next morning. Tracy thought it was definitely unfair.

“Took him to The Pearl,” he said. “Dropped him off out front of your guy’s place.”

Tracy was confused. She shook her head. “Why?”

“Don’t know, pretty lady. Guess he had something to do,” Toby said. Tracy was worried now. Eric had left early, without waiting for the group. Left her particularly. What did it mean? She looked at Pam. Pam shrugged and gave her a warm, but definitely consoling smile. Tracy felt sick.

The rest of the late morning and afternoon drug by for Tracy. She could hardly stand waiting for everyone else to get ready to go back to the city. She had thought of asking Toby to take her, knowing he would probably do it if it gave him another reason to drive the sports car, but that felt too desperate. If Eric needed some time on his own, she would give him that space. It was confusing, certainly, but she believed he would have a perfectly reasonable explanation for his actions once she got home and could ask him. Eric did not do things rashly, Tracy knew. So she resigned herself to waiting as calmly as possible and not listening to all the doubting thoughts and groundless worries running through her head.

The group finally got back to The Pearl by early evening. They dropped her off first out of courtesy for her situation. Pam especially knew how anxious Tracy was to talk to Eric. Tracy had finally been unable to contain herself and had called Eric’s cell phone. The call went straight to voicemail and she knew he had his phone turned off. It had seemed a bad omen. Now, as Tracy climbed the stairs to their shared flat, she had butterflies in her stomach. What if he regrets last night completely, she asked herself. What will I do? I’ll just play it nonchalant, she counseled herself. No big deal, a little fun in the hot tub between friends. Tracy frowned. She knew she could never play it that way. Last night had been beautiful. It had been a dream come true. There was no way she could pretend that it wasn’t. Feeling completely confused, she opened the door to the apartment and went inside.

The apartment embraced her. It looked and smelled as wonderful as always. It was home and it brought her comfort in her confusion. As she crossed over to her room to drop off her bag, she heard the shower running in the apartment’s small bathroom. Tracy felt relieved to know that at least Eric was at home. Then she noticed Eric’s running shoes and MP3 player. They were where he always left them after going for a run. Undoubtedly that explained the evening shower and Tracy decided to drop her bag in her room and then start up a little soup on the stove. Eric was always hungry after a run and chicken soup would be good on their stomachs after last night’s abuse of spirits. She stayed busy in the kitchen, listening as the shower water turned off. After a few moments, Eric came out in a cloud of steam, a towel wrapped around his narrow, tight waist. Tracy had seen him in a towel over a hundred times but this time the sight took her breath away.

This time she noticed the glistening drops of water still not quite dry on his chest, caught in the wisps of hair that fanned lightly over his muscular chest. She saw the edges of tan lines faint across his strong shoulders and, unable to control herself, she looked and thought she could see the bulge from his impressive cock accenting the towel wrapped around his waist. Blushing, she quickly averted her eyes from his groin but not before the first hint of eager wetness blossomed between her legs. She couldn’t believe how attracted to Eric she had become. Searching, she met his eyes, hoping to see a like passion in them. That was not what she found. Instead Eric averted his eyes, seeming embarrassed to be caught off-guard and in a towel.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, “I didn’t hear you come in.” He moved towards his bedroom.

“It’s okay,” Tracy said, feeling hurt. His actions were so far from what she had hoped they would be that it brought a threat of tears to her eyes. She swallowed hard, resolving to act mature and not make a big deal of things. “I’ve made some soup. Can I pour you a bowl?” Eric looked conflicted. He seemed to want to say both yes and no. Normally he was always so at ease that the change left Tracy completely confused. “Hey, are you okay?” she asked, crossing over to him and putting out a hand to touch his shoulder. Eric met her eyes at last and she saw such a wounded look that she stopped her hand in mid-air between them. “Eric?” she whispered. “What’s wrong?” He held her gaze for a moment, and then made an attempt at his old haphazard smile. It was a poor replica of his usual grin but Tracy let it go.

“I’m okay,” he said. “Soup sounds good. Let me get dressed and I’ll meet you on the couch in two minutes.” Tracy nodded, accepting his lie.

Once they were settled with the hot soup mugs, Tracy got up the courage to ask Eric why he had left so early. He only shrugged, looking into his soup. A long silence settled between them. It was the most awkward Tracy had ever felt around him, even worse than the time she had found out his old girlfriend was messing around behind his back. It was unbearable and Tracy could sense that Eric was equally uncomfortable. Exasperated, Tracy blurted out, “For crying out loud Eric, what is wrong? You’re acting so strange.”

Eric frowned. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He didn’t elaborate.

“So that’s it?” Tracy asked. She needed answers. The wall she felt Eric putting up between them was hurting her. It was the last thing she wanted to have happen. Eric continued to stare into his soup, eating slowly. Finally the soup mug was empty and he set it on the coffee table. Tracy did the same, barely having tasted hers. Her stomach was in knots.

Taking a deep breath, Eric turned to her but still did not meet her eye. “You’re right,” he repeated. “I’m not myself. And… well, I wasn’t myself last night either.” He paused and Tracy felt her heart start to break. He was going to tell her it was all a mistake and that he didn’t feel anything towards her. Tears came to her eyes and she didn’t bother to hold them back.

“What does that mean?” she asked with a quaver in her voice. Eric finally looked at her then. He saw the tears and his face softened. It was the first real Eric look she had seen since she had come back to the apartment. Eric started to reach for her hands but then stopped. The look of awkwardness returned to his face. Tracy saw it and grabbed at his hands, grasping them in hers tightly. “Don’t tell me you didn’t feel something special last night. I won’t believe you. I know there was magic between us.”

Eric nodded but looked remorseful. “I’m not saying it wasn’t good. It was incredible. But we were drinking, I couldn’t…” his words rambled off to silence again.

“What?” Tracy asked, shaking his hands gently. “What is it, Eric?” Frustrated, Eric pushed her hands away and stood up. He paced around the small room.

“I couldn’t make love to you. Not like you wanted. And now you must think I’m lousy,” he said almost angrily. “Like I’m some half-assed lover who can’t keep it up.” Tracy stared at him. This was the absolute last thing she expected. She didn’t know what to say. Nothing could be further from the truth and here was Eric berating himself.

Tracy stood up and went to him. She stopped his pacing by putting her hands gently on his shoulders. “Eric,” she started, “you were an amazing lover. Amazing. I don’t know how you can think different.”

Eric closed his eyes and shook his head slowly. “No,” he said, “last night was not like I had wanted for you. When I imagined finally having a chance to touch you, I was going to make it special somehow. Not like that. Not with me drinking and going off in a minute before you could even catch your breath. And then after…” He covered his eyes with his big hands and moaned regretfully.

Tracy was frozen, her mouth half open in surprise. She was having trouble comprehending what Eric had just said to her. Did he say that he had imagined loving her too? She looked at him standing before her, his face covered with his wonderful hands. This sweet, gentle, strong man who actually felt sad that their first time wasn’t special enough? Tracy could hardly believe it. It was better than a dream.

“Oh Eric,” Tracy said at last. “Please, take down your hands and look at me. Look at me.” Eric slowly did as she asked. His eyes were soft and pleading for her understanding. Tracy felt a new bloom of love in her heart for him. “Eric, last night was special. It finally let me know how you felt about me. I didn’t know until you made love to me. Don’t you see?”

Their eyes met. “I’m sorry I couldn’t have let you know some other way, Tracy,” he said. “I was afraid you only saw me as a friend.” Tracy laughed. It was crazy to hear him say exactly what she had also been thinking and worrying about. Eric smiled, not completely sure about the reason for her gaiety but starting to catch on.

“We’ve been so silly,” Tracy said, putting her arms around Eric’s neck. She loved the feel of him as he slid his hands around her waist. “Our friends were right. We should have listened to them months ago.”

Eric lowered his face to hers. “Months ago,” he repeated, his voice getting husky. Tracy could smell the soap from his recent shower still on his skin as they embraced. It left her giddy. She looked into his eyes and finally could read the emotions there. He wanted her. Not like he had last night where lust had been the main force. Now she could see tenderness behind the smoky passion. “I want to kiss you,” he whispered as his lips slid gently along her cheek.

“Then kiss me,” she whispered back and he did. Gently at first, their lips just brushing. It was incredibly erotic and made Tracy eager with anticipation. She lifter her head higher and felt Eric’s mouth press tighter on hers. The heat of his lips on hers took her breath away. When he slipped the tip of his hot tongue into her mouth, a wave of desire rippled through her and she moaned. They broke the kiss for a moment as Eric lifted her off her feet and started to carry her towards her bedroom. “Where are we going?” Tracy asked playfully, her eyes shining with passion.

“I’m going to do this right this time,” Eric said determinedly. “But you seem to get me so damn turned on so fast I was afraid in a second I’d be on top of you out there on the coffee table.” Tracy laughed. She loved hearing him talk that way about her. Her!

“So we are going to try this in the bed?” Tracy flirted as he laid her down on the soft mattress. “What if I like coffee tables?” Eric grinned as he pulled his t-shirt off over his head.

“Then we will go there next. I want to make love to you all over this place.” Tracy liked the sound of that and pulled Eric down to her, running her hands over his now bare chest. There was no more need for talking and she kissed his mouth hard and hungry. Eric responded in kind, pressing his lips to hers and using his tongue to tickle and tantalize her while his hands quickly worked at the buttons on her blouse. In a second he had her shirt open and slid his warm, strong hands around her waist. His touch set Tracy’s skin on fire and she arched her back to give him access to the clasp on her bra. Concentrating for a moment on the task of unhooking her, Eric broke their kiss. Tracy used the moment to tease him by biting at his neck and ear. She felt him shiver with excitement. She knew he was extremely turned on and playfully slid her hand down his washboard abs to the edge of the loose shorts he wore. She slipped the tips of her fingers under the elastic and felt his body stiffen.

“You are making it very hard for me to concentrate,” he said under his breath, still working at the bra’s clasp. Finally it popped apart under his fingers and Tracy felt the lacy cloth loosen around her breasts. Eric wasted no time in slipping the bra cups up and exposing her erect and throbbing nipples. He put his mouth on one and Tracy cried out in delight. It felt so good to be sucked firm and hungry. Wanting to reciprocate, she slid her hand further into his shorts and was rewarded with the tip of Eric’s hard penis. He was fully engorged and Tracy suddenly wanted more than ever to feel his cock deep inside her. She realized now that she had been semi-aroused most of the day as flashes of her and Eric’s incredible night in the hot tub kept passing through her mind. Even when she was unsure why Eric had left, the physical ache for him had lingered. Now her sex lips were swollen and spread, slippery with desire.

“Make love to me,” she said breathlessly, “I want you.” Shifting her weight out from under him, she pushed at her panties with her free hand, working them downward. Eric helped and in a moment the underwear was free and on the bedroom floor. Now that there were no boundaries, she quickly guided his cock towards her glistening vagina. Eric held himself up over her and let her control the speed he entered her. She took her time, savoring the feel of him as he slid slowly deep into her, filling her with his hot, hard heat. Now they were connected and Tracy felt utterly complete as she wrapped her legs around his hips and squeezed. Eric moaned, his body tense and tight.

“You feel so good, Tracy,” he said softly. “You’re so tight, it’s so good.” Tracy responded by curling her pelvis even further upward so that she took his shaft to the hilt. The tip of his cock pressed deep inside her and sent ripples of pleasure through her body. Slowly, Eric began to move, sliding back and forward, using his cock to rub along the liquid walls of her cunt. The friction built, the intensity growing with each stroke. Tracy matched his rhythm, using her hips to rise up to him with every plunge and being rewarded with extra pressure on her pulsing, engorged clit. Their pace increased and Eric’s breathing grew heavy and deep. He was making love to her and Tracy could barely believe it was happening. It was all too much and unable to wait any longer, she let the waves of an orgasm loose to wash over her. The walls of her vagina pulsed and quivered along Eric’s hard cock, gripping it as she writhered and cried out in exquisite ecstasy. She was coming so hard it left her breathless.

“Eric, God Eric, how do you make me come so hard?” she whimpered happily. Eric responded by continuing to stroke her as she climaxed. His movement made her orgasm roll on and on until she felt entirely spent. Still he had not come and Tracy begged him to come inside her. “I want to feel you, Eric. I want to feel you come deep inside me.”

“Not yet,” he said and using his arms wrapped around her, turned them both over so that she was suddenly on-top and astride him. “I want you to come again,” he insisted, taking her hips in his hands and pressing her down against him. His still hard cock slid deep inside her, reaching new depths now that she was on top. The feeling of fullness was incredible and amazingly she felt her passion mounting again even though she’d just had a mind-blowing orgasm moments before. Resting her hands on his chest, Tracy began to rock back and forth over Eric. Now it was going to be a competition, to see if she could make him come before he made her. The two of them moved faster and faster, Tracy pumping up and down on his cock until the friction was nearly unbearably good. Finally she sensed Eric was at his limit of endurance to withstand the incredible sensations. He groaned and started to buck his hips even more, while at the same time holding her tight against him. “I can’t wait any longer, Tracy. I’m coming, baby, I’m coming.” Tracy felt him start to quiver inside her and the knowledge that he was melting into her body made her start to climax as well. Together they cried out, rocking and coming in unison.

Later, much later, as they cuddled naked under a blanket on the couch in the living room, Tracy looked at the remains of their coffee table. It had come to them second-hand so its demise was not significant aside from the means in which they had just collapsed it. Eric had playfully insisted, even after multiple episodes of lovemaking in her bedroom, that they cap the evening where they had began. Tracy, unable to resist the lure of Eric’s body and touch, had agreed. Unfortunately the low-end construction of the piece had not been able to sustain the weight of their two rocking bodies and with much laughter and one final orgasm for Tracy, of which there had been more than she could count, the coffee table was no more. They had crawled to the couch and laughed even more before falling into a quiet blissfulness. Sleep would be next, Tracy knew, but she resisted. She didn’t want this night to end. It had been everything and more than she had wished for with Eric. She sighed.

Eric heard her and stroked her hair as her head rested on his naked chest. “Everything okay?” he asked.

“Better than okay,” Tracy answered.

“Regrets about the coffee table?”

Tracy giggled. “No, not at all. I was never a big fan of it actually. Too clunky.” She felt Eric nod.

“Wouldn’t have looked right in our new apartment either,” he said. Tracy sat up and looked at Eric. In all the excitement and emotion of the last twenty-hours, she had actually forgotten about the apartment hunt and their predicament. Only now, she realized in a rush, it wasn’t necessarily a predicament. Not if Eric was willing to share a room with her. Share a bed with her.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” she asked, holding her breath. Eric gave her a grin, his face handsome, his eyes loving.

“I want be more than friends with you Tracy,” he said. “Will you live in that apartment with me?” Tracy could hardly believe her ears. Nothing could be more perfect. The wonderful apartment, the ideal guy.

“Yes,” she said ecstatically, “yes!” She leaned down and kissed him as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She felt warm and safe and happy. As she let herself drift towards sleep at last, she had a final thought -- dreams really do come true.

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