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A dream in a cabin

Tags: cowboy
A dream I had that I wish could come true
So, I had this dream last night, but it wasn’t any ordinary dream. It was so hot, it made me wake up to my heart pounding so hard and so loud, I thought it was going to break out of my chest. 

I was in the woods with a certain “cowboy” (I was even 4 sizes skinnier – an added bonus for me). It starts to rain, so we run into a nearby cabin. At first we were laughing, but then, the awkward silence ... . I couldn’t look into his eyes from being so nervous. He slowly backs me up against the wall and while holding my face, he kisses me. But not just any kiss. It was as if he was starving for me. 

I started to feel hot. I couldn’t tell if it were from the heat from the fireplace, or if it was just my body temperature rising. I could literally feel his hands gently running up and down my neck as he devoured me.
Next thing I know, he pins me against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist. My soaking wet dress bunched up at my hips. I can feel his arousal grinding into me, making me tremble. He runs his lips and tongue down my neck, nipping at my collar bone.
Holding onto me, he walks me over to the couch in front of the fireplace, slowly lowering me, never breaking our connection.
He gently pulls away, both of us gasping for air. I start to undo his shirt and his pants. He pulls my dress over my head and throws it to the floor. He pulls my face to another kiss and enters me slowly. He grunts as he gently pushes in to the hilt. My head falls back and he nibbles on my neck. I can actually feel him sliding in and out of me.

He has an arm wrapped around my back holding me to an arch. The sensation of his goatee scraping my neck and chin are exhilarating. I hold onto his arms for dear life as he thrusts harder and harder. My moans echoing off of the cabin walls.

He stops and puts his forehead to mine. Gasping for air, he whispers in his cowboy drawl "I want to taste you" and licks my lips. I feel a cool wave of it wash over me, giving me goosebumps. He kisses his way down my neck. Softly brushing his lips across my skin. His facial hair tickling me along the way. 

He grabs hold of my breasts with both hands, gently squeezing them and sucking my nipples. First one, nibbling and pinching between his lips, then to the next with the same attention. He rubs his hands down my torso, kissing and licking my belly. He gets down to my legs and kisses my hips to the side.

Gently pushing my legs up, he trails his tongue down the inside of my thighs, stopping just before he gets to my core. He pauses, taking in the site of me in complete submission, the site of my hot, dripping sex. He gently traces the outline of my lips with his tongue. Then he laps up from my core to my clit, making me fist the sheets. His tongue is hot and soft, and so strong. He sticks his tongue into my opening as far as he can, and without stopping, brings it up to my hood and starts to torture me with soft and hard flicks.

It feels like my body is ready to catch fire. I don't know how much more I can take. He pinches my clit between his lips, then gently sucks on it. I'm almost there. My body stiffens, I hold my breath. I can feel that wave of complete and utter pleasure wash over me, I'm ready to cum.............

And then I wake up. Out of breath, heart pounding, and horny and wet as can be.

And this cowboy......happens to be my mechanic......(bites lip)
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