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A Fine Romance....

Two sixteen year olds meet in a cafe, and begin a long romance of love....
From the first moment I saw her, she became my obsession, the love of my life. I may have only been young, sixteen at the time, and so was she, but sometimes you just know. That beautiful feeling that turns inside your stomach when you first see that person across a room, or walking by. She did that to me when I saw her sat there in that cafe. My stomach felt like it was running around in circles.

Her long dark hair, beautiful eyes that drew you in and captivated you, almost like you were put in a trance by her beauty. Those soft wet ruby lips, and a figure that fit her frame of her young body perfectly. I was sure she had noticed me looking at her, even though I had tried my best to not be seen, but in a room where only a few people were sat around, it was hard to stay hidden.

Myself, I was nothing too special, I wasn't what many would call a 'handsome' teenager, and was more the shy kind of guy, but when I saw her, it felt like that all went from me. My heart beat faster, as I saw her sat there, her legs crossed, arched back into the chair, reading a book in her hand. Her other hand reaching and raising the small cup to her lips, as she sipped the hot drink.

She occasionally glanced across at me, as I tried to quickly look away, but still, as we all do, trying to stare out the side o my eyes to see what she is doing. She smiled. Those lips that curved at either end, and almost a soft laugh inside, not anything sinister or mean, but a wonderful sense of laughter, almost a blush that I had been watching her.

After a while, as I sat there, drinking my coffee, she rose from her seat, took hold of her cup, her book, and bag, and looked like she was leaving. But, she walked across to where I sat, and stopped at my table, looking down at me. I glanced upwards to her soft face, smiling towards me. No one had taken much notice of me before in my life, no one of the opposite sex, but here, a girl stood close to me, and smiled at me. I felt uneasy, almost shaky inside my body and unsure of what may happen next.

"Hi" she said. "Mind if I sit down with you?" she followed up on. I shook my head, and offered my hand in gesture to take the seat opposite me. She placed her book and cup on the table top, and her bag on the chair as she sat down facing me. "My name is Julia!" she spoke, softly in her tone of voice.

"Hi, Steve!" I informed her as I reached across, and we shook hands. Her palms were soft to the touch, gentle.

"I don't usually do this sort of thing you know....?" she said to me, as my eyebrows raised a little. "How do you mean?" I asked. "You know, come over and talk to guys, strangers like this!" she told me.

"Oh." I replied, a little stupidly, not sure what to say to her. "I just, well, saw you checking me out a little!" as she softly blushed across her cheeks, and I swallowed hard, and was sure she noticed it. "Hmm yeah, sorry about that, I, hmmm...." was stuck for an answer to not make me sound like an idiot, but just stopping probably did that just as good to her.

"It's okay, I don't mind. So, Steve. You live around here?" she asked. "Yeah, just a few streets away, just a flat, nothing special" I said. Nothing special, way to make yourself interesting the thought jumped into my head. "Cool. Listen, how about we go back to your place for a bit, maybe have a coffee there, and chat and that...?" she said.

"Hmm, sure, okay yeah. I'd like that." I replied, smiling to her. I rose up, as she grabbed her book and bag, as we both exited the cafe and headed off down the streets, as she walked at my side. It didn't take long before we reached out destination, as I opened the door and we stepped inside.....
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