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A Get-Away Weekend - Part 5

On their way home, our couple can't stop from pleasuring each other ...
We lay in the grass for another hour, kissing and touching until it became a little to cool to stay any longer. We had enjoyed being under the stars as much as we had loved being together under the sun on that blanket just a few hours before. The only difference was, other than the obvious darkness, was that I actually loved you more than I thought possible about ten hours previously.

But as we lay there intertwined, that thought hit me so hard that I lost track of what you were saying to me as we kissed and snuggled. What would I do if you left me? You had become my life. Not just an important piece of it, you were my very life. All things other than you were simply frosting on my cake. My work, my family, my friends and hobbies … they had all become extras to the main attraction. And you were that main attraction. The center of my life and the only thing I truly cared about. My recognition of this fact, startled me. But the truth of it became instantly clear.

You put your hand to my face and asked, “Are you listening to me?”

“Of course I am, baby,” I said softly. “But to tell you the truth I was thinking about how much I want your naked body in that soft, warm bed upstairs. Don’t you think this would be a good time to go up there and let me slid in between those beautiful legs? I’m guessing that I can make love to you one more time before I pass out for the pure pleasure of this day.”

You rolled over on top of me so that I could feel your nipples on my chest. “Are you certain that you aren’t younger than me?” you asked. “I could very easily get in bed and be asleep in under five minutes.”

Glad that I was able to change the topic from what I had been thinking I said, “Then how about we see if we can’t both get into the shower, wash each others’ backs and then curl up together and go to sleep. We have to drive home tomorrow and I don’t want you sleeping while I drive.”

With your great big smile you said, “Oh baby, that sounds like a great plan, but do you think we can sneak back into the house without getting dressed again?”

We giggled at the thought of being so daring, but bundled up our clothes and tiptoed back into the house and up to our room. After you went into our bathroom to start the shower I stood there in the room alone thinking of all we had done and shared here in the past three days. I felt a little heartsick that we had to leave and return to the real world and knew that the fears I had felt just a short time ago would come back to haunt me again soon.

The next morning our friends had a big breakfast prepared for us and we complained that we would have to go home and diet for two weeks to work off the weight we had put on while visiting them. I noticed that Joe and Laurie gave each other a look that I took to say, “With all of the sexual activity that they had while here they needed the calories to support the energy loss.”

We sat and talked and laughed until about 10:30 when I insisted that we needed to start the drive back home. It took another thirty minutes of sharing hugs and saying things like they needed to come visit us and them telling us that we were always welcome, before we finally got our bags to the car. Again there was another round of hugs and kisses, but I was surprised that when it came my turn to hug Laurie she held me closely and whispered, “You should marry her … and soon. She is the one you have been looking for all these years. Don’t think about it too much. Just do it and be happy.”

She gave me a light kiss and said, “We love you. And now, we love you both. Please come back to see us when you can. You two made our lives brighter by being here and you will always be welcome.” I hugger her again, looked over to see you hugging Joe and assumed that he was saying something very similar to you. I held the door open for you, got behind the wheel and we waved as we slowly drove down the long road to the highway. Neither one of us saying a word, but I was hoping that you were as sad to leave as I was.

Driving Home …

We turned the car on to the little road, then another ten miles to the larger highway that took us back to the interstate highway that would take us all the way back to our home. It wasn’t until I pulled the car into the high speed of the interstate that you said the first thing since we had left Joe and Laurie. “I really didn’t want to leave,” you said. I watched you from the corner of my eye and you had not yet looked at me. You were looking out in front of us, but I knew that you weren’t seeing anything. Then you turned and looked at me. You reached out your hand and put it on my shoulder and said, “I didn’t want to leave, baby. I enjoyed every second we were there. I enjoyed all of the time that we spent with them, but I enjoyed every second I spent with you, my love. And I want you to know that I will never forget it and if I could get a wish granted it would be that we could stay there, as we were forever.”

“It was great, lover,” I answered, “But our holiday isn’t over yet. We have the drive home and it will just be the two of us. You know how much I appreciate the time that we have alone. And I’m thinking that when we get home I’m going to get you so sexually excited that you are going to scream in orgasm and our neighbors will think, ‘oh god, they’re back again … those sex perverts,’ and we’ll keep them up late one more time.”

You sat still and looked at me for a long while, then said, “So after all we’ve done this long weekend you plan more sexual activities when we get home?”

“I’d say it’s more of a promise,” I said with a smile.

“And I suppose that you already have some plan of action,” you said.

“Of course I do,” I said. “I am a profession type business man. I always have a plan. The first thing I ever learned in business was ‘Plan your Work and Work your Plan.’ And I have a plan.”

“Would you like to share it with me?” you asked.

“I don’t mind giving you the opening,” I said with a little chuckle. “You see, my love, I know you very well. You can tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to guess that very shortly after we get home and before you have unpacked your bag, you are going to want to get into that big tub of ours and let those jets relax you. What do you think? Any chance of that happening?”

You laughed put your hand very high on my thigh and squeezed it. “You are the devil I think,” you said still laughing. “I thought about that not more than ten minutes ago.”

“And what did you think would happen when you got into the tub?” I asked.

“Well,” you said slowly, “I had considered the possibility that you might want to join me.”

“OK. Try this,” I said very self assured. “While you are running the water and getting yourself all naked, I will be opening the bottle of wine that I put into the fridge just before we left. And about the time that you have your beautiful breasts floating in the water, I will be entering the room wearing nothing but a smile and carrying wine for two.”

“Do you know what will happen then?” you asked.

“I do,” I said smugly, “But I don’t want to spoil the surprise. However I will tell you that our bodies will be getting very close to each other and might result in us ending up in bed, clothes optional, rather early tonight.”

“You really have thought about this, haven’t you?” you asked me.

“Oh absolutely,” I said. “I put that bottle of wine in the fridge just before we left thinking that I wanted something good and cold ready when we got home so that I could seduce you one more time before our holiday weekend was over.”

You reached over and put your hands in my hair, gave it a light pull and said, “You really are amazing.”

“No, baby,” I said very seriously. “I’m just very much in love with you and always want to make our days together memorable. I don’t want you to ever be sorry that you chose to spend your days and nights with me. I want to be the love of your life.”

You didn’t say a word, but I could see you looking at me. I knew that look. It was your ‘I love you’ look and I wished that I could take my eyes off of the road and look into your eyes before I kissed you. Your eyes are so clear and always tell me what you are thinking. They tell me when you lie and when you are truthful. Those beautiful eyes have always been the window to your soul.

But I didn’t want to be so serious just then so I said, “And if you weren’t wearing those jeans I would have my hand between your legs and let you know how much I want you right now.”

I have to admit to being a little surprised when without hesitation you unbuttoned your jeans and as quickly as possible while sitting in a car and wearing a seat belt, pulled the jeans down and kicked them off onto the floorboard of the car. I turned my head slightly to see you sitting there wearing nothing below the waist but a beautiful pair of VS panties.

As I turned my head back to the road you said, “Do you want these off too so that you can show me how much you want me?”

I hesitated a second and then answered is a soft but serious voice, “No. No I don’t want you to take them off.”

Your tone sounded a little hurt when you said, “You don’t?”

I reached over and lightly put my right hand on your leg just above your knee. “No, my love,” I said. “I want you to open those lovely legs for me and let me feel the silkiness of those sexy panties underneath my fingers until I have them soaking wet. And then you can take them off.”

I felt you slide down in your seat a bit and open your legs as wide as possible in the confined space of my car. I slowly moved my hand up the inside of your thigh until I could feel the heat coming from between your legs. Then very lightly I ran one finger over the top of the silkiness of the panties between your legs and was rewarded with a moan from your mouth as you thrust your hips up against my hand.

I took another quick look and could see that you had your head back and your eyes closed, waiting for the pleasure that you knew I was going to give you. Again I lightly ran my fingers over your soft lips covered by the panties and again received a light moan. Softly I said, “I’m going to tease and temp you through these panties until you are soaking wet and then I’ll feel the silkiness of your pussy. So why don’t you recline your seat a little and enjoy the ride?”

I continued to lightly run my fingers over you feeling the heat grow between your legs and knowing that you were getting very aroused. I was enjoying the feeling of how easily my fingers slide over the panties, but wanting very badly to take them off so that I could see you and touch your skin.

“Oh baby,” you sighed, “That feels so good. I want to feel you inside my panties.”

“Not yet, my love,” I said, trying very hard to keep my eyes on the road. I put a little more pressure on your clit as I stroked you through the fabric and you thrust up against me urging me for more. For the first time I pushed my hand farther down so that I touch the outside of your vagina as I wanted to see how wet you were. You moaned again and pushed against my hand. I was beginning to feel your wetness through the soft material and knew that I had you close to where I wanted you to be, so I began to run my fingers up your slit from your wet opening to your clit, putting more pressure at the bottom and lightly brushing the top.

After a full minute of me running my fingers up and down I could feel that the juices from your pussy had completely soaked through your panties. I stopped and put my hand so that I could press one finger into that beautiful wetness as far as the panties would allow me to go. This time your moan was quite loud and you pushed hard against my hand. “Now?” you asked.

I took my hand away from you and said, “I want you to take your panties off now and give them to me.”

Sitting up just slightly you pulled them off and without question held them out to me. I took them, dropped them in my lap and put my hand back on the inside of your thigh. Slowly moving my hand up the inside of your leg I could feel your tension rise with each inch I covered. When I put my hand, palm down exactly between your legs with one finger just touching your pussy, you jumped excitedly and moaned once more. “Are you ready, love?” I asked.

“Yes, baby,” you said in a dreamy voice. “Please.”

I moved my hand down lower and then pushed a finger as deep as I could into your pussy. Even though I had been touching you for several minutes I was still surprised to feel how wet and hot you were. You moaned once again and pushed up against my hand and finger showing me that you weren’t interesting in any more play. You wanted me to get you off and soon. I moved my finger in and out of you several times, each time pulling it out slowly and taking it back over you to keep your clit covered in your juices. I began a steady in and out motion with my finger, each time taking it back to rub over your clit until the palm of my hand was a wet as my fingers were. On the in-stroke I pressed on your clit and on the out-stroke ran my finger over it. Each time your reaction was just a bit stronger, your thrust against my hand a bit harder and your noise a little louder. I wanted to stop the car and kiss you while you had your orgasm, but I couldn’t see a spot to do that without being seen by twenty or thirty cars.

Your sensitive parts were just soaked in your juices and I didn’t have to worry about hurting you, so I put my fingers where I knew you wanted them and moved them rapidly from side to side adding more and more pressure. You were almost bucking against me and I knew that you were close. “Watch me, baby,” I said to you. “This is so sexy I want you to see my fingers going into you. I want to watch this and cum for me.”

I quickly looked over to see you open your eyes and look down between your legs to see how my fingers were rubbing over your sensitive parts and plunging in and out of your pussy. Your eyes were wide with excitement.

“Cum for me,” I said again and you threw your head back against the seat, closed your eyes again and let out a gasp of pleasure. You closed your legs against my hand and quickly wrapped your hand around mind, holding my finger inside you, but not allowing me to move it any more. You held me there and I felt you thrust against me several more times before you were very still.

You remained very still for about a minute. My hand still covered you and my finger was still deep inside you. You were so wet that I knew that you were probably dripping on the car seat. I was thinking that your rosebud would be covered in your fluids and how much I would like to go there when you began a slow motion once again. You had a firm grip on my hand between your legs and you began to move your hips so that my finger was sliding in and out of you as if we were fucking. “That feels so very good,” you said in a soft and sexy voice. “Why can’t I have your cock inside of me?” you asked as you turned your head to look at me.

Laughing I said, “Because the state police frown on that kind of activity on the side of interstate highways and state owned rest sights unless you have a camper or a big ass truck. We have neither one and simply have to improvise.”

You sat up, but without moving my hand from between you legs said, “How do you do that to me? I would have never let any man do that in broad daylight and here I am hoping you’ll do it again.”

“Magic fingers, baby,” I said with a big smile. “I have magic fingers.”

“Based on what you just did to me,” you said, “I believe that you do have magic fingers. But when do I get to return the favor?”

“Well now,” I thought out loud. “That might be a little more difficult since I am the one driving. If you were to do something like that to me I might drive us into a hill or a river, neither of which being a good thing.” I pulled my hand from between your legs and quickly inserted my fingers into my mouth, making a moaning sound of my own. “You taste so good, my love.”

You moved your seat back up and leaned over to me. You put your hand between my legs and said, “You are very hard. Wouldn’t you like for me to unzip your pants and relieve some of the pressure?”

“Wouldn’t you like for me to keep the car on the highway?” I asked semi-seriously. “If you start putting your hands on me while I’m driving there’s no telling what I might do. You know what happens when you get me off. I don’t think that is really a good idea right now.”

You didn’t move your hand, but said, “Then why don’t you let me drive and then I can do to you what you did to me?”

“Hummmm,” I said. “Certainly a tempting idea. Let me think about that for a few miles.”

You started to unzip my pants and said, “Maybe I should help you make that decision with a little touching.” Since I made no move to stop, you finished unzipping me and began to slide your hand inside my pants, but said, “These pants are too tight. I need to loosen them a little.” And before I could react you had unfastened my belt buckle and unhooked the snap to my pants. “There,” you said, “Doesn’t that feel better?”

I was attempting to keep the car moving down the highway in a straight line, staying in just one lane, and you were putting your hands inside my pants. A wise man might have demanded that you stopped, but I’ve never claimed to be wise.

You moved your face close to me and whispered, “Why don’t you raise up just a bit and let me move those pants down just a little? It would make it so much more comfortable for you.”

One side of my brain said, “No. Absolutely No.”

The other side said, “Dumbass. Raise your ass up.”

I lifted up so that you could slide my pants down and then once again so that you could pull my boxers down, revealing a very erect, very wet cock, just waiting for some personalized attention.

You put your mouth against my ear and whispered, “I can see that you were wanting some attention,” and wrapped your hand around my hard cock. You kissed the side of my face while moving you hand up and down my erect shaft. “You like for me to do this, don’t you?” you asked as you continued to stroke me.

“Darling girl,” I said quite seriously, “I love for you to touch me. Any part of me. Your touch can send me into a frenzy and you need to be careful about what you are doing right now.”

Still with your mouth very near my ear you said, “What I would like to do is take you in my mouth and suck you until you explode in my mouth and fill me with your wonderful cum.”

My pulse raced at hearing those words from you and I was tempted to pull the car to the side of the road and let you do just that. But before I could make any kind of decision you started talking to me in soft tones, whispering in my ear as if you didn’t want anyone else to hear. As you stoked my cock with your hand you whispered, “Baby, I love the way you feel. I love to feel how hard you are when you want me. Oooh, look at this … look at this drop of dew at the end of your cock. It looks like a clear diamond just waiting for me to lick it.” And with that you took the head of my cock into your mouth and sucked up that fluid that had formed on my cock.

Your mouth was so hot and so erotic that I had to be very careful that with my driving. “Baby,” I said, “Let’s be carful.”

You pulled off of me and once again put your mouth near my ear saying, “I want to see you cum, baby,” as you put your hand back on me and once again began to stroke me. “You want me to make you cum, don’t you?” you said. “I know you do. Do you want me to suck you off? If you do, I will,” you said with your hand gliding over my stiff cock.

You and I both knew that I was very near orgasm. There wasn’t any point in me being clever and macho. I needed to reach my orgasm as you had reached yours. I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out the panties that you had taken off just a short time ago. They were still very wet from your own juices and I said, “Wrap these around me, baby. Then jerk me off and let me fill them with my cum.”

I think the idea excited you as much as it did me and you arranged the thin, sexy panties over my erection and began to jerk me off the same way you would if I was wearing a condom. The silky feel of the material against me wasn’t as good as being inside your pussy, but it felt very good.

“Are you going to cum for me?” you asked as your hand moved faster up and down my shaft.

“Yes, baby,” I said. “I’m very, very close. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Please, Baby. Please make me cum.”

And then the explosion went off in my head. I had just a quick chance to look into my rear view mirror and see that there was no one behind us and let off of the gas and concentrated on keeping the car in the proper lane. I felt the explosion between my legs. I felt the hot cum shooting out of me and into the thin, sexy panties that covered the head of my cock. I felt the explosion two, three, four and five times and could barely keep my eyes focused on the road ahead. In fact, I slowed down and pulled the car to the shoulder because I had not the ability to concentrate on the road ahead. With the car stopped I put my head against the headrest with my eyes closed.

After a while I opened my eyes to see you smiling at me and heard you say, “Oh my. Look what you’ve done to my panties.”

I didn’t look because I had a pretty good idea what they looked like now and said, “Maybe you should just throw them out the window and I’ll buy you some new ones when we get home.”

“But what will I do without panties?” you asked as if a damsel in distress.

I pulled your face to mine and said, “I’ve told you time and time again that you don’t ever need to wear panties. I don’t want that beautiful part of you ever covered from me. But if you want them, darlin’, I’ll buy you a thousand pair if I’m the only one that will be allowed to take them off.”

You looked at me with what might be described as a “wicked” smile and rolled down the window on your side of the car. Still holding my eyes with yours, you tossed your panties out the window and rolled the window back up. You said, “A thousand pair may be too many, but how ever many there are it will be you to take them off of me.”

You threw yourself around me and kissed me hard and long. “How long until we are home, Baby?” you asked.

“We can be home in about two hours if you keep me driving and awake,” I said.

“And then we have wine in the tub?” you asked.

“That will be the starting point,” I said. “We have one more chapter to play out in this weekend adventure,” I told you. “One more scene to play.”

After about an hour of driving we decided that we should stop and have something to eat. It was still early and even with a stop we would arrive home before dark. I remembered a quaint little dinner that I had seen once several years ago and we decided to try to find it and with the help of the GPS we were there in under fifteen minutes.

The place was old and interesting. The staff was certainly small town. The waitress called me honey and you sweetie. We enjoyed the meal and with the coaxing of the waitress shared a piece of their “world famous” apple pie. We took our time and talked without pressure to be anyplace at a particular time. After all, that had been the entire point of the long weekend holiday … to totally relax and enjoy ourselves and enjoy each other with no cares or responsibilities.

“Did you enjoy your weekend, my love?” I asked as we sipped coffee and picked at the pie.

You gave me the Big Smile and said, “I’ve enjoyed it so far, but I’m hoping it isn’t quite over yet.”

“It isn’t,” I said, “But I’m thinking that as soon as you walk in the door at home you are going to start thinking about what you will wear to work tomorrow and what you waiting for you on your desk. I’m just thinking that our mood will begin to change the closer we get to home.”

You reached across the table and took my hand in yours. “I promise that I am going to be totally yours until this holiday ends. And that will not be until tomorrow morning when we leave for work. I know what I’m going to wear tomorrow because I picked it out before we left home. It is in the closet and ready to put on. I am not going to pack a lunch because someone I love is going to take me to lunch tomorrow so that we can look into each others eyes and make silly love talk. So you just need to give that any thought, baby. The only thing I’m thinking about now is getting home and climbing into our special tub.”

I squeezed your hand and said, “Thank you. I guess it goes back to the days when we were both married and had so little time together. When I see the end of our ‘alone time’ coming I get a little moody and depressed. I guess it’s just a carryover from the old days and I need to get over that because you are with me now, just me and I want you to know that I’ve never been happier in my life. Not ever.”

“You’re just using that sweet talk to try to get into my pants,” you said with a laugh.

“Absolutely correct,” I said. “Because as I remember you aren’t wearing any panties. I believe the ones you had on got a little messy and tossed out the car window.”

“I thought that was very erotic,” you said seriously. Then lowering your voice so that no one could overhear you said, “Baby, I watched you cum. I could see you through the fabric of my panties and I could see your cum just shoot out and cover the material. It was so sexy that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. And you just kept shooting cum and I just kept stroking you. And then your dick was just covered in cum and I just kept stroking you. Just thinking about it I’m horny all over again.”

Keeping my voice low I said, “You darling, are the sexiest woman I have ever known. You make me bold and daring. You have always made me do things that I would never have dreamed of doing. And I don’t mean that you force me to do things against my will. I mean that I remained so crazed to have you that I will try anything at any time. You must have touched me a thousand times and I react to you each and every time.”

“Yes you do, baby,” you said. “And I love that about you. It makes me feel extra sexy that I can still have that effect on you. The very first time we shared a long kiss I could feel how excited you were in just seconds. And you are still the same way today. We have made love so many times and you have never lost the enthusiasm you had that first time that we were in a bed together.”

“Do you still remember that?” I asked.

“Yes I do,” you said softly. “I remember it very well. We were in my bed. We had stood beside the bed and you undressed me, then I undressed you. Then I lay down across the bed and you took off my panties, opened my legs and began to make love to me with your mouth. I remember how excited you were to be alone and have no time pressure on us. I think it must have taken us an hour to finish that first time and you were just covered in sweat when you finally finished. Yes, baby. I remember.”

“Well it took so long because I had to wear that damned condom,” I responded.

“Until you finally took it off and got on top of me. I was a little afraid that you were going to cum inside of me, but you told me not to worry. You were, as I recall, a little crazy at the moment and I was concerned that you even knew what you were doing. But at the last second you pulled out and came all over my belly. I remember being relieved, but it was also very sexy. There was no doubt that you wanted me then and that you wanted me an hour later. And if I hadn’t gone to sleep, I’m guessing that you would have taken me at least once more.”

“At least once more,” I repeated in agreement. “And that part has not changed and I don’t think it ever will.”

“What part is that?” you asked.

“The part where I can’t get enough of you,” I said. “I never have and I can’t imagine that I ever will. In the last three days we have had some amazing sex and here we are after having pleasured each other just about an hour ago and I am already planning our next episode. By tomorrow morning I will be thinking of some new way to make you moan with pleasure.”

“Have I ever told you no?” you asked.

“No, my love. I don’t think you ever have,” I said.

“Then what makes you think that I’ve ever had enough of you?”

“That is an interesting point you make, but I’m not buying it just because you haven’t said no to me,” I answered. “In truth you have said no to me many times, not in words, but in deeds. When you’ve walked away from me when you knew how much I wanted you. I know what you are going to say, and yes, I could see in your eyes that you didn’t always want to walk away, but you were being the responsible one taking care of business, or taking care that we weren’t caught or compromised. But I’ll say this, since we have begun living together you have never said no to me. If I can think it, you will do it. I can wake you up in the middle of the night hot with passion and you have never complained. We have made love, or sometimes it was just fucking like rabbits, in parking lots, on a golf course, in hotels, patios, bedrooms, bathrooms and even in our offices. And now we can add in the grass and in a meadow while a horse watched us.”

“Whatever,” you said, “But I still say that I’ve never said no and I will always want you just like I know that you will always want me. And I want you to know that is what makes our relationship so strong. We have little arguments that might hurt other relationships, but our need for each other is so strong it pulls us back together and we get over little spats. I can just think about your blue eyes and my panties get wet. Do you remember the day I called you at eleven in the morning and told you that I wanted to have YOU for lunch? Just thinking about you at mid-morning and I had to have you inside of me.”

“I do remember that, love. I do. I remember it very fondly because I was so excited that it was you that called and said you wanted me. And I remember driving home to meet you. I was so hard when I got out of the car that I had to cover the font of my pants with my jacket so that if any neighbors were looking they wouldn’t see it.”

“You need to know this, buster,” you said forcefully. “I am just as excited about you as you are about me.” Then you lowered your voice again and leaned over the table a little and said, “These aren’t pity fucks I’m handing out. You are an exceptionally sexy man and I would do you right now if I could because you excite me beyond reason. Now would you please pay the check so that we can get out of here? When we get to the car I’m taking off this bra so that you can touch my nipples. They are so hard right now that they hurt. Maybe your mouth can soften them a little. And I may have to take these jeans off too because they are quite wet now.” Then you looked into my eyes and I almost thought I saw a blush when you said, “And maybe I’ll put that skirt on that I was wearing yesterday so that if you want to touch me where I’m so wet you can.”

“If that’s what you want to do, baby, you certainly can, but do you need to be wearing anything?” I asked.

“Yes,” you answered rather forcefully. “I think that I have already entertained several truckers that drove past us and looked down to see what you were doing to me.”

I motioned to our waitress and asked for the check. Then turning to you I said, “We can leave as soon as I’ve paid the bill and as soon as this bulge in my pants is small enough to let me walk out the door without drawing attention.”

You laughed at that and in under ten minutes we were out the door of the dinner without drawing any undo attention. When we go to the car I moved us to a part of the parking lot where we could not easily be seen so that you could change clothes as you had said you wanted to do.

You managed to get the bra off without taking off your sweater and just as you said, when you had it off your nipples were showing through and, at least to my mind, needing some attention. When your jeans came off and before you got the skirt on I was very tempted to put my hands on you immediately. I do so love the way you look and as always, the sight of your hairless pussy makes me want to bury my face between your legs. But the confines of my car were not going to allow that to happen, so I just watched and admired.

Once you had everything on you turned to me with a satisfied look and said, “OK driver. Take me home.”

I leaned over and said, “Not until the driver gets a kiss.”

You put your arms around my neck and pulled me to your mouth. This kiss was instantly hot and passionate. In under a minute I had my hand up under your sweater and was holding your breast and stroking your nipple. You abruptly pulled away from me and said, “Damn it. Take me home. I want you to fuck me, not make love to me. I want you to fuck me so badly I can hardly stand it and we can’t do it here. So please, get this car in gear and let’s get home to our bed!”

I smiled at you, leaned back in my seat and put the car in gear. As we pulled back on the highway I looked over at you and said, “I’ll get us home as quickly because this is going to be a hot night at our house. But I want you to encourage me.”

“What kind of encouragement do you want?” you asked.

“Pull up the skirt and let me see you,” I said.

After you had pulled it up and I glanced over I said, “Now I want you to open your legs and put one of your fingers inside your pussy for me.”

Without saying a word you did exactly as I said and again I glanced over to see that you were slowly sliding your finger in and out. “Now,” I said, “Take that finger out and put it in my mouth so that I can taste you.”

Three or four more times you pushed your finger in and then took it out and held it in front of my face. I opened my mouth and you put it in. I closed my lips around it and sucked on your finger tasting what I knew so well and moaned with pleasure. When you finally took your finger out of my mouth I said, “I should probably have you get a toy out of your bag and entertain yourself while I’m driving, but that would distract me terribly and I wouldn’t want to wear you out before getting you home.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about either one of us tiring tonight, baby,” you said softly into my ear. When I put on my clothes tomorrow morning I hope that I’m a little sore from you fucking me all night.” I noticed that you put particular emphasis on the word “fucking” and I took that as one more indication that you were wanting some hard sex and I felt well qualified to be the one give it to you.

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