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A Get-Away Weekend - Part 6

On the last night of their get-away weekend the couple fills it with hot, steamy sex
We were about an hour from home and had not spoken for about fifteen minutes. I knew that I had been thinking about how I wanted to entertain you when we got home and I was hoping that you were considering the same things.

You broke the silence and said, “I really enjoyed being with Joe and Laurie. They are so very nice and wanted us to enjoy ourselves and relax. They gave us lots of time to be alone, but seemed to enjoy spending time with us as well. I hope we can do this again some time soon.”

“And I’m guessing that Joe will want us to come back soon as well,” I said.

“Why would you say that?” you asked me.

I laughed and said, “Because Joe told me that his sex life improved significantly while we were there.”

You seemed surprised and asked, “Why would his sex live improve because we were there?”

“As he tells it,” I reported, “The first night we were there and we took off for our bedroom, she took him into their bedroom and was all worked up about the way we looked at each other and she could tell that you were very … I don’t know if she used the word horny, but that was the drift. And as I recall, you were pretty worked up.”

“So,” you said, “He got laid because she saw that we were excited about going to bed?”

“That is what he told me,” I answered. “And he said it was the best sex he had had in a long time.”

“Well then,” you said with a smile, “I’m glad we helped them out and inspired them to have some hot sex.”

“And that wasn’t the only time,” I offered.

Now you were surprised and asked, “What other time?”

“You, of course, remember the meadow we were in for lunch and entertained each other for a couple of hours?”

“I remember it very well,” you said smiling again. “It was really wonderful.”

“Well,” I confessed, “Joe told me that it was wonderful for them also. He told me that they have a strong telescope in one of the upstairs bedrooms for their grandkids to use for star watching. He said that shortly after we left he went upstairs to see if he could see us and Laurie came in and joined him. From what I gather they could clearly see us and were taking turns watching us. When you started taking me in your mouth she got down on her knees and starting giving him head. And when we got down on the blanket and you were on your hands and knees and I was taking you from behind, after watching us for several minutes she ripped her clothes off, jumped up on the bed and demanded that Joe do her just like I was doing you. If I got the story right they then fell asleep just like we did and got up and dressed just a little before we got back.”

“I don’t know,” you said. “Should I be embarrassed that someone was watching us make love? Or should I be excited to think that we were so good that we inspired someone else to get naked and have great sex?”

I reached over and patted your leg and said, “I just know that Joe had a great weekend and I think he’ll want us back soon. But the next time we’ll have to check the room from a video camera.”

Then you leaned over close to my ear once again and said, “And then we’ll put on a real show for him, won’t we baby?” You kissed me softly below my ear and whispered, “Hurry and get me home. I am horny and I am going to have you in my mouth again. And I’m going to have you inside me in all kinds of positions. And maybe tomorrow morning you’ll be a little sore too.”

As I planned we reached home before dark. We were both relaxed from our trip and the drive wasn’t tiring, but we were anything but rested. While neither of us actually said anything about it, we were both anxious to get into the house and get our clothes off. I had been sexually teasing you for the past two hours and you had done a good job of getting me aroused also. I fully expected you to have the bath water running within ten minutes of getting inside the house. And if our conversations had been any real indication of activity, I expected to be very busy night of love making.

As we pulled into the drive and I cut the engine you leaned over and said, “Give me one more kiss before we get inside. The kind of kiss that will let me know what to expect once the door is locked.”

I turned and pushed you back into your seat, then leaned over and put my left hand into your hair and pulled you to my lips. My kiss was so hot that you broke away from me with your eyes wide. You looked into my eyes for a second, then put your hands into my hair and pulled me to you. Our kiss was smoldering. I had my hand up under your sweater in seconds teasing your nipples causing you to moan into my mouth. I quickly moved my hand away from your breast and down to your seatbelt and undid it. I moved away from you lips long enough to say, “Open your legs for me right now!” You did and since you had no panties on my fingers were inside you at the same instant that my tongue was back in your mouth. I kissed you like a madman and finger-fucked you with the same vigor then pulled my mouth an inch away from yours and said, “Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yes, baby,” you said very softly. “I think you answered any questions that I might have had. Now would you like to tell me your plan?”

I had stopped kissing you, but my fingers were still inside your pussy and as I talked to you I continued to move them in and out of you. Because your eyes were half closed with a look of total pleasure on your face I wasn’t certain that you heard me when I said, “I want you to take your small bag and go in the house. Leave the door unlocked for me and I’ll bring everything else in. Then I want you to take this hot pussy into the bedroom and make certain that there nothing covering it or your breasts and get them into the bathroom and into the tub. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, baby,” you said with a dreamy voice and reacting to my fingers. “You want me to go into the house and get naked, get into the tub and wait for you to continue to make me squirm with pleasure. Was that about it?”

I took my fingers out of you and put them in my mouth, sucking on them a few seconds while you watched. “I think you have the plan. Now get moving,” I said as I gave you a quick kiss. You were quickly out the door, took your small bag from the back seat and almost ran to the front door. I got the rest of the things that we had taken on the trip and lugged them into the house.

Inside I moved the bags close to the bedroom door, but didn’t go in yet. I checked to make certain that the air conditioning was on and would be cool enough for us by the time I got your naked body into bed. From there I went into the kitchen and pulled the bottle of wine that I had put there before leaving the house several days ago. It was a very good bottle of white wine, chilled perfectly and for the use I intended. I pulled to wine glasses and a chilling container and headed for the bedroom. Once inside I put the wine and glasses down long enough to rip off my clothes and toss them into the closet and find my bottle of little blue pills. If tonight was what I wanted it to be I was not going to take any changes. I was going to be prepared to fuck you all night long if that was what you wanted. I poured two glasses of wine, used my glass to swallow the pill and headed for the bathroom and my waiting angel.

As promised I entered the bathroom wearing nothing and carrying our wine glasses. The only light in the room was coming from the candles that you had lit and placed around the tub. The room was dimly lit and very romantic. You were lying back in the tub with your eyes closed and I would have guessed that you had one of the underwater jets aimed right between your legs based on the pleased look on your face.

I set the glasses down and leaned over to kiss you lightly on the lips, but you threw your arms around my neck and pulled me to you. It was a hungry and wanting kiss, making every part of me respond instantly. When you let go of me you asked, “What took you so long? I thought you had forgotten me.” But then you looked down and saw my already erect cock and said quite seriously, “Maybe you didn’t. And maybe you should get into the water with me and we’ll find a use for that.”

I stepped back and picked up the wine glasses, handed one to you and said, “Here. Take a sip of this and tell me what you think.”

“I think I want your naked body in this tub with me,” you said quickly.

“Humor me, OK?” I asked. “Taste it and tell me what you think.”

You shot back, “Taste what? The wine or your beautiful cock. It’s that hard thing that I want.”

“Hey!” I said. “If I acted like that you would accuse me of being a typical male and single minded. Taste the wine.”

You picked up the glass, but as you were moving it to your mouth you were still looking at me and said, “I am being single minded. And what I really want in my mouth is you, baby.” You looked up into my eyes and said, “I love to have you in my mouth. You taste so good and feel so excitingly wonderful when you are that hard.”

I didn’t say a word. I just stood there and raised one eyebrow. You got the message and took a small sip of the wine. That was followed by another larger sip.

“Oh baby. That is excellent. Have we ever had that before?”

“I’m glad you like it, sweetie. And no, we haven’t had it before. It was a special one I bought for a special occasion and that would be tonight.”

“But you said that you put it in to chill before we left. How did you know that tonight was going to be special? And what makes tonight special anyway?” you asked.

I put my glass down and started to get into the tub with you. “I didn’t exactly know that tonight was going to be special when I put it in to chill. Let’s just say that I had a feeling about it. And what’s special about tonight? Tonight it is just you and me. And tonight we will be in our own bed. Tonight we can make all the noise we want and can do any crazy thing we want. But mostly tonight you are in the mindset that I was wanting. Tonight you are thinking like me. And tonight will be dedicated to sex. Just hot, steamy, no-holds barred sex. And maybe I should say no holes barred sex. Tonight we are going to let go and enjoy each other’s bodies in any way we want to. We have had a beautiful weekend filled with love and fun. And now tonight we will cap off our holiday by fucking each other silly. Does that answer your questions?”

By the time I finished talking I had settled down into the opposite side of the tub and you had finished half of your wine. Your eyes were wide and you were simply staring at me.

I picked up my wine and took a sip, set it down and said, “Now get over here and kiss me.”

You set your wine down moved over putting your body on top and mine and attempted to swallow me with your kiss. The passion in that kiss reminded me of what I had felt when I kissed you in the car when we pulled into the driveway. It was smokin’ hot. We rolled around in the tub kissing, touching, feeling and stroking every part of each other’s body. We were both breathing hard we finally pulled our mouths apart.

“I want you in me now,” you said in a scratchy voice that was filled with lust.

“Not going to happen,” I replied. “Not just yet. I want you to sit up here on the edge of this tub and let me wash the road dust off of your magnificent pussy.”

You looked at me like I was a little crazy, but did as I instructed sat up on the edge of the tub. I moved my head between your knees and pushed them apart so that I could see you. “Now lean back against the wall, baby, so that I can do this right.”

Again you did as I said and I began to take handfuls of water and let it run down through my fingers and over your clit, down your slit and run over the opening of your pussy. I did this over and over until you began to squirm a little. I could tell you liked the way it felt and I didn’t really want to stop, but my tongue was getting as hard as my cock and I needed to taste you.

I ran some water over the inside of your thighs and then began to kiss them, right then left. With each kiss I moved closer to the tops of your legs and my final destination. As I reached the tops of your legs I began to run my tongue lightly over your skin and then as I neared the target I could feel the heat coming from you and I knew that everything I saw shinning in the candlelight was not water. I ran my tongue over your vagina’s lips and sucked very lightly on them. I ran my tongue around the edges several times and then ran it through the middle and as deep as I could go. That was when you put your hands in my hair and pulled me into you. I could hear you whimpering and saying, “Oh my god.” I pulled my face away from you and put my hand against you to feel the heat and your juices. When it was totally wet from you I pushed two fingers inside you and began to move them in and out, very slowly. And when you were beginning to enjoy that sensation, I moved my mouth to your clit and began to flick it lightly with my tongue.

I felt you stiffen a bit and I stopped, looked up and said, “Do you like that?”

Before you said anything you once again put your hands in my hair and pulled me back to where I had been and said, “Don’t stop, baby. That is so good.”

I didn’t stop. In fact I decided to elevate things just one more time. As I continued to flick your clit with my tongue, I pulled my fingers from your pussy and refilled it with my thumb, again moving it slowly in and out of you while I continued to lick your clit. Once you were accustomed to that change I took one of the fingers that was coated with your juices and pressed it against your rosebud. I applied pressure until it slid inside you and I began the in and out motion as I was in your pussy. I was giving you three different sensations and you hit overload.

“Oh baby!” you cried out. “Oh god,” you cried out in almost a scream and I could feel you trembling and you wrapped your legs around me, holding me in position as you were rocked with an orgasm. Your juices were dripping off of the thumb I had buried in your pussy. Your anal muscles tightened around that finger and your legs had my face locked in position over your clit where I continued to bathe you with my tongue until you grabbed me by the hair and pulled me away.

When you had stopped shaking I took your hands and pulled you back into the still warm tub waters. Quite limp, you slipped down until your shoulders were covered with water and the edges of your hair were wet. I moved close to you and took your face in my hands. I kissed you softly at first and as you began to respond, I kissed your harder and with more passion. After a short while I moved my face away from you until I knew that you were looking into my eyes and said, “Was that good for you?”

“No, baby,” you said, still sounding a little winded. “Ice cream is good. That was far more than good. It was breathtaking.”

“So then you enjoyed it?” I asked.

“Oh yes, sweetie. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I’m feeling a little numb.”

I kissed you again, this time more passionately and when I could feel you start to respond to me I pulled away again and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it because that was just round 1. I think there are a few more to go.”

“What are we going to do next?” you asked showing sincere interest.

I reached over and picked up your wine glass and handed it to you. Then I picked up mine and said, “First we are going to finish these glasses of wine. Then I will refill them and we will move to the next station in tonight’s sexual buffet.”

You sat up a little and sipped some of your wine. After a few seconds of staring at me intently you asked, “Do you know what the next station is?”

“I do,” was all I said.

“And when do we go there?” you asked.

“As soon as you feel like getting out of this tub and letting me dry your sexy body,” I answered.

“You are going to dry me?” you asked.

“That is correct. I am going to start at your shoulders and dry every part of you until I get to your toes. And when your toes are dry we will move into the bedroom.”

I expected you to ask another question, but you didn’t. You finished the wine in your glass and handed it to me. “This is empty now,” you said. “May I get out now?”

I finished my wine, set the glasses down on the side of tub and got out of the tub. After I had selected a large, soft towel I offered you my hand to help you out. Once you were standing outside the tub I turned you away from me and began running the towel over your shoulders and down your back to the top of your ass. Then I turned you again and toweled your arms, then around your neck, softly across your breasts and then down across your stomach and stopping just around your tattoo.

At that point I turned you around and got down on my knees and ran the towel softy over the backs of your legs and then instructed you to turn around again. When you were facing me I ran the towel down the outside of your legs and across your feet. Then I looked up at you and saw you watching me intently. Spread your legs for me, baby, so that I can dry everything.” You quietly opened your legs for me so that I could see your stunning pussy once again. I ran the towel down the inside of your legs and then reached toward your pelvic area and stopped. I looked up and you and said, “This part, I don’t want dry. This part I don’t ever want to be anything but wet.” And with that said, I leaned forward and ran my tongue over your most sensitive part. When I felt you shiver, I stood up and said, “Are you ready for bed now?”

“Is that where round two will be?” you asked.

“Yes it is, darling girl,” I said softly. “And round two is all about me. In round two that steaming hot pussy of yours is going to get a serious fucking and I am going to fill you up with the cum that I have been building up for the past few hours. I know that you will not reach an orgasm, but I promise that I will and you will enjoy it.”

You put your arms around my neck and kissed me. “I love it when you talk dirty to me,” you said with a big smile.

“Oh, you may hear some dirty talk later,” I said smiling back. “That was just a minor warm-up.” Then I took you by the hand and led you to our bed. When we got there I said, “Now I want you to sit right here while I refill our glasses. I don’t want you to move.” I walked to the dresser and took the bottle from chilling thingy and refilled our glasses. I walked back and handed your glass to you. We touched our glasses together and took a sip of wine together. I sat my glass down on the nightstand and you did also.

It was then that you turned and noticed that I had already turned the covers back and put the pillows in the middle of the bed. “Is this part of round two?” you asked.

“Yes, my love, it is. I want you to move right here,” I said as I pointed to the edge of the bed halfway between the head and the foot. You did as I said and then looked back up at me for your next instruction. “Are you still wet?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

You knew what I wanted so you opened your legs and while keeping eye contact with me slid a finger into your pussy, moved it in a out a couple of times and then held it up for me to see. I leaned over and put the finger in my mouth, sucking hard on it and then stood up and said, “Now I want you to lay back.”

You simply laid back with your butt right on the edge of the bed and your head was almost on a pillow. “Scoot back just a little, baby until your head is on the pillow.”

Once again you did as I said. With your head on the pillow you could look down and easily see that I was standing in front of you. “Open your legs for me, angel,” I said softly. “Let me see your treasure.”

When you did I stepped forward and took your ankles and moved them up onto the bed, exposing your still soaking wet pussy to me once again. I let go of your legs and stood directly between them. “I know you like to watch,” I said. “I want you to watch this.” With that I took my hard cock in my hand and began to stroke it slowly. You eyes were fixed on it and I knew it excited you to see me do it.

After several stokes I began to talk to you saying, “Now I’m going to put this cock into your wonderfully wet pussy. I’m not going to roll you over. I’m not going to get on top of you. I’m going to stand right here and bury this thing into you and fuck you until I explode. I want you to watch and I want you to think with your pussy. I don’t want for you to think of anything other than how good my cock feels inside you. Is that clear?”

With a very small voice you said, “Yes, baby. I’m ready and I want it.”

I moved next to you and took my cock in my hand. I rubbed it around the edges of your pussy and when it was quite wet from your fluids I ran it over your clit a few times. Then back to your opening and ran it around and around the edges until it was totally coated with your juices. I put the head at your opening and looked into your eyes. You were trying to watch my cock, but I wasn’t certain that you could see it all. I pushed the head in and you made a wonderful sound of pleasure. I moved it in another inch and you made the noise once again. Then I pushed it hard all the way in and we both groaned.

I stood there, deep inside you for a few seconds, just enjoying how wonderful you felt inside, how hot and how wet you were. Then I slowly pulled out completely and you made a noise of disappointment. But I immediately repeated the first process. First the head, then another inch and then buried. At that point I began to stroke in and out of you slowly and I could sense that you would have liked for me to go harder and faster, but that was not what I had planned. Once my cock was totally coated with your juices and sliding through you as if through silk, I pulled out to the edge once again.

“I wish you could see this, baby,” I said. “I wish you could see how wonderful it is for me to push my cock deep into you.” And as I said it, I pushed into you again and pulled out once more. “This is just so beautiful,” I said. “I may have to get a video camera so that you can see it yourself.” And again I pushed and pulled out to the edge. “Does it feel good, baby?” I asked. “I need for you to tell me.”

“Oh god,” you gasped, “It feels wonderful. Please don’t stop.”

“Don’t stop?” I asked “What do you want me to do?”

“Please don’t stop,” you said. “Please, baby.”

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I said seriously as I moved my cock around the outside of your opening.

I could tell you were getting frustrated with me and you half shouted, “I want you to fuck me!”

“That’s what I want to hear,” I said as I once again buried my cock deep inside you. I pulled back again and buried it again. And then I began a regular motion of long strokes, pushing deep into your and then pulling out to almost the edge. “Is this better?” I asked.

“Yes, baby,” you whispered. “Oh yes, that is so good.”

I picked up speed and went a little harder and said, “Is that better?”

Now you were a little louder, “Yes, baby. That is better. That is so, so good.”

Then I began to really hammer you. I was pumping into you so hard that your breasts were rocking back and forth with each stroke. “Is this more what you wanted?” I asked loudly.

“Yes, baby,” you said, finally understanding what I wanted. “Yes, baby. I want you to fuck me. That’s what I want. That’s what I’ve wanted all day. That’s it baby, give it to me harder. I want it harder!”

And that was what I wanted to hear. I wanted you hear you tell me that I was pleasing you and that it felt good. I wanted to know that you wanted me to fuck you just as much as I wanted it. Nothing soft, just pure lust running at full speed. I put my hands around your thighs so that I could hold onto you. I was going deep inside you and pulling out almost to the edge.

I looked down and saw my cock disappearing inside you and then reappearing and shinning with your pussy juices on it. Just the sight of it made me a little crazy. I looked up and saw again your breasts jumping up and down with the rhythm of my strokes and for some reason that lit my fuse. Suddenly I could feel that I was going to cum very quickly and I also knew that I was going to cum hard.

“I’m cuming, baby,” I told you. “Hold on, this is going to be a flood.”

And then you said the magic words, “Cum for me, baby. Cum in me.”

I felt like my knees were going to buckle on me. The orgasm was so strong that I couldn’t believe it. Hot cum came shooting out of me and continued over and over again. I continued to push into you, not wanting it to stop, but not believing that it wouldn’t. There was so much of it that it began to gush out of you as I stroked. It was running down your legs and dripping off of my balls … and I continued to move. My body just did not want to stop this heavenly feeling.

Finally I stopped and pulled out of you. I looked down between your legs to see my cum flowing out of you and running down and covering your ass. Something inside me lit another fire and I put a finger into your dripping pussy, soaking it my own cum and then put it against your rosebud that was already covered with it. Without hesitation I pushed that wet finger into you and said. “Can you see that my cock is still hard? I may just take you in the ass right now.” I slid the finger in and out of your ass a few times and then realized that it was just crazy talk and that I didn’t have the strength for that right now.

You held out your hands to me and said, “Come lay down beside me, lover. You are hot and sweaty and I think that round three can wait a bit.”

I dropped down beside you and you quickly rolled over on top of me, kissing me and saying, “That was so good. I think that you knew all day that I wanted that. Just hot and hard. Thank you, baby.” You kissed me again, more tender this time and said, “I love you so much. Do you think there will be a round three?”

“Well,” I said, “It’s just like going to a boxing match. There is always a rest period between the rounds. We’ll have a little more wine and a little rest and then we’ll start a new round.”

You kissed me by my ear and whispered, “In which round is it that I get you to cum in my mouth?”

“That could happen in any round after number two,” I said with a laugh. “I knew what was going to happen just then and you would have drowned in all the juice I shot. The next one will be far less and more enjoyable if that is what you really want.”

“I want that, baby,” you whispered. “I do love it and I want to do it for you as much as for me.”

We readjusted ourselves on the bed so that our heads were now beside the headboard. We propped ourselves up and sipped at our wine talking softly and exchanging soft kisses. When the glasses were empty and you set yours down you turned and asked, “Do you want to tell me about round three now?”

“The lady wants to know abut round three,” I said out loud. “OK. Tell me what round two was.”

You looked at me questioningly and then said, “Round two was you fucking me hard and hot.”

“That pretty much sums it up,” I said. “Round two was me fucking you. Round three will be you fucking me. I showed you my passion, talked like a mad man and took complete control. In round three it is your turn to fuck me.”

You rolled over and kissed me gently. You moved away from my lips about an inch and then slowly began to run your tongue around my lips. It was as if you were building up steam until you crushed your lips against mine, hungrily searching for my tongue. As you kissed me your hand slipped down between my legs and I think that you were a little surprised to find that the cock in your hand was quite hard. “Oh baby,” you said in something of a raspy gasp, “I am going to fuck you. Am I completely in charge?”

“Yes,” I said, “In round three you are completely in charge. You decide what you want to do and give me your instructions.”

“What if I want to do something really kinky?” you asked.

“You are in charge,” I repeated, “You are the fucker … I am the fuckee.”

You had a grip on my cock now and you were stroking it. “You seem to be ready, baby. Can we start round three now?”

I picked up my wine glass and thumped it with my finger making a little chiming sound. “Let the round begin!”

You let go of my cock and put both arms around my neck. No soft kisses this time. You attacked me with an open mouth kiss and in mere seconds we were transported into the heated frenzy we were in just a short time ago while I hammered into you.

In seconds we were breathing hard and clawing at one another. You rose up, gasped for air and then pushed your left breast into my open mouth. When I closed my lips around the nipple and sucked hard on it you gasped once again, pulled it out of my mouth and positioned the right one for me. I closed my lips around it and sucked hard. “Oh god, that feels good,” you told me in a loud whisper, “Do more.”

I continued to rotate from one nipple to the other with you pushing one in then pulling it out and offer the next one. Your noises seemed to get a little louder with each change. Then suddenly you pulled away and sat back. You sat back on my belly pressing your very wet and hot pussy against my skin. You stared at my face for a few seconds and then reached behind you and took my cock in your hand saying, “I don’t know how I can be so horny after all we’ve done today, but I’m going wild inside to have you in me again.”

Still holding my cock in your hand you began rubbing your pussy against my belly, sliding it up and back. You took one of my hands in yours and used it to pull yourself up and back. “Can you feel how wet I am?” you asked me, “I still have your cum pouring out of me from just a few minutes ago and I already want to fuck you again. What have you done to me?”

“I know what you want and I’ll give it to you,” I replied. “I know what you want because I know what I want. We are so alike. I know that you want to cum again, but are afraid that you can’t.”

“Oh yes, baby,” you gasped as you continued to slide your pussy over my very wet belly. “I do want to feel it again. You make me cum so hard and I love it so much.”

You closed your eyes and continued rocking back and forth, still holding my cock in one hand and my hand in the other.

I was watching you closely and said very softly, “You are going to cum again, my love. You are going to cum again very soon. Don’t think of anything but the sensation between your legs. Put your brain in your pussy and concentrate on how great it feels. Feel your clit sliding over my skin that is covered with my cum. I know you can smell it. Now I want you to feel it. Grind your pussy into me and cover me with your pussy juice.”

My words seemed to build your inner fire and you were gliding yourself over my skin very quickly. I was amazed watching you and was so excited by it that I thought I might cum again from sheer excitement. I could tell that you were very close and there was nothing that I could do to help you but hold still and whisper, “Cum for me, baby.”

I heard you saying softly, “Oh god. Oh god,” You began to squeeze your legs tighter against me, pressed your pussy harder against me and then you threw your head back you shouted, “Oh god, baby. Oh my god,” then dropped your chin down on your chest and made a very loud whimpering noise, continuing to rock back and forth. And then quite suddenly you rose up, moved back and dropped yourself down on my stiff shaft. Your eyes flew open and you cried out, “Oh god I love your cock deep inside me!”

You sat there feeling my throbbing cock for only a few seconds and then stated the rocking motion again. Your pussy was soaking wet again and engulfed me. You rocked back and forth several times, just as you had been doing on my belly and they leaned forward and kissed me very passionately. After a very long kiss you moved your face away from mine only a few inches and said very clearly and not too softly, “Hang on baby, because I am going to fuck you now. Oh, yes baby, am I ever going to fuck you!”

You sat up straight and started rocking again, but now it was the same as you did on my belly. Your movements were hard and fast. You were certainly riding me and I could tell you were enjoying it. I think that I was as excited watching you as I was from what I was feeling. Then suddenly you said, “Watch it, baby. Watch that beautiful cock of yours sliding in and out of me,” and with that changed from rocking to lifting yourself up, almost off of my cock, and then dropping back down. It was an awesome sight and something I remembered having said to you once before about how sexy it was to watch me disappear inside your pussy. “Can you see it, Baby?” you asked me. “Can you see it?” You repeated, but I don’t think that you were asking because you wanted an answer. You were just talking because you were so wrapped up in our sex. You were so engrossed in what we were doing and so captivated by the sexual sensations you were feeling and sensing.

You truly were fucking me as you said and your fervor was certainly a match for the way I had fucked you while you were on your back. You were just as totally consumed in what you were doing as I had been. This was simply wild, abandoned sex and we were both totally caught up in it. You cried out again, “Oh god I love your cock inside me. Oh baby I love it.” And then without stopping you looked down at me and asked, “Do you like it, baby? Am I good for you?”

I reached up and grabbed your arms and pulled you down against my chest, then put my hands in your hair and pulled your mouth to mine. Before I started kissing you I said, “No, I don’t like it. I love it. You are unbelievable. Now shut up and move your beautiful ass. It’s your turn to fuck me, so move your ass, baby and fuck me!” You locked your mouth on mine and kissed me with a fury. Now it was your turn to sweat and for the last few seconds we were sliding in our sweat until I moaned into your mouth. When you knew that I was ready to finish you sat up again, holding yourself up with your arms. Your face was over mine and you were indeed moving your ass amazingly fast and said over and over again, “Cum for me baby, fill me up!”

When you sensed that I was going to pop you sat straight up pushing me as deep into you as I could possibly go and sat still while I shot my hot load into you. You sat there with your eyes closed, a soft smile on your face and cupping each of your beautiful breasts in your hands. I could feel the hot cum running out of you and onto my skin. My cock was still as hard as a rock and your pussy felt like it was on fire.

After a minute you lowered yourself back onto my chest a started to kiss me, but I rolled you over onto your back with my cock still planted deeply inside you. Now with my face beside yours I said, “If I could, I would keep moving and keep fucking you until I dropped dead. You are simply unbelievable. No woman has ever moved me like you do. You are the sexiest woman alive and I love you more than I could ever explain.” I managed to move in and out of you a few more times and then slid off to your side.

We lay there for a while, saying nothing, but looking into each other’s eyes. We were quite still, just letting our breathing come under control once again. Finally, you put your hand into my hair and pulled our faces together. You kissed me very lightly and said, “You want more, don’t you?”

“Sure Baby. How did you know?” I asked in a whisper.

I saw a small tear roll from your eye; you smiled at me and answered, “I know because I want more too.”

This concludes the series, A Get-Away Weekend. I hope your enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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