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A Good Start

An encounter in the wild
(Part Two)Alone at last

Layla stands at the entrance to the grass roofed hut (aka boma), her slender body clad in a white t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots, her long dark hair tied up in a pony tail. She smiles welcoming at the tourists as they file past her, exchanging warm “good mornings”. The last tourist to walk past her is Timothy, and she feels her body flush with excitement.

She walks to the front of the group, smiling at everyone.

“Good morning everyone, “ she greets.

Loud “hellos” and “good mornings” makes her smile broadly. Her eyes catches Timothy’s as he stares at her with a broad smile. A blush reddens her cheeks, as she remembers the fantasy she had about him in the shower. Turning quickly back to the day’s program she tries to hide her flushing cheeks by dropping her head and staring intently at the page.

She leads the group through the restaurant where a buffet breakfast has been laid out, and helps herself to a cup of hot coffee. Taking it to the balcony, she sighs with pleasure as the coffee aroma and wafts up to her senses. She grins to herself, and takes a small sip of her second vice in life. A feeling of warmth at her back startles her. Without turning around, she knows it’s Timothy. His deep voice caresses her with his greeting. She looks at him over her shoulder and smiles.

“You like the view?” she asks.

He grins back at her and his eyes lower, taking in her beautiful cleavage and imagining the sensation of his hand reaching over her shoulder to glide down the wonderful curves.

She smiles at him and says cheekily “I wasn’t talking about that view, I was talking about the view from the balcony”.

“Oh, that,” he comments, very distracted and slightly dreamy.

Turning around, leaning back against the railing, she brings up her cup to her full lips, sipping carefully. Peeking at him over the rim of her cup, she blows at the steam.

“Well?” she asks.

“Well what? he asks.

“The view? What do you think?” she laughs.

“Beautiful, and the lovely countryside isn’t bad either,” he replies, his eyes never leaving her.

“You are a charmer, arent you?” she quips back at him.

She looks at her watch quickly, then says to him with a smile. “Time to go look at our animal friends”.

Walking away, her hips mesmerising him with their gentle sway, she leaves by the side door to help organise the drive. Taking a few moments, she checks quickly if everything is loaded. Everyone climbs into the vehicles, and she smiles when she sees Timothy getting into the passenger seat next to her. A small ball of heat starts to burn in her tummy.

She slides into her seat, and twists, deliberately giving Timothy a good view through gaping buttons as turns to the passengers behind her. With her clear voice, she asks that everyone keeps their hands inside the vehicle at all times, that nobody is allowed to leave the vehicle under any circumstances and to please not litter, as it can cause deaths among the animals.

She starts the engine of the 4x4, listening to the purr of the engine. With a quick look sideways, she turns the 4x4 in the direction of the gate. Picking up her short distance radio, she quietly informs their office of their departure. She drives carefully to the waterhole where they will be watching the animals come for an early morning drink from inside hide shelters, specially put up for the purpose. Reaching the hide shelters, she divides the tourists into different groups, helping them settle down for their experience.

With a small smile, she finds herself standing alone with Timothy, all other tourists gone. She takes her backpack into the last hide shelter. Smiling up at him, she quickly unrolls a ground sheet for them to sit on. She kneels down and looks up to find herself suddenly eye to eye with his crotch. A nervous giggle escapes from her mouth before she can stop herself. She blushes and moves to the side.

A soft laugh from Timothy makes her look up.

“That’s a very provocative position that you found yourself in a few moments ago.”

With a small smile she looks up at him, her eyes going from a lush green to a golden yellow, making him catch his breath.

“Indeed”, she answers.

Looking out of the shelter, she sees the first animals, a big old elephant bull sauntering down the waterhole. She quickly pulls Timothy down to show him. His eyes going wide at the sight of the elephant.

“That is a huge animal,” he says breathlessly.
Looking back at Layla, he smiles at her.

“You really love working here don’t you?” he asks.

“Yes, this is one of the places where I’m at my happiest,” she answers with a contented smile on her face.

They lie side by side in companionable silence, watching as more animals joins the elephant. She is intensely aware of the heat emanating from Timothy’s body. Little jolts of electricity running through her body when he accidentally touches her or moves against her. When his hand suddenly reaches out to tuck a stray strand of silky hair behind her ear, she goes quiet, not moving. She slowly turns her head to look up into his eyes.

He smiles at her softly and leans forward slowly. Her eyes close as she feels the gentle brush of his lips on hers. The pressure of his lips growing more as he kisses her. She answers the kiss with a growing hunger of her own.

He pulls his head away and says to her with a smile,”I’ve been dying to do that from the first hour I saw you”.

A smile curves her face as she replies,”I’ve been doing much more than that to you in my fantasies.”

He pushes her down softly onto the ground sheet, moving, so he is leaning over her. Her eyes drinks in his face, the strong contours of his manly face. Her lips opens a bit and she runs the tip of her tongue across her suddenly dry lips. His eyes follows the movement, suddenly intent. His mouth lowers to claim hers, his lips tasting her mouth, savouring each slow movement as she kisses him back.

His hand tracing the contours off her breast, making her shudder. Without looking away from her, he slowly moves her shirt up. Lifting up her shoulders, she helps him and discards it carelessly. Remaining in her position, she runs her fingers up his abdomen underneath his shirt, taking his shirt off too. He smiles at her and pushes her down again.

He sighs as he looks at her beautiful breasts, the curves inviting his hands. He lowers his mouth taking first one nipple, then the other one in his warm wet mouth. At the feel of his mouth on her, she moans deep in her throat and arches her back, pushing her nipple deeper into his mouth. Her hands sliding across his chest, her nails raking his skin lightly, making his nipples pucker.

He moves down, squatting down on his haunches, his hands slowly unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them off her. He looks with a deeper hunger in his eyes as her slender legs and tummy is revealed.

“No underwear?” he asks with surprise.

She smiles, “I never wear underwear with my jeans”.

He quickly gets rid of his jeans too. Leaning forward, placing a warm hand on her tummy, he trails fiery kisses down the curve of her breast. His hand moves slowly down her tummy, making her squirm with delight. She pulls his head down for another slow lingering kiss. His hands all over her body now. She moans softly against his mouth. His one hand slowly slides down to her entrance, feeling how wet she is. He presses his hardness against her thigh, making her feel how much he wants her.

He moves down, making her protest against losing the warmth of his body on hers. She gasps as his warm mouth finds her petals, lovingly adoring them with his lips and tongue. Exquisite sensations shoots up her spine, making her feel like liquid heat inside. Her body shudders when he sucks on her clit, slowly inserting first one then two fingers into her. She entwines her fingers behind his head, grinding her hips against his mouth, wanting more of what he is doing to her.

She feels the heat pooling up inside her, threatening to flood her and drown her in exquisite release. Feeling her rising need, he speeds up, caressing the inside of her walls, feeling them grip his fingers. She moans, her hips rising up from the ground to meet his fingers. Her voice rising in intensity as she moans for more. He slips up her body, knowing she is close. His mouth closes on hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth, silencing her screams of release. Shudders runs through her body, as she slowly opens her eyes, focusing on Timothy.

With a quick move, she shifts their positions, pushing Timothy down on the ground, her eyes riveting him. She moves up and kisses him softly, nibbling on his lip, pulling on it with her teeth but not hurting him. With butterfly kisses she caresses his skin, making him feel feverish. Her hands following the trail her kisses leaves. She bites him softly on his nipple, making him shudder. Raking her nails lightly down his chest, smiling as she feels him squirm beneath her.

She sits back suddenly, lifting her hands to her hair, untying her hair, shaking it loose. Her hair falling like a waterfall down over her back and strands of it falling on her breasts. Bending down she plants kisses on his tummy, making his muscles convulse in response. Shaking her hair to one side, she wraps her fingers around his rock hard shaft.

Bringing her mouth down on him, to envelope it in her soft, warm, wetness. A groan escapes from his mouth. He feels his cock jump at the sensation of her mouth moving down on top of him. She sucks and licks the tip, her tongue running in circles. Moving her head slowly up and down on him, she loves how he tastes. She takes him as deep as she can without gagging. Her throat relaxing and accepting. Swallowing around him, making her muscles milk him into her throat, making him groan again. She feels his hands tangle and twine in her hair, pushing her mouth down on him.

Meeting his hips as he thrusts into her mouth, she feels her juices run down the inside of her thigh, aching now to feel his hardness inside of her. Disengaging her mouth, she rubs her breasts on his body as she moves up to give him a long lingering kiss. Her mouth warm and tasting of him. With a soft sigh, she slides down on top of him. Feeling him respond. He shifts position, grabbing her by the hips and grinding into her, making her gasp with pleasure. With out her breaking their kiss, she starts to move slowly up and down his shaft, making him moan with delight. Her muscles contracting and milking his hard shaft.

With a soft growl, he flips her over onto her tummy. Gripping her by the hips, he enters her from behind, making her squeal with delight. Her squeal quickly turning to a passion filled moan as he slams into her, buried to the hilt. He feels his own orgasm building up to a roaring fire as he grips her hips. Revelling in the view of her tiny waist and beautiful ass. With a roar he fills her up with as much of him as she can take. Hearing her beg for more of him. A soft tingle in his side warns him of his impending orgasm, determined to hold out a bit longer, he pulls out.

Bending forward, delighting in the pink ass in front of him, he kisses it. Biting it softly, he caresses it with strong hands. Squeezing it, he moves down with his tongue, rimming the puckered hole in front of him. Lubricating it and preparing the way. Pushing his tongue in, he hears Layla moan. Entering her slowly, pushing his way, feeling her relax and welcome him in. She shudders at the feeling. Her muscles contracting around him. Feeling him fill her up and move against her. Her body feels on fire, electrified by the sensation of him in her ass. Her breath coming in ragged gasps, she moves her hips against him. Feeling his hand sliding to the front to caress her clit, she groans, the feelings become a bright light of an oncoming train as her orgasm rushes towards her. He groans feeling her response and pumps into her. His body shuddering as the first wave of his orgasm hits him. Feeling him spurting hotly into her, makes her lose the last remnants of control that she had. Pushing against him, the waves slams into her, making her breathless.

She slowly sinks to the ground, utterly sated. He covers her body with his, holding her tightly against him, planting slow luxurious kisses on her shoulder. Together they lie quietly in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

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