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A Lonely Night On Prison Duty

Dee Is On Night Duty In An All Man's Prison, Where She Falls For A Handsome Prisoner
HMP Wormwood Scrubs (Her Majesty's Pleasure) 1145 Hours, Dee's Night Shift.

It was a lonely night for Dee. She was on prison duty tonight and she knew why. She had rejected the advances of her overweight, slimy boss, David, who would not take no for an answer, and when he was told otherwise, knew how to make her come around: night shift in the men’s quarters of the prison.

She was beautiful, her long, red hair hung around her shoulders and neck like a burning flame. Her piercing hazel eyes bore into all men and made them want her like a bottle of whiskey.

“Fucking bastard, couldn’t take no for answer. Grubby pervert puts me in with the fellas in here,” she mumbled to herself in her crisp white shirt and tight black trousers that showed off her amazing ass.

“He thinks this will change my mind, let him put his sweaty paws down my pants. He's got another thing coming.”

She passed a certain cell she was told to avoid: Anderson’s. More commonly known as James Anderson, he was a reputed bank robber who had morals. Never hurt or kill anyone, for him it was all business and it was about putting the scare into them and make them hand over the cash. So far it had worked out. That was until his wife reported him to the police, because he had caught her cheating on him with a rival criminal and he had started divorce proceedings.

Dee saw him every morning working out in his cell, using the cell bars to do pull-ups and also the cold concrete floor to do press-ups and sit-ups. His body was muscular, tattooed and scarred but not grotesquely, all from his life previously in the army. Every time she saw him working out, she would get hot and even wet at the simple bare thought of his body hard and warm on top of her, giving her what she wanted.

That was the problem though, it was Anderson whom David discovered Dee liked and wanted and not him. In jealousy he put her on night shift, but did not know if she would stray into the part of the wing he was being held in.

James was everything David hated: he was a good man, had morals and, of course, was not a dirty pervert; well, at least he was for the woman who liked him to be.

David was not, however, any of these things. He was cutting money from the prison’s funds for himself and perversely watched and stalked Dee when she was working in the prison. No one ever said anything, because David would have them sacked or worse, plant evidence of them colluding with prisoners in the prison and have them arrested.

He thought he was the king of the prison – that was until James was transferred to serve out the rest of his 12 months at his prison. The moment he arrived, Dee was fascinated by him and liked him. After David rudely interrupted a conversation they were both having by slapping Dee on her ass and calling her ‘a nice bit of rub,’ James almost punched him when he saw Dee try her best to pull away from him.

He showed her respect, but also could at any moment give her everything she wanted. She could not fight it off any more, and opened the grate of the door which was used to look in on the prisoner and hand them their food.

He was laid out on his bunk. It was dark, but she could tell he was naked and his long big manhood was erect under the blankets. She turned away as she saw the blanket fall to the floor. His manhood was hanging out as he slept.

“Fuck, it's big!” she laughed gently.

She was getting wet at the very thought of him. She had read his file; he was born into a working class family that had values and morals. He chose the life after he was discharged from the army for no good reason to make ends meet. Looking at his good-sized manhood, she could not understand why his wife would cheat on him or even report him for anything other than out of love.

She needed to have him; but she did not know how to do it. She wanted this man more than anyone else she had met, and it felt like a burning flame inside her when she was around him or even near him.

“Fuck, I am gonna get sacked for this.”

She unlocked his door and let herself into his cell. Luckily, the cameras on this wing were turned off due to connection problems until the weekend. She closed the door over, moved closer to his bed, and watched his manhood with a hungry gaze.

“Oh, fuck, I need him now.”

His eyes were closed shut as she pulled away the blanket, and his hard cock shone in the light. She licked her lips and leant down to his lips and kissed him. He awoke, startled but saw it was Dee. He, too, had wanted this since he first met her, and the reason why his cock was so hard and erect was that it was her he was thinking of at the time.

She saw he was awake. “James...” She was lost for words but James smiled and leant up to kiss her back, and gently rubbed her lower back.

“It's alright, Dee, it was you who I was dreaming about.”

She smiled so widely. She felt embarrassed, but James grinned and kissed her again deeply as he threw aside the blankets and gently eased her onto the bed with him. She did not care about anything now; not David or his grubby little hands and his perverted wanting he had for her. She wanted James now and when he was released.

Slowly, as she lay on top of him, she looked deep into his eyes as his hand moved to her shirt buttons and slowly undid them. Her shirt opened up and he found her wearing a lacy black bra that held in her big voluptuous breasts.

“Can I, Dee?”

She grinned and kissed him passionately. “Don’t ask, just do it, James.”

He smiled and undid the clasp on the front of the bra, and it opened up, letting out her beautiful breasts. He dived up and took her nipples into his mouth and moved back and forth from each breast sucking hard. Her brown nipples hardened at the intense sucking.

“Hmmm, fuck, James! YES! That’s it baby, suck on my big breasts. They are so much better than that unfaithful wife of yours. Be mine and I will take care of you!” she moaned hard.

She moved her hand down to her crotch and unzipped her smart pants, and slowly James helped her pull them down her big sexy ass. She was wearing a black silk thong and it was pulled right up between her ass and along her beautiful womanhood. He moved from breast to breast as he rolled down the thong. Dee kicked it off happily to the floor as she parted her legs.

“Make love to me, James, make me happy!” She moaned deeply as she rocked her hips back and forth along his torso.

“I will Dee; I will make you very happy.” James sat up and placed his cockhead at her dripping womanhood and slid in with ease as she laid down on him, pushing more of him inside her.

“Ohhh yes, fuck!” she gasped, rocking with her hips.

They moved sensually back and forth on the bed, as he sucked on her hard nipples and with one hand played with her clitoris all the more, making her buck and grind against him. Soon she was panting hard.

“Ohhh fuck, I am close James, fuck, I am gonna cum!”

James leant hard up and kissed her on the mouth. “Cum for me, Dee, please, baby!”

She smiled at his comment, happy he wanted her to be happy and enjoying herself.

“Here it comes, cum with me, James. Fill me up!”

James felt his cock pulsate, and his balls tighten around her womanly grasp.

“Fuck, yes, I’ll cum with you, Dee!”

The next minute was wild, both of them bucking against each other like animals, letting out roars and wild moans. Dee’s breasts bounced up and down as James fucked her wildly.

Finally they both grunted and let out a wail as they both came. James blew his juices inside Dee and she, too, came on his cock, making his legs slick.

She smiled and, gasping wildly, kissed him, moaning. “You are amazing, James.”

He smiled and rubbed her ass.

“So are you Dee.”

“I’ve wanted this for so long, with David trying to keep us apart for his own dirty fantasy!” She kissed him again as they held each other.

“Fuck him, he is a coward and does not deserve you.”

She kissed him and took his hand and held it.

“I know, only 12 more months then you are mine. If you want me, that is?” She smiled as James kissed her breasts and her lips.

“I’m yours now and when I come out.”

They laid together happily taking and just relaxing in each other’s arms. She said she would be back tomorrow night for her next night shift. It would be the only time she could have him. He smiled and they kissed as she dressed, before leaving her lover before the bell rang for the changeover of the guards.

The next few months passed quickly, and Dee was soon pregnant with James’s child.

David soon found out why his plan had not worked out, and that the night shift was what made James and Dee come together. Before he could do anything, James' sentence was over, and the pair left the prison happily with Dee and her beautiful bump. Dee, in those months leading up to James and his release, had gathered evidence of forged evidence and of David planting evidence of two guards in the past who stood up to him. They were released and he was put in the same cells they were in. They were very grateful to Dee.

Soon, three months after the release, Dee gave birth to a beautiful little girl and they soon married.

It turned out David’s own dirty plan only helped to make the two people he aimed it at, fall in love and be together. Some plan, huh?
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