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A Long Awaited Visit

We're laying on your bed cuddling, it's the first time we've seen each other in weeks. My face is resting on your chest until you lift my chin and gently kiss my lips. I kiss you back. The kisses are soft at first, but they progress into more aggressive passionate kisses.I begin rubbing you through your pants as I break the kiss. I get on my knees on the bed and help you take your shirt off. When it's off I stare at your body with admiration. I've seen it plenty of times but it never fails to impress me. I begin kissing you again as my hands make their way down to your zipper.

I look down and undo your pants, pulling them and your boxers off. I throw them on the floor and look at the glorious member between your legs. I take it in my hand and begin to stroke it, never losing eye contact. I then lower my mouth to it, gently licking the head, and up the shaft. I begin taking it in my mouth, inch by inch until your full length is in my throat. I gag a bit but ignore it as you begin moaning. I continue to keep eye contact as I begin bobbing my head up and down. You entwine your fingers in my dark brown hair as you force my head down further onto your cock. A loud moan escapes from your mouth and I'm very pleased with myself.

After a few minutes pass you finally decide to let up. I wipe my mouth, get off the bed, and make my way over to the door to lock it. You watch me as I turn around and begin to undress. First I remove my shirt so I'm left standing there in my little black panties. I suddenly let my wet panties drop to the floor. I'm now standing in the middle of your room completely naked. I'm so wet, I need you. I make my way back to the bed and lay down. I look up at you and you know exactly what I want.

You kiss me and begin caressing my breasts. You then move down and start sucking and biting my nipples, taking your time with each one. I let out little moans and this urges you to go further. You start kissing your way down my stomach and stop right about my clit to look up at me. I smile and you begin kissing my thighs. Seconds later I let out a gasp followed by a low moan as your tongue hits my clit. I feel your tongue slide into my pussy and I cant help but think "oh my.." You then insert a finger as your tongue glides over my clit again. You continue flicking your tongue over my clit and fingering me for a while. I begin moaning your name and I whimper as I get close. Suddenly I grasp the sheets and let out a loud moan and say "Ohhh, I'm coming,oh don't stop."

After my orgasm you make your way back up to me and you kiss my face. I lay there staring into your eyes, and I know you're ready to get yours. After I recover I stroke your cock for a minute or so, straddle you,and place it at the opening of my pussy. I'm wet enough that it should easily slide in, but you're far from average size, and since its been a while I've had plenty of time to readjust. I slowly begin sliding down your big cock. It hurts a little, and I can feel my pussy stretching to fit you. I finally get it all the way in. I'm so full. I look down at you and can see the passion in your eyes. I begin to slowly ride your cock, but you want more. You place your hands on my hips and begin pulling me down hard. I moan loudly and this drives you wild.Out of no where you decide to flip me onto my back,and put my legs over your shoulders as you begin to pound your hard cock into my tight wet pussy. I start moaning your name so loudly now. You're afraid someone will hear so you cover my mouth with your hand.

I manage to tell you I'm close and with that you stop. I'm confused but you then whisper in my ear "bend over baby." I listen and within seconds your cock is back in my pussy and your fucking me harder than before. I'm close to screaming. With your hands on my hips you fuck me with such a force I think I am going to pass out. I suddenly manage to say in between gasps and moans "Fuck me harder," and with that you begin to fuck me harder than you ever have. I reach down and begin rubbing my clit. A minute later I cum and that's all it takes to send you over the edge. You thrust one last time and I can feel your cum filling my pussy up. You continue thrusting until you cant anymore. We collapse on your bed. You take me in your arms, kiss me on my forehead, tell me you love me, and we fall asleep in each others arms.
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