A Lover's Touch: Chp 1

By awbriella

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For the first time almost two years, someone touches her and makes love to her like never before.

Chp 1


They both sat on the couch, fingers intertwined, her eyes were locked only on the T.V. straight ahead, whilst her thoughts were only of him.  Somewhere deep inside her bones sat an uneasy feeling, it wasn't unpleasant, but almost like an urge that he gave her when he looked at her like that. It never made any sense to her how such a gorgeous creature could look at her in such a way. Who was she as to be so lucky?

The structure of Eric was simply breathtaking, he wasn't the perfect model version of today's male stereotype. No, he was more than that. An inch short of 6 foot with the mass of a well nourished man, not in the least resembling a muscular twig. The stride of his shoulders wore a masculine shape with thick arms wrapped in strips of vintage muscle. The slope of his torso slanted downward framing the rest of his body, connecting all of his pressure points. The face that accompanied  Eric was the most docile thing about him. Eric was of a Spanish descent with vivid cheekbones and a rounded out facial structure. His eyes were like the color of freshly grown tree bark, framed with what looked to be like that of thousands of eyelashes. Hovering ever slightly above were the markings of two thickened eyebrows that outlined his beautiful eyes. But the most drastic feature of Eric was the shape of his lips. Oh! How the appearance of his lips made her clench her thighs tightly together, having to take a deep breath while trying to contain the wetness that formed in her most private area.

She looked at the clock, the movie should be over in a matter of minutes. Her heart raced with anticipation as her mind imagined the possibilities of lovemaking with this man.

5 minutes later...

Eric picked up the remote and pressed the off button and placed it onto the surface of a near by table. He directed his eyes toward hers and without a word pulled her face to his and lightly caressed her lips with the fingers of his right hand. Her body trembled in response to him, she was suddenly overwhelmed with all these emotions. Only being human, she slightly parted her lips and tasted the finger tips of her soon to be lover then looked up to meet his glance.


he gently crooned as his fingers traced down the side of her face to the crescent of her neck. Ever so swiftly Eric's fingers were replaced with his kiss, starting very slowly he nipped at various spots on her neck until he ended up back to her lips. Gently closing her eyes she embraced him with her whole body and pressed her hardened nipples to the pallet of his chest. 

The kiss was passionate and oxygen depriving, so when forced to finally pause for a breath Aubriella looked him straight in the eyes, while her fingers found the hem of her shirt and ever so slowly she started pulling upward. Each second a new piece of skin was revealed and Eric waited patiently in suspense as the cloth vanished from her body leaving a thin layer of lace and wire poorly covering her erect nipples. He stared anxiously at her breasts as his fingers searched her back for the clasp that separated him from her beautiful bosom. At last a small snap filled the air and her bra fell effortlessly to the ground. Eric bent slowly wrapping his arms around her torso and gently grazed the nipple of her left boob with the end of his tongue. She moaned softly while he kneaded and teased her continuously until she forced him back up to her face and drowned him with many of her kisses.

Eric, keeping eye contact with her the whole time, started leading the way down her body with butterfly kisses until he met her belt buckle with his top lip. He reversed his direction and kissed toward her bellybutton until he felt the coolness of her piercing fill his mouth. Lightly he bit and tugged at the jewelry whilst his hands were expertly unclasping her belt and then her pants. Abruptly stopping, Eric stuck his fingers within the sides of her pants and slowly started to slide them off. She could feel the want in his fingertips as they touched her now exposed thighs where only seconds earlier the demin thickness of her jeans had kept them covered.

The cool air rushed rapidly over her nearly naked body. Eric removed all traces of himself from her for one moment and stood back to admire the graceful physique of his girl. Aubriella was a beautiful yet seductive sight layed out in front of him. The nipples of her breast seemed to poke out at him, as if calling his name...Eric was a course nothing less than a man- meaning that he loved big breasted women. However, there was something about the way that her 26-c perky little breast suited not only him, but her. He reached out his hand and brushed aside strands of her long blonde hair so that none of here could escape his eyes. He continued to slowly take in the sight of her by staring at her luscious hip bones. The curve of her hips dented ever so slightly right at the pelvis and he could feel his erection stiffening by the second along with every dirty thought that crossed his mind.

-"Aubriella, I want to taste you. I am going to taste you, I want every part of you on my tounge."

Eric whispered quietly, but his voice was magnified by the passion that was radiating from his every breath. Looking her deep in the eyes he ran his hands down her thighs and to the end of her long legs. Slowly, but with controlling movement, Eric parted her legs and moved his face closer to the center of her being. Gracefully he pulled the lips of her flower apart and tenderly kissed her clit.


Never in her life had Aubriella had the pleasure of oral sex, and by god she was enjoying it. Eric started to kiss the inner walls of her vagina, tasting all the wetness that and her juices. The more he tasted her exotic juices, the rougher he started to become. Placing his hands on each of her thighs he forced them apart and starting fucking her with his tounge, occasionally running the tip of it to her clit. The sway of Aubriella's hips were no longer graceful as the eratic waves of pleasure caused her body to move involuntarily....


chp 2 still to come.