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A Misty Holiday

Misty's holiday season is looking up.
Misty left her third department store frustrated. The advertised sales weren't really as great as she thought they would be. She hoped that this late November shopping trip would get her holiday season off on the right track, but it was beginning to look like this year was going to be another holiday disaster. To top off her miserable trip, the weather was lousy. The wind blew sheets of rain onto the pavement. They weather forecast was calling for snow, but so far it was just this unforgiving wind and stinging rain.

She hated being alone during the holidays. She would see couples while holiday shopping. They would hold hands and being giggling. She felt so jealous of the smiling and laughing that she could just scream. She decided that she had had enough for the day and loaded her few bags into the car. She headed to the market for a few groceries. She decided pasta sounded good for dinner.

She shopped quickly and decided to round off the meal with a nice bottle of red. She picked up a nice Oregon wine and studied the label. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed what she thought was a familiar face from her past. The guy looked just like Mark, but it couldn't be Mark. She hadn't seen him in six years, not since graduation.

They had been sweethearts, but after graduation, they had lost track. She left for a summer job as a camp counselor, and she got back home, he had gone. His family had moved away and she couldn't seem to find anyone who knew where they had gone. She felt alone and betrayed. There was no letter, no note, no phone call. There was nothing.

It was just another one of many episodes that made Misty distrustful of men. She and her most recent boyfriend had broken things off a few months before when Misty discovered that she had a different concept of the word "exclusive" than he did.

When the man down the aisle turned and faced her, she knew that was indeed Mark. He had the same warm smile and kind eyes that she loved so much when they were teenagers. When he made eye contact with her, he smiled broadly and said, "Misty? Is that you? Oh my God, Is that really you?"

She nearly dropped her wine as he approached her. She was having mixed emotions as her heart raced. She didn't know whether to to slap him or hold him tightly. They stood there for a second in awkward silence. His broad smile turned into a slight frown.

"You must think I'm a real shit? he said. "Will you let me buy you a drink and let me explain where I went to six years ago?"

Misty spoke hesitantly, "I don't know. I should really be getting on home."

"But I have so many things to tell you. So many questions to ask," he said.

"Well, maybe I have time for one quick drink," she said. She wanted desperately to know where this was going.

As she looked him over, he seemed a little more fit than when he was in high school. He still had the same compact build and barrel chest that she used to love to caress, but his arms and shoulders seemed stronger and more well-defined. We still wore a mustache, but had given up the little goatee that used to tickle her neck when he used to nibble her earlobe.

They moved to the checkout line and he helped her to her car with her groceries. He suggested that they walk to the corner to "Clancy's" which was a small, quiet family pub. They trudged through the wind and rain and quickly settled into a booth. They ordered a couple of beers and Mark started to tell his story. His family had gone through tough times financially and decided to move. He didn't want to go with them, but he had no money for college and no prospects for work, so he decided to join the Navy for a six year hitch.

He figured he would serve for six years, learn some new skills, and have the military pay for his college education when he got out. He thought it was a perfect plan except for one thing...Misty. He told her that he wanted to call or write, but he wanted the break to be clean. He thought it would be easier for her to hate him and move on that to have to wait for six years for someone who might never come back.

She told him that she understood his logic, but that in essence, his plan had backfired. She had missed him terribly. The break had been devastating and it took her literally years to move on. She tried dating and even had a few steady boyfriends over the years, but none came close to measuring up to m Mark's warm and loving ways.

Mark felt terrible. He kept apologizing, telling her that he never intended to hurt her that way.

"I'm so glad that you told me," she said. "I understand now. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

"I hope we can still be friends," he smiled and took her hand in his.

She felt a charge of electricity run up her arm and through her entire body. She hadn't felt that feeling in a very long time. "Would you like to come to my place for dinner? It's just a little pasta. Nothing special," she said smiling weakly.

"I would love that," he said as he paid the tab and helped her with her coat. He reached out and took her hand. They both smiled. It was if they were back in high school and they were walking together between classes. She felt so warm and comfortable with him even though the weather was howling.

When they got back to her apartment, he helped her with the groceries and she put the pasta on to boil. She quickly threw a salad together and heated up some French bread that she picked up at the market. Mark asked if he could help with the cooking, but she told him she had it under control and that he should just relax. He smiled and hopped up on the kitchen counter and peppered her with questions. He asked her about her family and about her life after high school. The conversation was casual and warm.

She loved how interested he was. She felt the last six years and all of the anger and the hurt that she used to feel was melting away. She realized quickly that she was seeing him as much more than just an old friend. She wanted him now more than ever.

Her mind drifted to all of those nights when she fantasized about him and the life she would have with him. She thought about all of the times she fingered her wet pussy thinking about caressing his thick chest and feeling his think cock deep inside of her pussy.

They ate and talked and held hands. The bottle of wine went quickly and after the dishes were cleared, the two of them moved to the living room. He sat down on the sofa. She started to sit down beside him, but he motioned for her to sit in his lap. She smiled and did, wrapping her arms around his neck. They kissed hungrily, trying to make up for six years with just one kiss. She moaned loudly and accepted his tongue into her mouth. She knew, at that moment, that she would be fucking him. She needed him so badly.

She pulled off his shirt and exposed that chest that she loved so much. She kissed his firm nipples and caressed his pectoral muscles and felt herself getting wetter and wetter by the second. She kissed down his stomach and he began to unfasten his pants. She took off her blouse and bra and caressed her own breasts as she watched him slide out of his pants, releasing his beautiful, hard cock.

She smiled and licked her lips. She got on all fours beside him on the couch and prepared to take him deep into her mouth, but he shook his head. “I want you to be totally naked for me, baby,” he said.

She stood up and slid out of her blue jeans and purple thong and dropped back into position. He admired her firm, curvy body. She was just as he had imagined her to be in his dreams. She licked his cock as he reached over to caress her hip and the side of her shapely ass. She repositioned herself so he could reach under and finger her pussy while she took him deep into her mouth. She sucked him faster and faster. She was extremely wet for him as he teased her clit.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She took his cock out of her mouth and while still grabbing his hard shaft, straddled his hips and sank down onto him. He groaned loudly and took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. She rolled her hips into his cock, wanting him to be even deeper inside of her. She bounced up and down with great force. He grabbed her hips and pulled her even deeper. He leaned forward and too her supple breast into his mouth, making her skin wet with his kisses.

“I’m so close, baby,” he moaned as he felt the walls of her pussy clenching his cock. She moaned loudly as wave after wave of pleasure roared through her body. She expected that he would cum inside her at any moment.

Suddenly, he lifted her off of him. She was initially surprised and disappointed until she realized that he just wanted her to turn around. She eased back onto his cock and leaned back against his chest. He reached around and cupped her breasts. She began rotating her hips and edging her way back to a powerful orgasm. She reached down and began fingering her clit and he continued thrusting his hard cock inside of her. She was moaning so loudly. They were both breathing hard and fast. Beads of sweat were running down both of their faces.

She could sense that he wouldn’t last much longer, so she increased the pressure on her clit. She bounced down hard on him one last time and exploded with a powerful orgasm. He followed soon after, shooting streams of hot cum into her wet pussy. She started to get off of him to clean up, but he held her there. He caressed her ass and hips and continued to thrust slowly inside of her. She turned her head and they kissed tenderly and warmly, wanting this perfect moment to linger.

He leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “Baby, you have no idea how many times I’ve dreamt of this. I just never thought it would happen.”

She could only nod. She was too exhausted to speak. As she tried to catch her breath, she realized that she was thinking exactly the same thing. Misty got up and walked naked across the room. Mark started to collect his clothes, thinking it was time to say goodnight when he noticed that Misty was locking the front door to the apartment. She turned around, smiled and said, “Drop those clothes, mister. You have a very long night ahead of you.”

As she walked back towards the couch, she looked to the window and noticed that the cold, drizzly rain had turned to the season’s first snow. Maybe this was going to be a happy holiday after all.

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