A Naughty Christmas Wish

By sweet_p

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A get away for the holidays in a chalet.
A Naughty Christmas Wish                                                                                    

I shopped quickly and hurried home to pack.  Robbie was taking me to a little chalet in the mountains for the Christmas holidays and would be arriving very soon.  Since I’d never been skiing before, he thought it would be a special time for us and a great way to spend the holidays together.  I was actually quite nervous about it.  As I am not the most graceful woman, the fear of breaking something was ever present in my mind.  However, the benefit of spending the entire weekend with my man far exceeded my fear of broken bones.  I dismissed my fears and finished packing my suitcase, including the new lingerie I had just bought.  

I was daydreaming about how he would react to seeing the alluring cheetah-spotted lingerie and matching panties, when I heard a car door slam.  ‘He’s here!’ I thought, feeling my heart pound fiercely against my chest.  I hurriedly smoothed my skirt and sweater, straightened my stockings, and zipped up my boots just as he entered to grab my bag.  He stopped and leaned down for a quick kiss.  As he did, the scent of his cologne enslaved me.  Mesmerized, I looked up into his sparkling blue eyes to study his face.  The brilliance of his eyes reminded me of a child’s on Christmas morning.  I giggled as I wasn’t sure who was more excited.

As he drove, we chatted about our busy week and how much we were looking forward to time away from phones, computers, and other people.  During the long drive, his hand rested comfortably on my leg.  The warmth of his hand felt good as he rubbed my inner thigh.  I felt his thumb leisurely tracing the top of my stocking, teasing me with its caress.
We pulled into a parking lot beside an old country Inn.  It was rather dark inside and the music was a bit loud, but we didn’t care as we were too focused on one another.  After we were seated, he ordered dinner for us while I went to the bathroom to freshen up.  As I slid into the booth, I scooted close to him, brushing my thigh tightly against his.  We enjoyed our dinner, giving each other tastes from our respective entrées.  During our meal, my hand occasionally slipped down between us where I playfully rubbed his crotch, teasing him.  Each time I gave him a suggestive wink and a sexy little grin.  After we finished our meal, he excused himself and went to warm up the car.

After a few minutes, Robbie came back to get me.  He took me by the hand and helped me out of the booth.  As I stood, he wrapped his arms around me and gave my bottom a good squeeze.  We exited the restaurant with his arm around my waist.  As we stepped outside, I had to do a double take as my eyes didn’t believe what they saw.  There was a sleigh right outside the door!  A horse drawn sleigh with jingle bells, waiting for us!   I was speechless!  Robbie had just made one of my dreams come true.  He took my hand and guided me to the sleigh where I found a bouquet of roses.

“Oh Robbie, this was so thoughtful and romantic!”  I said, trying to keep from tearing up.

“What about your car?”  I asked.  

“It’s been taken care of along with our bags,” he replied.  

I snuggled up next to him, roses in hand as he pulled a fur-like blanket over us.  ‘I must be dreaming,’ I thought, over and over again.  As the jingle bells jingled in the background and the light snowflakes landed upon my face, I became lost in this magical moment.  I realized it wasn’t a dream when he leaned in and kissed me.  Talk about taking my breath away.

Under the cover of the blanket, his hand slid under my skirt, rubbing my inner thigh.  As he reached my center, I felt the palm-side of his hand and fingers move up and down over my panties.  I tilted my pelvis upward, pressing my mound against his adventurous hand.  I shuddered as his hand slipped under my panties.  Waves of passion flowed through my body as he sandwiched my clit between his fingers.  As he rubbed my sensitive bud with slow circles, I felt his fingers enter my womanhood.  The vibrations of the sleigh ride, combined with his tender caresses unleashed the pent-up sexual tension, sending a wave of warm energy flowing through my body.

“Ohhh,” I moaned into his mouth as my orgasm suddenly peaked.  

His mouth on mine helped to stifle my passionate moans but I was sure the driver heard us.  I blushed and giggled, thinking my cheeks must really be rosy now.  

“That one caught me by surprise,” I softly whispered into his ear.

As the sleigh slowed for the curve, his lips left mine.  He took his hand out from under the cover and traced my lips with his wet fingers.  I opened my mouth and sucked them inside, licking them clean.  I leaned back and snuggled into him as I looked up into the night sky, enjoying the sleigh ride through the densely wooded path.  I smiled, inhaling the aroma of the tall pines as the sleigh meandered through the forest.  ‘Wow, it can’t get any better than this,’ I thought; ‘it even smells like Christmas.’  As the horse slowed and finally stopped, I saw it … our cute little chalet nestled under the snow covered pines.  It was breathtakingly beautiful, like something you’d see in a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Robbie helped me out of the sleigh.  Carrying my roses, I hurriedly walked to the front door.  My breath made a steamy fog in front of me as I walked.  I shivered from the cold night air.  Anxious to get inside and finish what we’d started, Robbie quickly thanked the driver and gave him a gracious tip.

As Robbie opened the door, I could easily see that our cozy little chalet was much larger on the inside than it appeared.  Right away, I noticed the sprigs of mistletoe over all of the doorways.  Robbie noticed also and swung me around for deep, long kiss.  

There was a big stone fireplace in the main room.  Two small stockings hung from the mantle and a large plush rug lay in front.  A fully stocked kitchen was off to the left and a spiral staircase leading to the loft was in the far right corner.  A queen size bed took up most of the available space in the loft.  I looked over the railing down onto the great room and saw him bent over as he gathered our bags. ‘Hmm, the view from here isn’t bad either,’ I thought giggling as I made my way back to the staircase.

As I entered the great room again, I noticed the small decorated Christmas tree next to the fireplace.  I smile as I looked at the presents under the tree.  One I recognized; it was the one I had wrapped for him.  The other one I assumed must be for me.  As I got closer, I stopped and looked intently at the tree.  The lights twinkled, and reflected off the ornaments that had been collected over the years.  I looked at the star at the top of the tree and remembered the rhyme from childhood, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might, have this Christmas wish I wish tonight.”  I closed my eyes and made a naughty wish.

I looked at Robbie as he took my coat and hung it over a peg by the door.  His cheeks and nose were rosy from the sleigh ride.  I walked over to the large window to look at the falling snow.  I cooed as I felt his warm arms encircle my waist.  His face nuzzled against the nape of my neck, sending unseen goose bumps down my arms and back.  His warm fingers slid under my sweater and gently rubbed my stomach, teasing me as he traced along the bottom edge of my bra.  He whispered something but I didn’t hear him as my mind was so focused on his touch.  The contrast of the sleigh ride in the cold and now the fire and his warm hands was breathtaking.  Gasping, I turned around.   As his lips took hold of mine, I moaned softly.  It was mind boggling how something so soft could be so strong and forceful.  I melted from the powerful yet tender caress of his lips.  

The next thing I knew, Robbie picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the rug by the fireplace.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him with the fiery passion he had ignited in the sleigh.  Looking in each other’s eyes, we smiled.  I blushed a bit as he leaned me backward.  As I lay upon my back, he leaned into me and passionately kissed me.  Moans of pleasure escaped our lips as we held each other tight

Robbie playfully sucked and then bit my lower lip.  My pulse raced with anticipation, need, and desire.  He slid his tongue into my mouth, kissing me long and deep.  Our tongues locked in a lover’s embrace, dancing slowly together.  

I shuddered as I felt the heat of his breath on my neck.  As his hand rubbed down my neckline and across my chest, I moaned louder.  I gasped as his hand ran over my breast.  Waves of pleasure pulsed through my entire body as he fondled my bosom.  

His hands reached for the hem of my sweater and I sit up as he pulled it over my head.  The straps fall from my shoulders as he hastily undid my bra.  He pulled it from me, tossed it aside and leaned in to kiss my breasts.  His tongue flicked out rapidly, stroking my hardening nipples.  I whimpered at his touch.    I tossed my head back in pleasure as he took my hardened bud into his hot mouth.  I arched my back as he sucked hungrily.  My hands clutched the carpet as he ran his teeth over my sensitive nipple, biting it ever so gently.  His gentle bites were followed by teasing licks.  His suckling, biting, and licking made my head swim from the sheer pleasure of it all.  

His hand trailed down my stomach, across my pelvis, and slid under my skirt.  He rubbed my inner thighs, being careful to only teasingly glance my womanhood with his hand.  Robbie’s lips followed the path of his hands, placing feather light kisses upon my smooth skin.   His lips crawled seductively along my inner thighs.  He blew across my sex as his lips transitioned from one leg to the other, causing my hips to thrash and squirm.  He kissed my inner thighs again and again, up and down, getting ever so close to my sopping pussy.  His beard brushed my skin … he was so close to my sex I could feel his breath.  He picked a choice spot on my inner thigh, very close to my sex and sucked it, marking the delicate skin with his passion.  Then, he did the same thing to the opposite side, marking me again.  

His light kisses inched his way closer to my womanhood.  My hips arched in anticipation.  Without warning, he buried his mouth in my sex.  His tongue licked the folds of my wet pussy.  He skillfully parted them with his tongue, licking all around the sensitive folds.  My loud moaning encouraged him and I felt his tongue thrust into the depths of my womanhood.  He savored the taste as my honey flowed into his mouth.  

His tongue moved upward across my clit.  I screamed his name as he pressed his mouth around my pleasure center.  Sucking it in his mouth, he drove me closer and closer to the edge!  He sucked and pulled on my clitoris with his lips then laid his tongue flat against my sensitive bud to feel the tremors rise through me as I began to climax.  My thighs squeezed his face as I came hard.  He continued to suck gently as I rode the last waves of passion.  

He moved from between my legs, bringing his lips to mine.  He held me tight and kissed me long and deep so I could taste the sweetness of myself upon his lips.  My breathing slowly returned to normal.  Pulling back, he looked at my afterglow and smiled.

“I love you baby,” he said.  

“I love you,” I panted as an aftershock ran through me.  

We lay next to each other for a few minutes, watching the tree lights flicker on and off.

“I think it’s time for presents!” he said abruptly.

“But Christmas is tomorrow,” I protested.  

He scrambled for the tree.  “I can’t wait till tomorrow, we can open them tonight.  It’s Christmas Eve after all.”

“Okay, but you have to go first,” I said, handing Robbie his present.  

He opened his package to find a pair of red silk boxers and some massage oils.  

“Oh, I can make use of these right now!” He laughed, stripped and pulled the red boxers on right there!   

“The oils come with a massage.” I told him with a wink.  

He said that would be perfect after I opened my present.  It was a small package, which contained a black baby doll top and matching panties, and … my face turned red … a small vibrator.  

“The vibrator comes with a demonstration,” he said, grinning at me.  I tucked it next to the rug and get up to change into my black outfit.
As I returned, I motioned for him to lie on his stomach.  I grabbed the oil and poured a bit into my hands.  Starting at his shoulders, I slowly rubbed it in.  My thumbs moved in a circular motion as I pressed the stress out of his sore muscles.  I rubbed thoroughly across his shoulders, down his back, and then slid my fingers under his boxers and over his bottom, which was so fun to massage.  

“You are so squeezable,” I toyed.  

Robbie opened his legs as I massaged them one at a time, starting on his thighs and moving down his calves to his toes; first the right leg, then the left.  He groaned as I asked him to roll over.  I massaged his calves again, up to his knees.  I grinned at the red silk tent forming.  Wanting to release him, I found the door of his boxers and let his member out.  The slit glistened from the pre-cum that had formed and it seemed as if it winked at me.  

I skipped over his midsection and proceeded to his chest, pressing my fingers deeply into his hard muscles.  After massaging his chest, I slowly moved my fingers down his sides.  His hard cock jerked as my hand got closer to his hips.  

“Look at him, he is just begging for attention,” I said playfully.  

Forgetting my massage, I leaned in and licked the top before wrapping my lips around his ridge and sucking him gently.  My oiled fingers slid up and down his shaft.  He was so slick, my hands slid easily up and down his mighty rod.   My thumb met my lips as I sucked him.  Stroking his hard cock made me want him all the more.

While stroking him, I surprised Robbie by straddling his torso.  I guided his cock to my entrance, and then slid down on his hardness, letting him fill me completely.  He reached up and untied my top, freeing my breasts to bounce along as I rode him.  He cupped a breast in each hand, taking turns to kiss and suck them as I rode him faster.  Our breathing quickly became ragged and he asked me to twist around and ride him in reverse.  I repositioned myself over him and placed my hands upon his thighs before resuming my pace.  The moment was majestic: the snow fell outside, the wood crackled in the fireplace, and I rode my man hard and fast.  As I heard his incredible moans, I felt myself nearing the edge.  He reached over to get the vibe.  I felt his finger touch and tease my rosebud.  Then I heard this buzzing sound, which I wondered about until I felt the vibrations against my anus.  Oh the sheer pleasure the vibrations brought me!  I reached my climax in no time and felt his heat explode inside me.  He stayed inside me and I slowly fell to my side with him spooning me.  We were exhausted!  Robbie pulled a blanket around us and we fell asleep spooning in front of the fireplace.

I woke up as I heard him tinkering in the kitchenette.  He returned to me with a glass of orange juice and a bagel.  We sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, enjoying our light breakfast.  We chatted as we ate and noted how beautiful it was with the sunshine outside.  It made the snow and ice crystals glisten.  He causally stood up to check on the fire and shook one the stockings.  

“Hey, there’s something in this one,” he chimed.  

He took the stocking down from the mantle and handed it to me, grinning, “Merry Christmas, darling!”  

I kissed him and reached into the stocking and pulled out a small box.  

As I nervously open the box, Robbie got down on one knee.  “I love you.  I want to share my life with you and grow old with you.  Will you marry me?”  

With tears in my eyes, I threw my arms around him, knocking him over and kissing him deeply as we tumbled to the floor.  

“I take that as a yes,” he snickered as I covered his face with kisses.

After several moments of intense groping, we broke the kiss and I told him I needed to use the bathroom.  Leaving him there, I wandered down the short hall to the next room.  In the bathroom, I spied a jet tub, and two bathrobes hanging on the wall.  On the vanity there were bottles of shampoo, soap, lotion, bubble bath, lube, scented candles, and a radio.  I lit and positioned the candles around the room, admiring the sparkle from my ring, and tuned the radio to a station that was playing some classic Christmas music.  

After I set the scene, I called out to Robbie, “Come and see the bathroom!”  

I perched my naked self on the edge of the vanity and waited for him, legs crossed with my ring hand on my knee.  I had always wanted to take a bath with him.  My mind wandered as I imagined us ‘playing’ in the tub.  I was grinning from ear to ear as Robbie entered the bathroom.  He looked at me, the candles and then at the tub and smiled.

 “I suppose you want to take a bath?” he asked.  

“Yes, with you,” I whispered.  

He turned on the water which started the jets.  As the tub rapidly filled, I poured some of the bubble bath into the water.  He slid in first.  I sat on the edge of the tub for a while and watched him relax in the hot soapy water.  He reached around to cup my breasts, feeling my nipples harden in his palms.  Letting out a soft moan, I arched my back.  Soon, I felt his tongue licking my spine.  I quivered as I felt his tongue travel from the nape of my neck down to the crack of my butt.   

His hands slid down my sides and pulled me into the tub between his legs.  He kissed my neck, while his fingers smoothed the bubbles on my shoulders and arms.  I was squirming between his legs in no time.   I took a wash cloth and sensuously washed his legs.  I turned slightly to wash his chest and dripped soapy bubbles down his back.  After we washed and soaked a bit, I pulled the drain plug.  

“Are we finished, already?” he asked?  

“No, baby!  This is just the beginning,” I smiled.  

As the water drained, I reached to the vanity and got the bottle of lube.  I put some in my hands and then coated his member.  It was so slick and slippery.  Then I gave him the bottle and I turned away from him.   I got on my knees, putting my hands on the edge of the tub.  I let go with one hand to pull on a cheek, opening my crack and revealing my virgin rosebud.  

“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.   

“Yes, just be gentle,” I whispered.

He moved to his knees, behind me.  I felt one hand on my hip as he guided his manhood to my virgin entrance.  I pushed to relax my muscles as I felt him slowly enter.  He stayed motionless, letting me get used to him.  He reached around to massage my breasts and stomach as he eased a bit more of himself inside.  Oh my! This was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  He eased more of himself inside as his hand slid down to my lower lips and between the folds.  He slid two fingers inside my womanhood as he buried the rest of his cock inside me.  He filled me as I had never been filled before.  After he was sure I was ready, he started sliding slowly in and out.  His fingers moved in perfect harmony with his hips.  He held me steady with his other hand, moving it to my shoulder as slowly picked up speed.  He continued to match his rhythm, and thrust his fingers in and out of me faster as well.  He stroked my pleasure center with his thumb as he worked those magic fingers in and out of my hot box.  His moaning and groaning became quite pronounced and I knew he was close.  I thrust my bottom back, meeting his advances.  His fingers quickly brought me to the point of no return.  We both came together, moaning loudly over the sounds of the radio.  

He pulled slowly out.  As he sat back in the tub, he pulled me back onto his lap, wrapping his arms and legs around me.  I lay back on his shoulder and closed my eyes, enjoying his light touch as his fingers roamed.  

“Merry Christmas, my love,” I whisper.  

Blushing, I told him about my naughty wish.  I had always wanted to try anal play but wasn’t sure how to bring it up.  I was glad my wish came true.  Robbie leaned in and kissed me tenderly.  

“You can always talk to me about anything, darling,” he whispered as he kissed my ear.  “Especially since I booked this place for the next 11 days.  We are spending the 12 days of Christmas together to celebrate our engagement.  I want to ring in the New Year with you.  Maybe one of those days we will get out on the slopes!”

We both laughed.