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A nerd and a geek

A geek and a nerd make some explosions of thier own during Deadpool 2

We share a love of comics. A true nerd in love with a geek. You remember every detail, while I forget instantly. But oh, how I love to hear you talk about it! Seeing you light up with excitement about this nerdy world makes me so very happy. I would listen to you for days. You know my favorite anti-superhero is Deadpool. And you have read them all. I have tried but prefer to listen to you tell me all the little details I missed.

Deadpool 2. A must-see movie for us of course. I am so excited! My excitement makes you happy and I know you would do anything to keep that smile upon my face. Not opening night, because our theater would be way too crowded. But maybe a week later.

The theater we prefer, is in the heart of a big city but not quite as busy as you would think. We have met here over and over through the years. Enough to call it ours. Enough that we don’t have to question where we are going. We park in our regular spots. Just far enough away to not cause suspicion. I have already purchased our tickets online, picked our seating. Lovely reclining seats.

We head inside and wave to the friendly usual staff. You head to the concessions and order popcorn, junior mints and a beer. I stand behind you holding your hand, letting you lead the way. We head to our assigned theater. And just as we both hoped, it is empty. We head to the center of the back row. You sit to my right, take a sip of your beer and recline your seat. I take my jacket off, sit down and recline as well.

We snack on popcorn while the previews roll, hands held under my jacket. Your long fingers crossed through mine, my other hand wrapped around your wrist, fingers slowly grazing the soft suicidal veins. The movie begins. Oh Deadpool! How sexy you are. Even with that nut sack face. Your humor and sarcasm make me hot. Personality just like my love’s.

I turn and stare at you. I knew the moment I purchased the tickets, I had little to no chance of watching the movie. So, I bought a double feature. You place the popcorn in the empty seat beside you and spread your legs to get more comfortable. Thank god these theater people know us and trust us well. No spying on us, lots of privacy. I slide off my seat and lay on top of you.

You smell like alcohol, salt and butter. Absolutely delicious. My hands reach up to your face and run through your hair. Pulling your neck from side to side, placing kisses everywhere I please. Your hands are locked behind my back. Your fingers dance around the bottom of my shirt before clawing into the small of my back. I gasp and look up into your dark eyes.

Our lips lock. I pull all the flavor from your thick moist lips. Your tongue leaves its salty mark on mine. I suck your tongue for more. I feel your hands undo my bra, letting my boobs lose onto you. Then I feel the familiar rise of your manhood between my jeans. My hands trace your jawline down your chest and find your belt buckle. You press the button to lower your seat back down. I fall to my knees in front of you.

We both know where this is heading, but still our hearts beat from the excitement of any type of sexual encounter in a public space. I undo your zipper and free you into the darkness of the theater. Your hands run through my hair, your thumb traces my lip. I lick it and gently bite it, smiling. With the tiniest of kisses, I move from thumb to penis. A kiss on the tip before my tongue slides all the way down your shaft. I hear you moan with pleasure. I hope you can feel my smile on your penis.

I pull you to the back of my throat. You growl with need. I suck faster now, my hands clawing and pawing your thighs. Gripping your hips and pulling you into my mouth. You explode, hot and salty into me. I hear explosions from the screen behind me. Perfect timing.

In a rush, your hands are grabbing my sides and pulling me up to your face. I suck the taste of you from my lips and shove them onto yours. Your hands are on my sides, lifting my shirt and bra. You place your head between my breasts, both hands holding my boobs and gently thumbing my nipples. I straddle you, my wetness kissing the tip of your head.

Your mouth finds my neck and you bite down. Your gentleness is leaving fast as your fingers pinch and pull my nipples. Now it is I who is gasping in pleasure. I rub myself against you, hoping you will end my suffering soon. You pull yourself to your feet, me wrapped around you like a spider monkey. We switch positions. I am now reclined in the seat, you on the sticky floor between my legs. I am so glad I wore a skirt!

Your hands massage my thighs as my hands rub your shoulders. Your tongue feels electric and hot and you slide it from the inside of my knees to the innermost part of my thighs. I can barely breathe waiting exasperated for the magic you are about to perform. Your fingers enter first, spreading my folds gently. Taking possession of me. you slide them from the top of my clitoris down into my needy woman hole. I bite my lip and growl.

I feel my hips bend down towards you. Your fingers plunge in and out of me, my body clenching around them. And then I feel the hot burst of your tongue. Slowly entering me and finding my pleasure spot. My body belongs to you entirely. My god how good at this you are! Your sweet hot tongue tasting every inch of me, your fingers lifting into me. It feels so good that I want it to last forever. but all good things must end and before I know it, my body spasms around you. You kiss and suck and pull until I scream your name.

I concentrate on breathing. Its so hard to focus when all I want is you. You inside of me now. In another tangle of movement, we are switching positions again. You sit back down into your seat, and I follow. My legs spread on top of you, your tip oh so preciously sliding from my clit to my vagina. And with a thrust, you are inside of me. I moan and bite your neck. Our hands are clutched in a ball above our heads.

My thighs are ready for this exercise. I push myself down onto you, my breasts slapping your face as your mouth finds my nipples. I use all the strength I have to pull myself off you, and back down, over and over again. Groaning and growling louder and louder. You bite my nipples and pull them. I shove my body onto you with force and need.

All the sudden, there are explosions from the screen behind us again. I hear the Deadpool rap playing and know that the movie is coming to an end. I untangle my hands and wrap them around your neck, pulling you into my neck as I thrust faster. I feel your tongue on my neck and scream as my world shatters on top of you. Your teeth find my nipples as you join me in my shattered world.

I stand up and pull my skirt down and replace my shirt. I can’t find my bra and thank god I wasn’t ever wearing any undies! You stand up and zip your pants, finishing your beer and grabbing your popcorn. As you sit back down, you shove a mouthful of that salty goodness into your mouth, munching and smiling. I giggle and sit back down in the seat next to you. I smooth my skirt and straighten my hairs.

The security crew comes in and I show them my second showing tickets on my phone. We hold hands and wave. He asks us how we liked it the first time. I giggle, and you make a wiseass remark about all those wonderful explosions. I glance down and see the outline of my bra, fallen into the sticky candy mess under the seats in front of us. I kick it further down. That will be a lovely surprise for some other hot young couple to find in the future. The security guy leaves us again and I steal some popcorn as I lean my head against your shoulder, hand in hand, ready for our feature film.


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