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A New Beginning

Part 2 of my New Life Series
I was sitting at the kitchen table filled with an overwhelming sense of despair, looking back at my life and wondering what to do next. Mike and I have been locked in what Jamie calls a “Cold War” for the last couple months and I’m at the end of my rope. We aren’t really fighting …. in fact, we haven’t spoken to each other at all in quite some time … but the tension is continuous.

I dread going home after work because I never know what kind of mood he’s going to be in when I get there. Will he be screaming at me, go back to the constant demanding of the past few years, or will he just continue to ignore me altogether?

Friends keep telling me I shouldn’t have to live under someone’s thumb like this, and they’re right: love is supposed to be sweet and fulfilling, not painful and tragic. I shouldn’t have to be afraid to answer the phone, or feel the need to always park in the same spot at work just in case he decides to drive by and check up on me. I’m standing at the edge of divorce looking down, and I don’t know how much longer I can deal with it.

As I’m sitting here contemplating the future, I realize that after almost thirty-eight years of marriage, there’s nothing here for me anymore. I’m tired of living in fear, and I’m not going to do it anymore. I’m done. And with that, I lay my wedding band on the table, and walk out the door.

I’m about 20 miles away when I choke back my tears long enough to realize that I’m driving off into the night and have no idea where I’m going ….

“It’s one in the morning,” I think to myself. “And where can I go, where he won’t find me?”

“I could go to a hotel … But I really don’t want to be alone right now; and what if Mike comes looking for me in the morning?”
“The bars are closing soon …..”
“Well, that might be a good way to work off my anger, not to mention giving me a place to stay for the night, but I really don’t feel like that right now.”

“Call Jamie,” says a voice in the back of my head. “He’ll know what to do. If nothing else, he’ll make me feel a little better … he always does.”

So I dial the number …….no answer.
“He must be asleep.”
The call goes to voice mail ….“I can’t take your call right now … blah, blah, blah … Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”

“Jamie, I really need to talk to you. PLEASE call me back as soon as you can.”

“Now what?”

Just as the thought of going to a bar starts to sound like a viable option, I remember that Jamie had suspected things would end up like this, and had given me a key for just such an occasion. “If you need a place to hide out for a few days, you’re always welcome here,” he said. “Mike doesn’t know where I live and the house is tucked back in the woods so he won’t see the car from the road.”

I know the place well. It was the old Hanson place where we used to have kegger parties back in the 70’s; so I decided it sounded like a good idea and headed out that way.

As I pull up the lane into the clearing, I am awestruck as the light of the full moon reveals a soaring tower and a wrap around porch trimmed with delicate spindle work. I can’t believe what he has done with that crumbling old house that used to be littered with rusty beer cans. Far from “just fixing it up a little”, as he so modestly put it, he has taken a fairly ordinary farm house and transformed it into a beautiful Queen Ann.

The porch light shines invitingly as I pull up, and a light shimmers through the stained glass of the tower like a beacon …. Almost like he knew I was coming.

Once inside, I find my way down the back hall, following the light into a time-warp: from the tiled walls to the soft lines of the 50’s appliances, it was just like my grandma’s kitchen. I can almost smell the fresh baked bread as a flood of childhood memories washes over me.

I walk over to the table where I find a wine glass and a bottle of golden elixir waiting for me, and sit down for a much needed drink. As I savor the flavor of sweet spices rising up in a sea of golden honey, I feel the anger and frustration melting away and the house seems to wrap its arms around me, making me feel completely safe for the first time in quite a while. After spending fifteen years making up my mind, I have finally come home.

I sit for a few minutes, wondering if I should just sleep on the couch or go tell him that I’m here. Deciding I should tell him I’m here, I go looking for the bedroom. When I find the elaborately carved staircase, I pause at the bottom, pondering what happens next. After our last encounter, I picked up my wedding ring and went back to my old life. Even if I do sleep on the couch, Mike will never believe it; so I may not have that option this time. If I’m going to stay here, I need to be sure of what it is that I really want.

I sneak into his room like a thief in the night to find him sleeping, his bed dimly illuminated by the silvery light of the full moon. After a few minutes of debate, I strip down to bra and panties before quietly slipping into his bed.

As I snuggle up next to his still sleeping form, I can’t help thinking about the passion of our last encounter and how this could be my last chance to reclaim my lost love. I am completely intoxicated, not by the mead, but by the overwhelming emotions welling up inside of me making me want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. And if it means walking away from thirty-eight years of my life with nothing but the clothes on my back, the new life we create together just might be worth it.

I begin gently stroking his chest before slowly moving down to his legs. As the fire builds within me, I slip my hand inside his shorts to gently stroke his balls. He stirs a little, but doesn't wake up as his cock starts to respond to my gentle touch.

Thinking about a story he once told me about waking up one morning to find himself in the middle of a three-some with his buddy‘s girlfriend, I move my head down and start to gently lick up and down the length of his hardening cock. When he is fully erect, I move down between his legs and, pulling his shorts out of the way, I start licking his balls before moving back up to his swollen cock. I lick around the head and slowly suck it deeply into my mouth. He begins to groan softly in his sleep and I wonder what kind of erotic dreams I'm inspiring.

As I slip his shorts off, he begins to stir, then reaches up to turn on the light.

“Well, hello, Pat. Nice to see you.”

“Hey, Sleepyhead. Having a nice dream?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, and didn’t want to wake up and miss it.”

I take one more lick up the length of his cock, then kiss my way up his body until we meet face to face.

Looking deep into his eyes, “You knew I was coming, didn’t you?”

“Not exactly, but I always know when you’re hurting. It’s a rather helpless feeling, really, knowing the one you love is suffering and not being able to do anything about it. That’s why I gave you the key, so you’d have a place to go when you finally decided you’d had enough. If Mike can’t, or won’t, love you right …. I will. And that’s a promise. Have you made up your mind about what you really want?”

“Mike is history and my old life is over. It took me fifteen years to make up my mind, but I’m ready to start a new life … With you, if you still want me. You’ve created the home of your dreams, now let me be the woman of your dreams.“

“I have loved you from afar all these years and I may not always be perfect at it, but I will do my best to be exactly what you need.”

“I‘m ready to give myself to you completely.”

The passion I feel is overwhelming as I lean down until our lips meet for a long breath stealing kiss. As our tongues intertwine, I feel him reaching back to undo my bra. Once I feel the strap come loose, I sit up so he can pull the shoulder straps over my arms and slip my bra off before tossing it aside.

I’m trembling with passion as he reaches up to cup and massage my breasts with his hands before moving down to roll my nipples between his fingers, making them even harder and making me moan in pleasure. I move a little closer so he can enjoy my full breasts completely; burying his face in my soft flesh, then sucking and nibbling my nipples until they stand out like points and my cunt is soaking wet.

I feel his hands slowly slide down my body until he is gently stroking the backs of my thighs and my panty covered buns The feeling is incredibly erotic and when the feeling becomes too much to bear, I raise up and strip my panties down to my knees, then drop back to my hands and knees so he can work them the rest of the way off.

While he continues to swirl his tongue around my nipples, I feel him reach between us, gently stroking my wet slit, then slipping a couple finger inside me. I shudder with pleasure as his thumb begins rubbing my swollen clit while his fingers continue working their own magic inside me.

When he senses that I’m about to go over the edge, he takes his hand away and moves me back to a position where he can enter me.

I lower myself onto him, squeezing my muscles down to make his cock feel especially welcome, then lean forward so my hard nipples teasingly brush his face as my breasts sway with my movement. He reaches up to squeeze my soft breasts and suck the nipples as I slowly ride up and down on his cock, rocking my hips as I do to draw him as deeply as possible into me. I’m already so turned on that it doesn’t take long before I am shuddering with a powerful orgasm, collapsing breathlessly on top of him as my sweet girl juices gush over his manhood.

When I am able to move again, he rolls me over on my back and kisses me passionately as his hands begin roaming all over my body, teasingly stroking and squeezing my quivering flesh.

Then he moves over me, massaging my full breasts with his strong hands as he begins to gently suck and lick my rock hard nipples. I start to squirm and writhe in excitement beneath as he begins gradually, teasing, working lower – opening my legs wide in anticipation as he moves his head down between my thighs.

Just as he reaches that point, he stands up and has me move so I am lying back with my butt on the edge of the bed. There, he kneels between my widely spread thighs and begins to gently stroke the inside of my thighs with the backs of his hands. Soon, his mouth replaces his hands, teasing me as he licks and nibbles up my thighs, up around my steaming mound, and down the other thigh while his hands gently stroke my sensitive buns.

I am all but begging for it when he finally moves his head up between my thighs and begins to lick up and down the length of my slit while he reaches up to massage my breasts with his hands. Moving his hands back between my legs, he opens my lips and begins sliding his tongue deep inside me, then gently licking over my soft folds as I moan with pleasure.

I moan louder and begin to squirm uncontrollably as he slides a couple fingers deep inside, rubbing my G-spot, and begins to lick my clit - circling it with his tongue as I hump against his mouth. Then he slips a finger into my ass and starts fucking me with his tongue until I begin to come again.

When I start to shudder, he moves up and begins furiously pounding his cock into me; prolonging my orgasm as my muscles clamp down on him and I cry out in pleasure.

He keeps pounding me until he is ready to come, then moves up to straddle my chest. Knowing what he wants, I push my breasts together, squeezing his cock between them and he begins fucking my boobs while I lick and suck the head of his cock as it comes into view. It doesn’t take long before the pleasures of my amorous attentions prove too much for him and he feels his balls tighten, he shoves his cock deep into my waiting mouth where it explodes, shooting stream after stream of hot cum down my throat. When I have sucked the last drop from his cock, I lick it clean.

Afterwards, he moves to lie down close beside me so we can snuggle close while we catch our breath. Both of us are completely exhausted and satisfied in a way neither has ever experienced before.

Looking deep into his eyes, “I love you, Jamie, and this time I’m here to stay.”

Snuggling up close, he kisses me gently, “I love you too, Pat.”

And we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms, happy to finally be together after all these years.

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