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A new start. The love story of a sub pt7

Kelly sets her new life with her love

Thank again for the priceless help of NaughtyAnn. I suggest to read the previous parts before this.


I was standing there in the slave position and I had taken her request as a test on my will power. Also I was strong in my determination to stay there without making a move. The time passed and, after several hours, my legs began to go numb. Thinking to myself that it was quite a long time I was determined to wait at least until the next morning. Having a strong faith that she wouldn't harm me intentionally, and at that time I would have to worry not about me, but about if something happened to her.

Also I was thinking that what I was doing was crazy, but I had to show her my deep love, faith and trust. The sunlight faded into dusk, and my legs were trembling and aching. Not being able to hold on any longer my pee started to flow from me, dampening my inner legs and my ankles, creating a pool on the carpet beneath me. That was so embarrassing, but I simply had to stay immobile for her.

I think it was around midnight when I heard a car in the driveway then a car door slam. The main door opened and the light was turned on. Serena was there; she saw me and could smell my pee and her eyes widened in a worried look.

"Oh my... Kelly, what are you doing still there?" she asked.

As she approached me she slid one arm below my legs and one behind my back and lifted me up. Carrying me into the bathroom, she didn’t care about her dress being stained.

"Darling, I'm so sorry” she said, in a worried voice “my car broke down and I didn't manage to get a cab until now. Please forgive me!"

Her eyes were glistening with tears, and even in my weakness, with my mind clouded in pain from my legs; I loved her much more than ever.

"I love you Serena, I knew you wouldn't hurt me on purpose. I had to wait and do what you asked; it was my only way to show you my love” I told her.

A tear ran down her cheek and she softly kissed my forehead and my lips, laying me carefully in the bathtub. Then she started to massage my legs and, as I gathered my senses, I could see her deep love for me. She was not ashamed or disgusted to touch me even if I my legs were drenched in pee.

As soon as she felt the blood run normally again in my legs, she opened the warm water and started to clean me with so much care I was touched again and I started crying. 

"What's happening, Kelly, am I hurting you?" she asked softly.

"No, Serena, don't worry, I only felt your love, and it touched my heart” I replied.

She smiled a little and I saw her worried look subside a bit. Half an hour later I was completely restored, and dressed in a bathrobe.

While I was drying she changed her clothes with some she always kept at my house. Then she had cleaned the living room, and was cooking some food for me. I realized at that moment I hadn’t eaten any food since the morning and I was starving. Now everything was back to normal, and after I ate she called me to the couch. 

Then she asked me if I had changed my mind, and I replied, no. So she asked me to close my eyes, I felt her take something from her purse then she asked me to open my eyes. As I looked I could see in front of me a wonderful item, a platinum collar, made from eight thin chains braided together. Where the two ends locked there was a little plate that could be kept hidden by sliding it behind its side section. There was an inscription carved on it, which read: 

‘This is the slave, slut, wife, lover, soulmate and most precious pet of Mistress Serena.’

Under the plate, chained to the border of the collar, were two female symbols linked together, and a little diamond cut in a heart shape hung between them.

"Would you accept this from me, as a symbol of our love for each other?" she asked.

"Yes, with all my heart, Serena, yes, this slave will accept it, Mistress” I repeated, allowing her to lock it around my neck. (I have never removed it from that day, except to clean it.)

The sliding plate allowed the inscription to be hidden, so that it appeared to be just a precious necklace, therefore I could keep it on in everyday life. That was the best present I could ever have received, especially because of the wording - which was still resounding in my head. Slave... slut... wife... lover... soulmate... most precious... pet... . Each word had a deep meaning for me, filling me with love and satisfaction.

Then she ordered me to prepare my things for my move, because she thought it would be better if I accepted the promotion. My heart started pounding in my chest, I couldn't understand. I had to obey, but what was happening? She had just declared her full love to me, and now she said I would have to move to another city.

This got me extremely puzzled and a little worried, but I had already decided by accepting her new collar. I would confide in her and do what she asked, even if I was a little concerned. So I called my boss and confirmed to him that I would accept the promotion, and then I started to pack my belongings into boxes. Serena stayed with me every day that week, helping me to pack, often teasing me, and making love to me every night. Sometimes she would be tender, sometime rough, but it was always deep love. That week I received no punishment, and we acted as a real couple.

The last day of packing a truck arrived to gather the boxes and transport them to my new home. I hadn’t even looked for one; since Serena told me that she had already set everything up. She had made a few phone calls during the first few days of the week and not allowed me to hear.

We managed to get some rest on that final day, and the following morning we got in her car and made our way to the airport. Then we caught the plane to my new city and home. My local office had already packed my work things and they were being sent to the new office, so I didn't have to worry about them. Today was Saturday and I wouldn't have to be at my new workplace for another week, due to a slight delay of some maintenance works in the new office.

My hope was to spend another week with Serena, but I was afraid to ask her, while she drove me towards my new home. I was wondering where it would be, and what it would look like. We arrived in a part of the city where I could see many rich houses around us, and then we drove up to a guarded gate, where she identified both of us.

After such formality, she drove the car along a paved path, and then we entered another guarded gate heading to a manor. My mind was blank; I couldn’t understand what was happening.

"Kelly, you never asked me who I am, or what I do for a living” she said to me “it is now time to tell you my story. I am an heiress, and I'm very rich, both from my father’s wealth and from my husband when he died in a car accident.”

She went to on to explain that the manor was hers, and she didn’t have to work. I would live there with her, and be the lady of the house along with her. The she told me that she hadn’t told me before because initially she didn’t want to force her presence on me. When I declared my will to be with her for my whole life, she decided to give me a surprise.

“Do you like this idea?" she asked.

I almost broke the rules again that I was following, since they were a safeguard from uncertainty, but I managed to contain my joy.

"This slave agrees, Mistress and if I could say, is overjoyed by all of this, Mistress, and she couldn’t even dream about such joy. She thinks she is asleep and dreaming, she doesn’t want to wake up" I told her.

"Very well, Kelly, from now on you will behave normally every day, unless I tell you. You can address me by my name, and behave in public with me as my lover” she explained.

"Alright, Serena. You know I love you and that this is a surprise for me, but thinking back it shouldn't be. Your wealth has been displayed to me several times, even though it was discretely” I said “I should have realised when you bought me this collar, but I was so focussed on our feelings I didn't even notice. If you live here, why you are always away?" 

"I didn't live here, but I will from now on, with you. During the weekends I will manage the Club, of which I am the owner, and I would be glad if you were at my side” she replied “in my former house I passed the weekdays always looking for something to spice up my time, until I met you in that pub.”

“Now I can set this up as my new house, as I was seldom using it before, because it was my husband’s house. He would have loved you too, and I’m sure he would be happy for our love and for you to live here. I’ll tell you about him, sometime, if you want to.”

“Thank you, I am really curious. He must have been a really good man, if you still talk so sweet about him.”

We kissed briefly and then she told me that the staff were dying to meet their new Mistress.

"New Mistress?" I asked.

She laughed "You'll understand, don't worry."

We headed into the house, and as soon as we stepped inside, she locked the doors. The house staff were there, immobile until she made a signal and they dropped most of their clothes. They were standing in sexy, slutty and very exciting slave outfits and looked happy to see us.

“Welcome home Mistress Serena, welcome home Mistress Kelly!” they chorused out to us.

My eyes widened in surprise, as Serena’s sly smile rested on me.

“They are all completely dominated slaves, and they are here to be protected from whoever could take advantage of them, exploiting their submission” she explained “their masters entrusted them to me, to keep them safe when they aren’t available. So I gave them a job which partially satisfies their needs to serve, and so I am, and you are now, allowed to use them as we please, of course without hurting them.”

I was speechless.

“You will get use to this, my love. We both need a warm, hard cock to fill us sometimes. Now, follow me, and I will show you the house and our bedroom.” 

My mind was racing, I still couldn’t believe it. She said ‘our bedroom’ and I wasn’t yet used to the fact I had her love, it was almost incredulous that we were officially a couple... a dream come true. After my love declaration, and then her unexpected one, I hadn’t expected things to move so fast. Not that I was complaining, in the last week my life had climbed to paradise, and every single moment was better and better with a new surprise around every corner!

As we reached the huge bedroom, I saw that it already contained my boxes of belongings. I admired the amazing king size bed – I would say emperor size bed, big as it was – covered with silk sheets, and so soft you felt as though you were floating on air. She hugged my hip and started to kiss me passionately and, after a little while, I broke the kiss.

She was staring at me with a puzzled look as I undressed I then sat in the slave position.

“What do you mean Kelly?” she asked.

“This slave has not been punished in a while. She would deserve some reminders of her rightful place next to Mistress.” 

“You miss the punishment, because you really enjoy it, right my slave?” she said, as she smiled at me.

“It is so, Mistress. This slave loves to be punished by Mistress” I whispered.

“Well, well. So the real punishment will be… not to punish you. You have been naughty, slave, trying to deceive your Mistress. From now on, you won’t cum until I give you permission. Now come here and eat my pussy” she told me.

My mouth was already on her pussy lips. I licked and sucked them, enjoying her taste and she was wetter and wetter every time my tongue hit her, then I felt her legs sag as she stepped backward and lay on the bed. Calming down I started to lick in a more passionate and teasing way. I left her lips, avoided her throbbing clit, and kissed her inner thighs, just lightly touching her swollen outer lips. 

I had different goals in doing that, and they were to make her cum as hard as possible, as I knew she would after enough teasing. To disobey her order to eat her, to earn a punishment with the last, and most difficult, goal to make her frenzied enough to desire tasting my orgasm too. How wicked I felt, setting my own trap. Anything I could do was either driving to get a punishment or an orgasm.

What I underestimated was the strength of her domination skills, which she didn’t allow to fade or be eased by her love toward me, and how cunning she was. As soon as I started the teasing she understood my trick and set a countermove. I did want to be reminded of my right place next to her when we were alone, and that place was a serving slave, even with the great love we shared for each other. 

She was ready to give me a lesson that I wouldn’t forget easily, but of course I was unaware of that at the time. I thrust a finger into her dripping hole, and kissed next to her clit, then licked around her pussy lips, sometimes sliding on them with my tongue. Moaning aloud, her pussy flooded with her love juices, and I realised that the teasing was at its limit. So I put my mouth on her pussy, licking between her lips and then tongue fucking her, driving her wild with pleasure. 

I clasped her clit with my teeth, letting her cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Then I sucked it harder and harder, finger fucking her, with three fingers of my right hand in her pussy and two of my left hand probing deep in her butthole. This started her orgasm and she screamed and squirted all over me. I then sat in my position, waiting for her reaction, which was unexpectedly as cold as ice and scaring as hell. Realising that she wasn’t fooled by my actions, and in a cold rage, she was planning a real punishment, one that would really be such, and not one I would enjoy.

This introduced me to the playroom, which was connected to our bedroom with an almost concealed door next to a wardrobe. The room had a king size bed, with iron supports and chains with handcuffs at the four angles, and leather straps hanging from a rail on the ceiling, allowing them to be moved around the room. Some other tools that I had never seen before were scattered around the room, but I could easily imagine their function.

“Don’t worry, some are not meant to be used on you. This is the room where you will get your punishments and be tied or chained waiting for them. Now, come here, slave!” she commanded.

I obeyed, and she tied my arms to my back and then fastened me onto the hanging straps, which were then used to raise me in the air at crotch level, as a sort of swing. The ties were almost comfortable, which meant that someone could stay there for long time. She rang a bell when I was in place.

“I have found the right punishment for my loving little slut. Remember you are not allowed to cum!” she told me.

A few moments later two members of the staff, a man and a woman, opened the door from the corridor, and stepped inside the room. 

“Mike, go and call everyone here, you’ll have to give the proper welcome to your new Mistress. Meanwhile you, Cindy, start licking that hanging slut and try to give her as much pleasure as you can. Remember she is not allowed to cum, if she does, you must let me know” she told them.

“Yes, Mistress” they both said at once.

Then they started obeying their orders. Five minutes later I was moaning aloud and the full house staff was inside the room, dressed in their slave outfits. In the next hour I had been fucked, licked, banged in every possible hole. Also I had licked, sucked, kissed and swallowed, my holes dripping and my juices mixing with the others. Now I was in frenzy as I wanted to cum, and I had never been so excited before.

It was more and more difficult not to cum, almost impossible, despite my ability to resist it. When it was impossible for me to resist any more, I was about to let go and accept the punishment for such a disobedience, but Serena stopped everyone. She then gave permission to them to enjoy themselves on the bed, and cum as they please in front of me. Nobody had to touch me again for now.

“Please Mistress, allow this slut to cum. This slut will do anything for you, but allow her. Please!” I begged, as I was going crazy.

“You already do anything I want, so it wouldn’t be fair to accept your begging” she replied.

Still hanging by the straps my body wouldn’t turn or move. Also I was facing the bed where I could see many people fuck their brains out. It was torture to see them cum, and I couldn’t move or do anything. It must have lasted about twenty minutes of unbearable, unsatisfied desire, then I heard her doing something behind me and a second later I screamed in pain.

The flog hurt me on my ass cheeks and on my back, five quick strokes, five loud screams. There was no pleasure in this and my sexual arousal suddenly disappeared, so a thought hit me. I shouldn’t have been so confident that she wouldn’t use a flog on me again. She told me she would if really needed, and I had to admit it that this time it had been necessary. Acting again as an unworthy slave, as I had been at the beginning of my training, and thinking of my own needs instead of hers.

As I started to understand I felt my heart sink and suffer in pain for having hurt Serena. This started my tears flowing more than the bite of the flogging. Serena heard my silent sobbing and stopped immediately, her eyes glistening. I could see that she was afraid that she had gone too far when she heard my silent sobs, so she stopped and approached me.

“My love, I’m sorry if I hurt you too bad…” she said.

“Mistress, please forgive this stupid slave who carelessly hurt you, she must thank you for letting her remember her place and correct behaviour. She must apologize for being so unworthy, mean and selfish and thinks she deserved the whole punishment Mistress wanted to give her” I told her.

“Thank you, my Mistress, for being so patient and good with this useless stupid slut” I continued.

She kissed my lips, smiled and said “I now see my beloved precious slave again. You will hang here for a while, to reflect about everything. I love you Kelly.”

Clapping her hands twice everyone else in the room stood up and left, then she kissed my lips again and left too. About an hour later she returned and untied me, then she laid me on the bed and dabbed some ointment on the red stripes I had on my back. After that she helped me dress with a pair of loose shorts and a tight short top but no underwear.

The boxes containing my belonging were piled in our room and so we started to put everything away. I could see that there was space in the drawers and wardrobes in our bedroom to be filled with my things. We used the rest of the day tidying up the mess by ourselves, so that we could share as much time together as possible, instead of letting the staff do it for us. At dinner we ate some cold food and then went to sleep in that wonderful bed.

Naked, we cuddled a little under the sheets, and then she started sliding her lips and tongue down my body, teasing my breast and my nipples, down to my belly until she reached my sore pussy. With all the sweetness in the world she made me cum really hard by licking my lips and sucking my clit.

After that I was completely worn out, and fully satisfied both physically for the climax and mentally for the love we shared. We kissed briefly, telling each other how much we loved one another, and then we both fell asleep. Serena laid on her back, with her right arm around my shoulders, me on her with my right arm on her belly. I had my hand around her left breast, keeping my head on her right shoulder just over her right breast and my right leg bent on her right leg. 

I had never felt so good and happy before. A completely new life of mine began that day, with a fulfilled sentimental and sexual life, a successful career, and later with new good friends that I could care about. Life is wonderful!

The End

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