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A Night Never Forgotten

Nate finally gets to be alone with Katie
“Come at eight. There will be a few others here, but I want them to meet you!”

Nate continued to look down at the phone. Finally, he had a chance at being alone with Katie, the girl he had been chasing for the past month.

He almost didn’t even believe the text.

The two had known each other for a long time, but had just reconnected a month ago when Nate saw her while getting his hair cut.

Over the past month, they had seen each other a few times. They both worked a lot, but found time afterward to meet up at parks and occasionally a restaurant. Conversation was quick to them, sharing their favorite music and catching up on the events over the past few years.

With their friendship rekindled, it began to progress into attraction as the two found more in common than they remembered. The conversation started to change from light-hearted fun into serious, deeper conversations.

They had grown close over that month, and both knew it was only a matter of time until their friendship would progress from just the emotional side into the physical side.

Katie had finally given both of them the opportunity they needed to cross that bridge. The party at her friend's house was perfect.

Evening came around, and eventually Nate showed up at the party. Katie introduced him to her friends and the two began to drink.

They all played some drinking games, listened to music, and eventually grew tired and retreated to where each was sleeping.

Katie had been flirting with Nate the entire night, which was something new for both of them. The alcohol helped give her the confidence she needed.

When everyone decided to go to sleep, the two went into one of the bedrooms together, and began to make out. It was wonderful. Both of them had been waiting anxiously for this moment and the nerves began to subside as they began to embrace each other.

Occasionally they would stop and look at each other for a moment and laugh, knowing now that they both felt the same way about each other. They continued like this for about fifteen minutes before clothes started to come off. Eventually, they were each naked and exposed to one another. It was dark, but that didn’t cause the two to not recognize how attractive they both were physically.

The two were unsure with how far they should take it this night. It was a big step for them, but it didn’t stop the two from wanting more from each other.

After making out naked a while, Katie began to move down on Nate. He knew what was going to happen, something he had never truly experienced before.

Katie teased Nate’s cock with her tongue for a few moments before wrapping her mouth around its head and shaft. She felt it pulse in her mouth as Nate moaned in pleasure. She had not done this with any other man before, but this was a special case. She knew it would not be in vain.

She continued until Nate suddenly murmured. To Nate’s surprise, she kept his cock in her mouth as he released his cum.

He collapsed in pleasure onto the bed, watching as Katie didn’t let a single drop come out. She was just as surprised as him that she liked the taste.

She jumped beside him, smiling. Eventually, Nate recovered and smiled back.

“My turn,” he said.

Katie didn’t hesitate before spreading her legs, revealing to Nate a dripping wet pussy with a piercing through her clit.

Nate looked at her before gently rubbing the piercing with his fingers. Katie’s eyes shut from the sudden wave of pleasure of pressure against her sensitive clit.

His fingers continued playing with her clit while he moved down and began to kiss her theighs. Katie didn’t expect anything as good as this. No one had ever treated her so gently and perfectly before.

It didn’t take long before her muscles locked up, and she began to climax. It surprised Nate how easily she had come, so he continued through it. As she came, her pussy began to flow with juices, eventually shooting all over Nate’s hand. After her climax was over, her muscles relaxed and she fell back to the bed, expecting Nate to stop.

To her surprise, she felt Nate’s tongue press up against her exposed clit. She almost screamed as it flicked her piercing and moved down to begin licking every inch of her pussy’s lips.

After making sure he hit every spot, Nate moved up and began to play with Katie’s clit again with his tongue. He then took two of his fingers and moved them into Katie’s drenched hole.

It was not as large as his cock, but the two fingers inside of Katie caused her to convulse in pleasure. Her body shook as he moved them in and out of her. She wasn’t sure if she was having an orgasm or if the pleasure was just that incredible.

Her question was soon answered as Nate’s fingers hit her G-spot, causing her to lock up and squirt juices all over Nate’s hand and tongue. Eventually, she collapsed again against the bed, almost passed out from how much energy her orgasm had drained.

Nate stood up and looked at her on the bed, naked and smiling, about to fall asleep. He had no idea what was going to happen next, but even if it was just for a night, he knew that she deserved to feel how she did.

The two would always remember that night for the rest of their lives.

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