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A Perfect Night

A romantic fantasy written to make the woman feel special and loved while bringing her to orgasm.
It starts off with a nice romantic evening of cuddling and talking on the bed. We lay face-to-face, arm-in-arm, gazing into each other's eyes. As we lie there, we share some slow, deep, passionate kisses. I lean in and press my lips to yours and our eyes close. As we kiss, we start melting into each other.

We hold it for a second, then your lips part slowly to allow my tongue access to your waiting mouth. My tongue slides into your mouth as a serpent slithers along the ground; slowly, deliberately. Our tongues find each other and start rolling around, rubbing all over each other. You moan softly into my mouth.

After a minute or so, I pull my mouth away from yours and kiss the side of your neck softly. Your head falls back and you let out a sigh as I plant soft, sweet, tender kisses all over the side of your neck. I begin licking lines up and down while you moan softly. I gently pull your soft, warm skin into my mouth and suck on it. You run your hands over the back of my head as mine roam over your back, gently rubbing and caressing you. 

Then, your clothes start coming off. You raise your arms, allowing me to pull your shirt off. I hold you against me as I unhook your bra and lay it on the floor. You stand up as I kneel in front of you, gently kissing your stomach. I pull your pants down and slide them off, then your panties. As I go down, I notice that you're getting wet. Your pussy smells so sweet, it makes me want to devour you. Your body shakes slightly as you close your eyes, eagerly expecting me to start licking you. 

But I have other plans for you, baby. I take your socks off and lay you face-down on the bed. I grab a bottle of warm massage oil off the dresser and squirt some across your upper back, between your shoulders. You let out a sigh as your body discovers how soothing my touch is. I get on my knees over your thighs and begin rubbing. My hands move slowly and gently over your soft, warm flesh in big circular motions. I rub your shoulders before squirting oil onto your lower back. 

I lather the oil onto your skin, my hands soft but firm. I run them up and down over your sides, gently caressing them. I slowly but deliberately work my hands into your flesh, smoothing away any aches and pains you might have. As you lie there with your eyes clothes, your body feels perfectly relaxed. You feel as if you're floating on a cloud of peace and happiness. 

As I squirt the oil onto your ass cheeks and give them a firm squeeze, you become aware again of the moistness and warmth between your legs. You moan softly as I massage you; you want me to take you, to make love to you. But you want me to keep pampering you, which I do. I run my hands over your ass, caressing, rubbing, and squeezing it. It feels so good, for both of us. 

Then, I move down to your thighs. As I work the oil in just under your ass, I smell your aroma. I want to spread your legs and rub my tongue all over your pussy, but I have to finish my work. Restraining myself, I continue rubbing down your thighs lovingly. 

Now it's time for your calves. I squirt the oil on and gently massage it into your soft skin, tenderly working your flesh. Your body feels amazing, so loose and relaxed. I lay down beside you and roll you onto your side so you're facing me. I pull you close as we share a long, tender kiss. Our eyes closes and our lips press together, parting slowly. Our tongues find each other and begin their mating dance again. 

As our bodies press together, you become aware of my erection. My fully hard dick is pressing against your thigh. You smile at me as I raise my arms for you to pull my shirt off. We kiss again before you move down to my pants. You undo them slowly and pull them off along with my boxers and socks. 

You smile at me again before taking my 8-inch shaft in your hand. You kiss the head softly, then lick over the length a few times. I sigh with pleasure as you swirl your tongue over my big head, before drawing it into your mouth to suck on it. Your hand rests on my pelvis with your index finger and thumb wrapped around the base. I place my hands on your head as it moves down on my shaft. 

I moan softly as you start sucking slow and hard. I guide your mouth up and down my dick as it throbs against your tongue. Your mouth is so warm and wet, it feels wonderful. I love the way your tongue swirls around my dick, massaging and caressing it. Gradually, you start to suck a little harder and a little faster.

My hips begin moving up and down with your head as you suck and suck. You cup my balls in your hand, gently caressing them as I slow-fuck your mouth. You suck long and hard, taking the base into your mouth. I close my eyes as I moan softly with pleasure. This is absolutely fantastic.

After a few minutes, I feel my dick getting harder. My balls tighten as I feel pressure building up at the base of my shaft. You feel it too and instinctively pull your head back as I moan. The cum bursts out from my dick, shooting into your mouth. You suck hard as fill your mouth with three warm jets of my cum while my body twitches. 

You eagerly swallow, trying to get it all down as it starts oozing out of your mouth and down my shaft. After you finish swallowing, you continue sucking, cleaning my dick. As I start to shrink, you let me go, smiling at me. I wipe your lips before kissing you softly and laying you on your back.

Grabbing some pillows, I prop you up on them to make you more comfortable. I climb on top of you and and kiss your cheek as you hug me. I start kissing down your neck softly while you throw your head back and sigh. I kiss, lick, and suck all over the side of your neck. I move down to your chest, grabbing the oil and squirting a little onto your breasts. 

Taking them in my hands, I caress, rub and squeeze them as I smile at you. I lower my head to your right breast. I start kissing all over it. Then, I run my tongue over it in a spiral motion. I start sucking on the soft, sensitive flesh as you let out soft moans of approval. I kiss your nipple, lick it and draw it into my mouth to suck on it. I start out gently, but gradually start sucking harder. 

Then, I move to your left breast to give it the same treatment. You arch your back as you moan in pleasure. I lick in between them and make my way down to your stomach. I kiss all over it, making my way down to your thighs. This causes you to quiver with excitement over what I'm going to do. I kiss, lick, and suck all over your thighs, teasing you as I run my hands over them. I make my way down to your feet and grab the oil. 

I put a little in my hands and begin rubbing them, first the right, then the left. Caressing them sweetly, I lean down and kiss them. I kiss all over the top and the bottom and lick them softly. I take your toes into my mouth and suck on them, slow and hard making you moan again. 

Finally, it's time. I begin making the pilgrimage back up to your thighs where I continue teasing you. This time, I work on your inner thighs and the sensitive flesh where your legs join to your body. Burning with lust, you thrust your wet sex against my mouth. I oblige by licking you from your clit to the bottom of your ass and back a couple times. 

I kiss your clitoris and lick it a few times, before drawing it into my mouth to suck on it. You moan loudly as I suck long and hard, arching your back in pleasure. Then, I move down to your pussy and lick across your labia a few times before pulling your lips into my mouth to suck on them, one after the other. Your legs wrap around my neck as you begin running your hands across the back of my head.

I spread your lips and begin licking all over your pussy, tasting your sweet, warm juices. I'm like a bear with a bee hive, eagerly lapping up all the sweet, delicious honey. 

I'm only to happy to swallow it so I can take in more. Your aroma is intoxicating, filling my nostrils and I love how slippery and wet you are. My mouth moves slightly lower and my tongue slides into your hole.

Wild with desire, you begin to grind your hips on my head and fuck my mouth with your pussy. And so, I devour you; one hand on your thigh with the other at your clitoris, moving in a slow, circular motion. You continue moaning as I make love to your sweet vagina with my mouth. You taste simply incredible, baby.

Your moans grow louder as your body gets closer to orgasm. My fingers speed up on your clit as my tongue rubs all over your insides. By now, your juice is flowing into my waiting mouth as a stream flows down from the mountains to the sea. Your pulse is racing as you pant and moan and you fuck me hard, desperately needing to cum. 

“Ooh shit. Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum.” You push my head down as you thrust hard against my mouth. Your body begins shaking and you let out a scream as the waves of your orgasm wash over you. You let out a scream of pleasure as you hold my head against your pussy.

“Oh fuck yes!” As your climax overtakes you, you begin cumming on my face. My tongue laps at your pussy with great intensity as I try to swallow it all. It tastes delicious, so sweet.

You keep moaning as I continue licking you, cleaning out your satisfied sex. You lie still, recuperating, as I lie next to you and kiss your lips sweetly. With your pussy now well lubricated,and my dick starting to harden, it's time to fuck. I pull you so your pelvis is on the edge of the bedside and stand between your legs, holding them up. 

I rub my dickhead against your labia briefly before pushing it inside. Your lips close around me as you pull me deeper inside of you. I let it go all the way in, filling you up. Then, I hold still momentarily, allowing you to feel it grow inside you. We moan softly at the feel of my fully erect dick inside your warm, tight, wet vagina. Your pussy clenches my dick, squeezing it. 

I slowly pull out till only an inch is left inside, then I push back in. I start fucking you slow and hard; long, deliberate strokes. My dick throbs as you clench and release me. I become slick with your vaginal fluids as your pussy leaks onto me. Soft moans escape your lips as you finger your clit in time to my thrusts. 

After a few minutes, I pull out and have you get on all fours and back that ass up. I take my dick and slide it into your pussy as you back up on me. We continue fucking; I place my hands on your hips and proceed to hit it from the back. You moan continuously as you resume rubbing your clit while our bodies slam together repeatedly. My thrusts though they are hard, come at a steady pace.

My dick begins to throb as I pound you, filling you repeatedly. As we fuck, your juices steadily flow out onto my dick. Slick with your juices, I easily slide in and out of you. Your panting and moaning is quite the encouragement. We speed up our pace and increase our intensity. 

I start panting with you in ecstasy as you continue clenching and releasing your pussy on me. The room is filled with the sounds of our bodies slamming together as we fuck. Your pussy is heaven, baby! The heat emanating from our sweating bodies is incredible. Our hearts race as we continue moving harder and faster in a passionate frenzy. 

You can't believe how good it feels. Your pussy is soaking wet as I pound it and your clit throbs as you furiously rub it. Your sex is on fire, you need to cum. Your moans grow louder and turn to screams as I thrust into you harder and harder. 

“Oh fuck.” 


“Shit, shit, fuck.”

“Yes, baby. Fuck me!”

Once again, you explode. A long moan of pleasure and pure ecstasy escapes your lips as your pussy starts convulsing on my dick. I continue pumping you while you gush cum on me. Your orgasm feels so good, it drives me over the edge. 

I can feel my dick throbbing as it hardens. My balls tighten up and I let out a low moan as I thrust uncontrollably into you, shooting three streams of my cum deep into your waiting pussy. You moan with pleasure, milking me as I fill your pussy with my cum. 

Well pleased, I pull out of you and we collapse on the bed to catch our breath. I pull you into a hug and we kiss passionately. I take your ass cheeks in my hand, squeezing them. Our tongues make love to each other, rolling around, caressing each other. You feel so good, baby.

I lay on my back as you climb over me and take me into your mouth. I close my eyes as you start sucking me, cleaning all the cum off my dick. After cleaning it, you hold it in your mouth briefly, rubbing your tongue all over it. Then, you begin scooping some of our cum out of your pussy, bringing it to your mouth to swallow it. You lay on top of me as I wrap my arms around you, holding you against me. 

We lay there in each other's arms for a few minutes, just feeling each other; each listening to the others breathing. I start kissing on your neck softly while I caress your back. I move my hands down to your ass, taking it in my hands. You moan softly as you slowly start grinding against me. 

I feel my dick start hardening for you again. You raise your pelvis, eagerly, allowing me to push into you. You let out another moan as I pull you down on me. Your pussy is still slick with our cum, allowing me to slide right in. you begin clenching and releasing me again.

I place my hands on your ass as you place yours on my chest. As I grow inside you, we start working together; you raise your hips and I lower them as I run my hands over your ass. I give it a squeeze and we get to work. You throw your head back and moan as you bounce up and down on me, rubbing your clitoris. I watch your breasts as we slam together, pull apart slightly and slam together again.

We start out at a nice slow easy pace, but gradually speed up. You moan from the pleasure of my fully erect dick continuously filling you as you work your clit. Up and down, in and out as we smack together. I just love how much of a nympho you are. 

Your pussy is so good, I just can't get enough of it! We stay at it for awhile, before switching up. I flip you over, onto your back and climb on top of you. I put it back in as you wrap your arms around my back and your legs around my waist. 

It's time to make love, baby. I push into you and we start grinding together as our lips meet. Our eyes close and we share a long, deep, passionate kiss. It feels incredible, our two bodies becoming one as we embrace each other. You moan softly as I start thrusting into you, slow and hard. Long, deep strokes, filling you completely. 

We melt together as we burn with passion. But this is a slow-burning, long-lasting fire. Every so often, we share a kiss. It just feels so right; I love gazing into your eyes and seeing how good I make you feel. I love the way you squeeze me as I pump you, that tight, wet pussy feels so good. 

I just can't get over what an amazing creature you are and how lucky I am to be sharing a bed with you. You truly are a beautiful, phenomenal woman. It's like it's just us making love, like the world is just our bedroom. All of our spiritual and emotional energy are focused on each other. In this moment of romance and passion, it truly feels as if we have become one flesh. 

As we make love, we feel nothing but real passion; we're so aware of and attuned to each other, we know just how to grind into each other. Even though our carnal instincts have taken over for the night, we still want to give pleasure as we receive it. Our love making continues; our hips come together and my dick is buried to the hilt in that tight, wet pussy. 

Our hips move apart and I slide halfway out. Then I go back in. You continue moaning as you hold me. We both feel it coming. You start having convulsions and spasms as you let out a loud moan of pleasure.

You hold me tight as your climax rips through you. My dick starts to harden even more as I feel you cumming on me. The sensation drives me wild and I begin thrusting harder and faster into you.

Then, it hits me; my balls tighten up and I start thrusting uncontrollably as I shoot my seed into your waiting vagina. You hungrily milk me, drawing my cum out. Having emptied myself into you, I kiss you briefly and collapse beside you, pulling you against me.

There we lay, just cuddling and holding each other as I pull the blanket over us. We share soft, sweet kisses and slowly drift off to sleep. We feel completely at peace, united and relaxed.

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